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Dark Matter: All the loose ends we want tied up

“Watching the closing moments of Dark Matter was a little like taking a book out of the library and finding out some colossal douchenugget had torn out the last chapter.”

Well, yes.  That WAS more or less it.  

Lucas Hill-Paul, the writer of the article, lists the following loose ends.


The Black Ships

“An imposing fleet, their arrival promised an exciting new threat for season 4. Sadly, we’ll never get to see who or what were in the pilot seats.”

One of the biggest builds planned for the show’s fourth was the interior of one of these black ships as a mid-season episode would have seen our crew, under the direction of the Galactic Authority, teaming with a Stellar Defense Corps special forces unit (including black ops specialist Solara Shockley) to infiltrate and take out one of the enemy ships as it drains/draws immense power from a nearby star.  THAT episode would have given us a sneak peek inside the black ships – and a confirmed visual on the invaders.



The aliens were actually introduced back in season 2 (“Going Out Fighting”) when THREE became host to one.  They made another appearance in season 3 when the crew stumbled upon a secret Dwarf Star facility containing an army of bio-synthetic beings – as well as a gateway to…somewhere else.


TWO is compromised

TWO is compromised by one of the aforementioned aliens and takes out our Android – only to be taken down, in turn, by Ryo Ishida.  If you’d like to find out what lay ahead for TWO, check out the –

Virtual Season 4 – Episode 4.01


SIX is dead?

Say it isn’t so!  Was that really a Goodbye Forever hug he shared with FIVE in the the final moments of the season 3 finale?  For the answer to that, I once against direct you to…  

Virtual Season 4 – Episode 4.01



And what of Sarah, THREE’s former love?  When last we saw her, her consciousness had been uploaded to an android body.  Well, the plan was to see her rise to prominence within the leadership of the android liberation movement – but a series of events would eventually lead to a schism, an internal power struggle, and Sarah’s accession as our Big Bad for the show’s fifth and final season.


The Android’s Future

Late in season 3’s fourth episode, All the Time in the World, Android does a little time-skipping and experiences future flashes of herself: being stunned by THREE on the bridge (revealed, in a later episode, to actually be our AU Marcus Boone), in the mess with TWO grieving the loss of someone closer to her (planned for season 4), disassembled on an operating table (another season 4 story), and, finally, on the bridge of the Raza where she encounters a much older FIVE who offers her a few predictions.  She cites: the Dwarf Star conspiracy (that we begin to unravel later in season 3’s eleventh episode, the appropriately titled “The Dwarf Star Conspiracy”), the doubled deception (a hint at a late season 5 turn), Kryden (we are introduced to Kryden in the first episode of the show’s fourth season – see above), Carina (FIVE’s long lost sister introduced in our virtual season 4 episode here, here and here), the Accelerated (season 5!), the fall of the House of Ishida (witnessed later in season 3’s “My Final Gift To You”), “A meeting with your creator” (Episode 310, “Built, Not Born”), and the Black Ships (we glimpse in the season 3 finale).

It’s frustrating – like knowing a huge secret but not being able to divulge to anyone.

Anyway, stay tuned.  Dark Matter season 4’s fourth virtual episode will drop in the coming weeks – and it’s a terrific time travel tale scripted by none other than Stargate’s very own Carl Binder! 

[And a huge thanks to Tom Gardiner for all the awesome gifs!]

18 thoughts on “August 6, 2019: Dark Matter – All the loose ends we want tied up!

  1. Cant believe you cant find a network, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon etc. that wouldnt want to add new seasons to an exciting scifi brand, kills me we only got 3 seasons!!!

  2. I still hope against hope that some way, some day, somehow there will be an on-screen ending to this story. It pains me every time I think of it that it was cancelled by that network.

  3. Wait!!!
    What about the answer to the question, “What exactly is dunking the cosmic donut? And did it have anything to do with the fall of the house of Ishida?”

  4. I literally just finished season three and was incredibly bummed out when I found out they canceled it. Finally found a good space show after Stargate Atlantis and I get a stab to the heart. I hope someone picks up asap honestly. I’d love to see, at least, two more seasons. If not more.

  5. I still miss Dark Matter and cannot understand WHY no streaming service, especially Netflix who’s got the other season’s streaming currently; will pick up and FINISH this amazing story!?!?

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE….Netflix, Amazon….someone…., help us get a satisfying ending of this wonderful sci fi series… ❤❤❤

  6. Looking on this, it is more evident, why DM was not best suited for SyFy channel. Honestly, to watch S3, you need to binge S2 few days before, and more likely that S3 is better binged than viewed on week-on-week basis, just to keep all plot lines in memory. Or watch in on some crazy watch order like trying to get new Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency coherent from the beginning. But man, I miss Raza’s crew so much.

  7. Thank you so much for always being there for us fans, answering our questions, teasing us with little hints/photos.
    I can’t tell you how much the Virtual Series helps give some closure to the Dark Matter story (I have a feeling this next installment is going to be absolutely brilliant 😊)
    I wish with all my heart some tv exec will one day soon decide to bring our Raza Crew back to the TV screen. We will be ready n waiting…..

  8. I’m a little reluctant to read any virtual episodes, because I have hope that perchance, maybe, perhaps, there could be real episodes made in the future. But thank you anyway!

  9. I’m only here for the Dark Matter. (No offense to Suji) I Have been reading your blog, and the comments with it, every day since the cancellation, Scrolling through every word hoping for the mere mention of the words Dark Matter! I’ve really enjoyed every little tidbit of Dark Matterness. Thanks for all of the behind the scenes, the videos, the virtual episodes, and all the little extras. Please keep it up! I’ll be waiting to watch WHEN the series continues.

  10. Please bring it back!!!! It was canceled before I knew it existed, I binge watched the series and found out it was cancelled when I finished, Uugh!!!!!!

  11. Get this done. Sell it to Netflix. It’s better than their own new SciFi “Another Life” by far. With all the options these days it would be a shame to see this show end up like firefly/Serenity.

  12. Solving (or failure at solving) one mystery creates another. This is how my favourite shows work. Thanks for publishing virtual episodes and thanks to the man who adds visuals. Its good and for spare-time writers also educative this way.

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