6 thoughts on “October 26, 2018: Friends and Fancy Drinks!

  1. I want what’s in the parrot and the shark. Everything is better with tiny umbrellas and tiki mugs. Is that cucumber in your drink? Euw. I’ll pretend it is a mojito and all is well.

  2. You have a great life! Thanks for sharing all the fun with us.

    It’s been a trying few days here. I had a reaction to, of all things, toothpaste. I’m feeling better now but wowza, talk about pain. I’ve had a bad root canal that hurt less but this reaction is wearing off, so I’ll live. Another reminder to be thankful for the absence of pain. People don’t appreciate being pain free. I will now.

    The boys and I are planning on a pizza and haunted corn maze night. What’s up with everyone else?

    Have a great weekend!

  3. And Joe chooses nam ma-nou (lime water), party hard(ly)ee
    Zelina Vega would dive me to a renewal…

  4. Ooooo. Great way to wind down after a hard week’s work!
    But nah for me. I’ll stick wif me Bacardi n coke for tonight, thanks hic 😁

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