7 thoughts on “September 29, 2019: Suji Sunday!

  1. The girls look like the got along pretty well while you were away. Still, they do look glad to be home.

    Kind of like me – I had a wonderful weekend away in NH, but after the long drive back I’m glad to be home myself. Next week, of course, is the trip to TO!

    Now, after driving for almost 9 hours, I’m ready to go rest…

  2. Good to know they have enjoyed their B&B “staycation” too.
    Too bad no new brother or sister from LA this time. Soon perhaps … XD

  3. Life’s been a little crazy here since Dr Jo’s house was bought by my son. I’ve been painting and scrubbing everything I could getting it back in shape. Even made myself sick but this week, I’m meeting a couple of my high school friends in FL for a Gal Trip.

    Those pugs you posted were adorable! It’s sad that their original families didn’t or couldn’t stand by them in the senor years. 🙁 When I get a chance I’ll be sure to donate to that worthy cause. Can you share the link on FB to share, also?

    Waves to everyone!

  4. The dogs look happy to have you back. Any response from your pitches in LA. We had good weather while you were here!

  5. “Final soiree”

    They look like Canada’s Most Wanted,

    in a good sort of way, of course!

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