6 thoughts on “August 11, 2019: Suji Sunday!

  1. Do y’all like your cornbread sweet as cake or salty? Mom made salty cornbread; I had to adjust to the sweet kind served by Texas restaurants.

  2. Love those gals so much! I think Suji said she wants to go by “boat” (or maybe it was “bort”). I think that would actually be possible from TO to the East coast!

  3. What Lulu think about her wheels?
    Just for fun, I googled images “dog on airline seat” and was quite amused.

  4. Did Lulu like her new wheels?
    (I want that pancake too!)
    Sounds like you need more blankies while poopie ones are being washed. Look at that face! How can you make her stay on the floor?
    I thought Suji said she wanted to go to the Park, not pork. Anyway, you better clear that 3rd choice with Suji’s attorney! She will demand a cut.
    Adorable as always.

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