4 thoughts on “Dark Matter Virtual Season 4 – Episode 4.03, Act III!

  1. For the next Mailbag: How similar is Ennis Esmer’s “Blindspot” character to what you envisioned for Wexler?

  2. Alas, it is always the accursed 4th act where – to paraphrase one of my favorite colonel’s – the plan comes together or the center cannot hold, the writer cannot understand the director, things fall apart and mere anarchy is loosed upon show

  3. I can picture the scene in my head. It’s almost like DM is still here. Thanks!

  4. Does Three really hate cake or does he just say that?

    “He draws parallels between their respective redemptive journeys.”

    Like how Four’s actions got Nyx in the position to be murdered and Six’s actions got One in the position to be murdered?

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