I have a window of opportunity to do a little writing  in the coming weeks: completing the pilot script for my (formerly) Untitled Awesome Project, outlining the pilot for that comic book adaptation, beating out the first five issues of my original ship-based sci-fi comic book series, developing that horror novel adaptation, hopefully moving on to the next step on that other BIG comic book adaptation, AND posting Episode 4.03 of the Dark Matter Virtual Season 4 wherein FOUR attempts to make peace with his recent past, FIVE meets her long-lost sister Carina, and the crew suffers a shocking betrayal.


Anyway, get caught up if you haven’t already…

Episode 4.01 (The Virtual Season 4 Premiere!)

ACT 1  –  ACT 2  –  ACT 3  –  ACT 4  –  ACT 5


Episode 4.02

ACT 1  –  ACT 2  –  ACT 3  –  ACT 4  –  ACT 5


I’ll look to drop the first chapter in the coming days.


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James Gamble

Where on Earth/otherwise do you find the time?


You are so very busy at the moment & yet you still think of us Dark Matter fans!
Sir, you are a Superstar!
Thank you so, so much!!!

Tom Gardiner (@Thogar)

Window of opportunity. Nice. You always sound incredibly busy with many irons in many fires whereas I have trouble walking and breathing at the same time.

Dark Matter episode 403 is good news and good timing! My doctor just increased my blood pressure medication so I’m properly prepared for the intensity of emotions that will flood over me as I read this next Virtual Episode.

The best part, at least from an uninformed standpoint, is learning about Carina. I know we all expected to learn about Future Five’s mysterious information, so this is a real treat. Not that any episode of Dark Matter is anything less than a treat.

And what is it with you and betrayals in Dark Matter anyway? And not just regular betrayals, but the dreaded Shocking Betrayal­­®! It’s the Triple-Dog-Dare of Treachery and you keep tempting me to stick my tongue on that frozen pole. And I do it. Every time. But I like it.


I am a-tither with anticipation! Can’t wait to see it.

And by it I mean all that stuff, not just the DM episode!


Joe have you thought about giving us the last 2 seasons via audio dramas with the cast replaying their roles?


Great! Will save these up for binge reading a later date. Too busy eating this next couple of weeks! LOL.