Apologies for the late blog entry but I was out tonight with the lovely and talented Roger Cross who is in Toronto shooting a t.v. series, between his various other t.v. show appearances.  Despite his busy schedule, he still found the time to take Akemi and I out for dinner.  A class act.  Hopefully, before he heads back to Vancouver, he has time to swing by our place and put a dent in the 70 or so collected bottles that survived the Dark Matter Whiskey Club.

On our way back home, I noticed Halloween parties were in full swing.  It has been, admittedly, a while since the last time I dressed up, but I will always have fond memories of those early outfits.  They included: Captain Kirk, Han Solo, and Wolverine.  Really, the cool character trifecta.  What more is there to add?

One of the things I miss about living in an apartment rather than a house is the opportunity to hand out treats to costumed kids.  Not that I have any great affection for children.  Just the opposite.  Back in Vancouver, I used to answer the door with a platter of raw vegetables and canned fish.  I remember it backfiring when one kid’s eyes positively lit up: “I love smoked oysters!”  In retrospect, I should have gone with hard cheeses.

So, with Halloween just around the corner, what are YOU dressing up as?  Harley Quinn?  Brite Bomber from Fortnite?  Michael AvenattiM?

Matinees I want to check out this week that I probably won’t have time to go see so why am I doing this to myself?: Burning, Venom, Halloween, Bad Times at the El Royale, Suspiria, A Simple Favor.

Please weigh in with your early reviews!


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  1. I haven’t dressed up for Halloween since the 80s, but it used to be our biggest party night of the year. I’ve gone as Frankenstein’s monster, a dog, a cyborg, a random demon-y thing I made up, Satan in a pink suit, a bald ghoul with a cape. My wife’s been a mouse, Gumby (In a suit we made to look like the one Eddie Murphy wore on SNL that took tons of foam & green paint to make.), a half clown/half witch. One time we coordinated and went together as Drew & Mimi from The Drew Carey Show. There’s more, but the vodka has washed those memories away.

    As far as films, I’ve all but given up on going to the cinema and mainly enjoy them at home. Mostly because I’m cheap and lazy, but also because we invested in a very large TV and a very good sound system. Plus, I charge me a lot less for popcorn and coke than the cinemas do. I do still enjoy going out with my girls to see something when everyone’s home for the holidays, but that’s more the exception than the rule these days.

  2. So, with Halloween just around the corner, what are YOU dressing up as?

    I’ll be dressing up as a long haul trucker as I drive the new truck back from a operations review in Michigan on Halloween. Obviously the manager who set this meeting has no kids…

    Please weigh in with your early reviews!

    I thought Venom was okay, a few plot holes, but okay. I’ll stop there to avoid spoilers. The next movie for me is Hunter Killer, but then again I cut my military/action drama teeth on Tom Clancy novels, so YMMV.

  3. Well, the last time I wore any costume was as a kid. I don’t participate in the 10/31 activities, other than saying bye to Oct.

    The only film I would like to see is Hunter Killer right now. Something about submarines just holds my attention.

    Do you know if Mr. Cooper’s series will be shown in US markets?
    Have a good night… 🐶 🐾

  4. I’ll be covering myself in bubble wrap and calling myself “Woman Awaiting Surgery”. My eye surgeon wants me off NSAIDS of all types a WEEK before the operation, so I have to avoid injuries. 🤕

  5. The one “cosplay” you did that I absolutely loved was as Bal.
    You do/did major justice to the black outfit.

  6. I detest Halloween. Sorry to be a bummer. But it was nothing here in Australia and New Zealand until it was pushed a great deal by retail stores some 10 years ago. So it feels like an invasion of foreign culture – promoting a global sameness. It has no meaning here in this part of the world, other than opportunity to sell product. It’s also spring here not Autumn, so the season is out of step.

    It makes no sense – what have dead people got to do with pumpkins? And who likes pumpkins anyway? Sweet potato and Kumera, yes – but pumpkin? Not a well liked vegetable down this way. Further, why would you encourage kids to go around begging sweets off strangers? When I was little I was always told don’t take lollies from strangers – for good reason 😐 Strangers enticing kids with lollies is the behaviour of pedophiles. So…what the hell?

    The other reason I detest it, is I noticed in the Northern Hemisphere they were making Maori costumes – people were putting fake Ta Moko on their faces and acting like loons. We don’t mock other people’s cultures, why mock ours? And what the heck has our culture got anything to do with the rest of the world?
    (Yes, we have 1000 plus year ties with Native Americans all along the coast-line, but Native America is not mainstream America)

    If it’s a remembrance of the dead, New Zealand / Aotearoa has our own season festival; Matariki – we clean up house, get rid of junk, toss stuff out or give away things we’ve outgrown, we go clean the graves of our dead, we focus on sharing stories of our roots, our beginnings, tales of family who have passed on, and importantly we remember and grieve for those that passed on. We fill in journals and make story books. We stick glow stars on the ceilings and walls and tell the stories of how we travelled to where we are (Maori) and the importance of the stars to find our way. And then we set the past aside and feast and celebrate the new year (June-ish). Storytelling is immensely important, because they’re our stories.

    If I was in America I wouldn’t have a problem with Halloween, I would probably enjoy it. An American friend that passed away this year, came from a witchcraft tradition of some 500 years. And her stories around Halloween and her history were interesting and engaging, I would have loved to spend a Halloween with her and celebrate her culture. She loved Halloween and it was meaningful.

    But I think it’s very important to keep and celebrate our ways – they’re meaningful, unique, beautiful and they make sense. Seriously, no-one can tell me, pumpkin in coffee makes sense.

  7. I will post my picture on twitter. I am at Frightmare in the Falls this weekend and cosplaying as Annie Wilkes from Misery. I love Halloween.

  8. Last night my friends took me to Rocky Horror Picture Show. Since we do shadowcast at Burning Man on the playa, I have a great Criminologist costume on hand, complete with beaded red velvet cravat. I won a prize! Tickets to The Greatest Showman singalong in December. Hmmm. I’ll need to try and watch that again without falling asleep.

    Costumes? I have costumes. Usually I toss on my flame coat or something witchy. But with over half my closet dedicated to Burning Man outfits, I have options. Not scary monster or cosplay so much, but a lot of flash and dazzle and WFT???. I may wear my Raven Coat and Odin hat.

    Movies? I’ll see what’s on the $5 matinee or Amazon Prime video. I just finished AHS season seven Cult. That was different. Creepy stuff.

  9. This poor neglected blog entry has no title. May I suggest:

    “So, With Halloween Just Around The Corner, What Are YOU Dressig Up As?”

  10. ahh, something familiar, I fringed and old t shirt for a vest, and wore a tie-died shirt, sash like bandana around my head, round glasses, I sort of looked like my youth, hippie like, its fun. I got candy!

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