So that’s the plan.  September.  That’s when I want to be in L.A., pitching my new show.  I’ve got a couple of great projects, approximately 400 hours of produced television experience, a dedicated and talented crew, and a loyal fanbase.  Honestly.  What else could they ask for?  

Of course, I just have to, uh, finalize a few things between now and then.  Strategize.  Get some answers.  Book the meetings.  And then it’s go time!


Speaking of meeting – today, we caught up with the amazing Jen Blood who has been gifting us a slew of awesome Sujia and Lulu-themed gifs on twitter.    


Jen is in town for EH Con Canada, but took time off from her busy schedule to come downtown and check out the local chocolate scene – namely SOMA Chocolate.


Then she swung by our place for what was undoubtedly the high point of her Toronto trip = actually meeting Suji and Lulu.  P.S.  Nice shirt!


Checking out Suji’s masterpieces.


She also came bearing gifts – this snazzy Spider-Man outfit for Lulu.  And a Vikings jersey so that the dogs will have to split their allegiances between Minnesota and New Orleans.


Good times!

7 thoughts on “August 9, 2019: Targeting September!

  1. OMG, completely forgot about EH Con!
    Many of your guests probably are more excited to meet Suji and Lulu then the humans in the household? XD

    September is going to be your lucky month!

  2. Sounds like a fun day. I miss SOMA!

    I’m sure that the LA trip will be smoooooth sailing! 🙂

  3. How awesome. Jen is a great and lucky person to meet Suji and Lulu. Oh and you and Akemi too.

  4. I LOVE Jen Blood’s Suji and Lulu gifs on Twitter. They are too funny! Very creative. So envious she got to meet and hold Suji, Lulu, and Akemi! I guess meeting you was a little special too. 😉

  5. Nice to see the face behind those brilliant gifs.
    Great photos too.
    So September…. Can’t wait!

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