Eagle-eyed viewers Jenna Guillaume noticed something unusual in last night’s episode of Game of Thrones.  Specifically, what looked like a coffee cup in one of the early scenes…

Starbucks In Westeros!  Snickers In Space!

Sure, it looks like a Starbucks cup from a  distance…

Starbucks In Westeros!  Snickers In Space!

But upon closer scrutiny…

Starbucks In Westeros!  Snickers In Space!

Yep, it still looks like a cup of coffee.  At first, I assumed this was a clever hint dropped by the producers that somehow ties into Bran Stark’s mysterious ability to travel in time (mostly backwards but who knows?).  Yet, no.  This afternoon, HBO confirmed the error:

Starbucks In Westeros!  Snickers In Space!

I, of course, was outraged.  You’re making a t.v. show!  Countless individuals have watched these scenes countless times, from dailies through cuts to mixes and final deliveries.  How the hell does something like this happen???

Starbucks In Westeros!  Snickers In Space!

What?  Oh.  Why, yes.  That IS a Snickers bar in the alien shuttle in Stargate: Atlantis’s “Ark”.Starbucks In Westeros!  Snickers In Space!

Truth is, this happens a lot.  Most of the time, it gets caught.  Like that afternoon we were watching the mix of Stargate: Atlantis’s Adrift.   One early scene involves the frenzied rush to get an injured Elizabeth Weir into surgery.  As it played out, Executive Producer Martin Gero suddenly yelled: “Hang on!  Was that a camera in the shot?”  We rewound, played closer attention and realized – Hell, yes, there was a camera in the shot.  In fact, more than a camera.  It was an entire camera team being wheeled out AHEAD of an unconscious Weir.  What at first appeared to be just a bunch of medial equipment actually turned out to be a huge oversight.

We were fortunate enough to catch that mistake early.  The Snickers bar, on the other hand, cost us a few thousand dollars to paint out.  Game of Thrones will, I’m sure, do the same.  Unless they blew the VFX budget on that battle with the White Walkers.

The gang at Downton Abbey, meanwhile, apparently prefer water to coffee…

Starbucks In Westeros!  Snickers In Space!

So what memorable mistakes, goofs, or flubs have you spotted in your favorite movies or  t.v. shows?

Starbucks In Westeros!  Snickers In Space!

Heads up!

Oops almost forgot.  Honoring a request for a Maximus Monday photo!

Starbucks In Westeros!  Snickers In Space!

8 thoughts on “Starbucks in Westeros! Snickers in Space!

  1. Oh good grief. Shyt happens. I remember that snickers bar, only because you told us. I’ve seen so much stuff, too much to recount. Who cares? It’s not the end of the world. I think it’s kinda funny. HBO’s response was perfect. (don’t you know Starbucks is loving it!)

  2. I see nothing wrong with the appearances of errant food and beverage items – People of my clan direct them to travel through space and time. It’s an amusement we have. We’re considering flinging other items for our next frivolity; suggestions welcomed!

  3. One time at Weta Digital I was wandering through the Compositing Department and I noticed an artist working on a big, sweeping helicopter shot of Edoras for Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers. The Edoras set was built on top of a hill and they had put orange safety barriers all around the edge so the cast and crew wouldn’t fall off. I happened to glance at the screen and saw some of the orange barriers were visible. I said, “Don’t forget to remove the barriers!” and the artist said “Thanks! I didn’t see them there!” I walked away with a warm feeling that I’d done my bit and singlehandedly saved the movie from an embarrassing goof.

    Watching the movie a few months later there were no orange barriers in the shot but rather than feel smug I thought back and suspected that the artist was just being sarcastic. Of course she would remove the barriers, it was her job!

  4. Max! Hi buddy. ♥

    I think the coffee cup is pretty damned funny, and don’t understand how some people can be pissed off about it. It’s an easy thing to miss. It’s not like they left in a Jeep driving across the beach, or Arya texting her BFF.

    One of my favorite flubs is in season 3, episode 17 of Friends, “The One Without the Ski Trip”. In the scene where they’re at the rest stop and discussing whom is going to go with whom, there’s a cameraman in the shot twice, standing next to Ross.

  5. I was watching a movie, a major production in the 80s thing; the actress who was the focus of a dialog scene was wearing dangly earrings. Then she was wearing one. Then she was wearing one on the other ear. I became so focused on the earrings, or lack thereof, in the close ups that I have no clue what they were talking about.

  6. I love gaffes, I have been so caught up in GoT’s Ice and the Fire that I need a break from the heartless villainy. Thanks for the lovely pic of Maximus, Son of Baby Seals, Slayer of Hearts, Purveyor of Endless Cuteness.

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  7. I get so involved in the story, I don’t notice little details like that. It’s funny when others catch it though.

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