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Guess who turned 14 today?  When she came to us 2 years ago, she was kind of quiet and needed to wheelchair to get around.  Now, she’s motoring around on her own four paws and raising hell.

Boy, she’s demanding.


Hanging with mom.

Snoozing with Lulu.


Celebrating May the 4th Be With You with dad.

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Birthday kisses.

14 thoughts on “May 5, 2019: Happy Birthday Suji Sunday!

  1. Happy birthday Suji!

    Since the passing of our last shih tzu, having lived a full 12 years, we’ve been without a dog for a while.

    Since the death and absence has been most felt by my beautiful daughter, we’re getting a puppy shih tzu next week.

    Soon our home will be filled with the yapping of a pup and a lot more love.

    Happy Suji Sunday! ElGardner

  2. This is all rather awesome. That you’ve given her a great senior life, she’s made it to 14 and you are most productive when wearing a towel on your head. Can you wear one to your next pitch and record the meeting attendees’ faces? Tinfoil hats are so last year.

  3. Happy birthday Miss Suji!! She is getting younger looking! That picture of Akemi and Suji is so sweet.

    I didn’t realize her birthday was May 5th. Today is my dad’s birthday too. He is now 94!

  4. Hey Joe, Could I possibly get a Maximus Monday pic tomorrow? I’m in the hospital with a dislocated and fractured ankle. Starting with grueling PT and OT tomorrow. Maxie is my fav spirit dog! I fell deeply in love with him from the first photo you posted. I miss him. Those eyes…

  5. Thanks for making such a difference in Suji’s life and for promoting adoption of senior pets. She looks so loved and happy. Happy Birthday Suji!

    Happy Birthday to Thogar and Ponytail’s Cheeky Dad too!

  6. Suji’s journey reminds me of what recently happened with mom’s cat, Phantom. We have no idea how old she is…she was a stray “feral”, a spayed female that was adopted by a carriage company down the street from mom to be a barn cat. But she didn’t like the barn, it seems, and so she hung out in our yard for two winters (she would disappear in the summer, thus ‘Phantom’). A snow storm was coming and mom decided to bring the cat inside, and she did…and Phantom stayed. That was five years ago? Maybe more…

    We took her to the vet a couple times, and there was nothing remarkable about her health. She hid the first 6 months in the house, but gradually emerged and became part of the family (dad was still alive at the time). But Phantom rarely, if ever, played. She just slept, a lot. And ate. And pooped. She was very clean, never made a mess outside of the pan, but she would ‘gag’ a lot, as if trying to bring up a hairball.

    Fast forward to our move into the house we live in now. Phantom stays in mom’s room (it’s a very large room), and just like before she sleeps. And eats. And poops. She’s not overweight and not playful at all, so we just assumed she was an old lady. Then about three months ago she took a turn for the worst. Her gagging had become constant, and it was getting worse. Then she started throwing up, unable to keep food down.

    After a couple days without improvement I took her to the vet. They checked her over and took an x-ray…and discovered she was full of poops. Keep in mind that she pooped every single day, but she was still full of poops. A lot of poops. 😛 The vet gave her an enema and said that she passed a lot of hard hairballs…who knows how long they were in there!

    It took her a week to fully recover. I had to start her off with very soft food (like baby food) and she also was given an antibiotic. After that first week or so she started to change. She started to play! Now you can’t walk into mom’s room without Phantom running to her favorite toy (a shoelace…a.k.a. ‘Snakey’…lol), eyes wide in anticipation that you’ll play with her. And in the middle of the night she’ll bat toys around the room, scattering them all over floor. It’s like she’s a different cat!

    We still don’t know how old she is, but we do know she’s had a new lease on life, and she’s loving it!


  7. What did Suji get for her birthday? What do you get a dog who has everything? More of everything?

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