Always great to see photographer Norman Wong do his thing.  Really loved his stuff on Dark Matter and really loving the stuff he’s shooting today.

Speaking of shooting – I sat down to a one hour EPK (Electronic Press Kit) interview that proved beyond exhausting, partly owing to the sheer number of questions, but mostly due to the fact that the set wasn’t locked down and I would have to stop and restart every time someone started talking or (what sounded like) perform root canal surgery.  In retrospect, I got off easy.  RT was down there for 2 HOURS!!!  Oof.  I am much better BEHIND the camera.


Hey, look who’s in town!  It’s artists extraordinaire Nicolas Bannister and his wife Flo.  You may remember Nicolas from his work for the Save Dark Matter campaign:

Pretty amazing, no?  These belong on t-shirts.

His portfolio:

The comic book they’re working on: Tib & Tatoum which is also an animated series.

Anyway, they’re in town for TCAF (The Toronto Comics Art Festival), so we got together for lunch and chocolate.  Lots of chocolate –


And, hey, look what they brought us from France…


More chocolate!

Looking forward to our next meet-up.

And even more chocolate.

7 thoughts on “May 7, 2019: Gallery Day! And the Bannister Dark Matter Lineup!

  1. Cool! Bannister’s work was a real inspiration during the days of the campaign to try to save DM. Amazing stuff.

    I am rather envying your chocolate excursion!

  2. Nicholas’ work during our Dark Matter FTL campaign was integral to the huge response we received! As far as I’m concerned his art is “official” DM art!

    And I’ve told you before, if you’re going to post pix of tasty chocolates you need to share some. I have an address and shipping companies deliver here. Just sayin’. (Also, weren’t you thinking about a NOLA trip?)

  3. Please, please, PLEASE put those on t-shirts! Especially if the colour of the t-shirt is the background colour of those images. I have way too many black t-shirts and I need some colour in my life!

  4. Hmm, chocolate. Those are real friends!

    Good luck with those interviews! It sounds exhausting.

    Hope everyone has a great day!

  5. Nicholas Bannister’s Dark Matter artwork never loses its magic. I had a smile on my face all day at work.
    Thanks Mr M for sharing 😊

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