27 thoughts on “Dark Matter Virtual Season 4 – Episode 4.03, Act 5!

  1. oh man….this was good.
    Annoying when I think about what we have had to miss…sigh.

  2. Dang it. Just when I was getting over my grieving the loss of Dark Matter, Joe hits us with another episode. Another great story and surprise twists. Keep them coming!

  3. You can’t pick your family…. 🙁 I still don’t trust Wexler.

    Thanks for the storyline!!!

    Do you have a big weekend planned?

    I’m hoping I can sleep late. Lucy (our cat) will not like that. 😉

  4. Great continuation of the story. It’s driving me nuts that we can’t watch it, but reading it is a close second. Thanks for all the work you’ve put into summarizing the episodes for us.

  5. Another great “episode” 🙂
    Any news on when you’ll be able to continue? 😉

  6. Its great . You have a way to bounce things in unforeseen direction and get us on our toe for more. I hope we can follow the continuation of season 4 through your blog.

  7. I gotta say, this is fantastic… Loving the extra story, can’t wait for more… I’ve watched from the start and want to say thanks for expanding and not leaving us fans on a cliffhanger

  8. Pleasee pleaseeeee, I want to know what’s come next after this until the story meet it’s proper ending.

  9. Please please PRETTY PLEASE do not abandon this! We’re so grateful that you’ve decided to share it with us and please do continue! Or maybe even better – publish a book! : )

  10. Mr. Mallozzi – do you plan on continuing these episodes, as your schedule allows of course? I’m forever grateful that you have written and posted them as far as you have because they provide a fantastic calming effect to the Season 3 cliffhanger, but just as any fan, I would LOVE to read more! Thanks for everything you do for fans of all your series. I thought I was heartbroken when Atlantis ended, and then along came Dark Matter! Keep up the amazing work!

      1. Thanks SO much for this. I know you are a busy man, so this is much appreciated. As a side note, my geek side just hit the fan seeing your reply. The man behind so many of my favorite Sci-Fi shows, who inspires my own creativity and hope for different days to come , and whose work is now inspiring my own children, took time to reply to my message. Seriously, thank you, and all my best.

      2. Finally finished the series and the episodes. Glad to hear we’ll get more some time. Thanks for posting them. Always sad to lose a scifi show before its time and rare to get a creator giving some kind of closure for what was meant to have come… almost makes up for killing off Beckett.

  11. Rebinged Dark Matter again this week, but this was my first time reading through the virtual season 4 episodes. Thank you so much for posting these, hope all is well!

  12. ooh, was this the Double Deception that Old Five mentioned in android’s flash forward?

  13. I take Four cut himself not because his skills are slipping (which would be an odd side effect for the re-imprinting to have), but because he’s begun self-harming. Oh dear.

  14. Thank you so much for these! I hope E04 is coming. We just finished season 3 and couldn’t belive there is no more. Amazing show. We’re soooo bummed and couldn’t belive that’s it so we went to search online and found your blog. After binge watching we binge read lol. Please keep them coming!

    1. Encouragement seconded encouragingly, and that reminds me that I saw a Tumblr comment yesterday that said, “i just finished rewatching season 1 of dark matter and i am still shook over who it was.”

  15. Would love to support the making of a mini-series. Like a lot of fans who were amazed at how good Dark Matter was, I am hoping that you can pull it off, just as other creators were able to achieve for shows like Farscape, Serenity, & Veronic Mars, in time. Loved Stargate too. You’re so very talented.

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