6 thoughts on “Spotlight on the dogs!

  1. Awe! Thanks for that. I do feel a little more relaxed now. Easy to tell Suji is the boss of the household. 😉

    I remember when you first got Lulu. She was all ears and instead of running around she would hop around like a little bunny rabbit. 😀

  2. Drea, I quizzed my son on the above codes. He says, ul, ol, li are list functions. Code has something to do with actual computer code. You probably knew that already but I didn’t. 😉

    The colors changed again! It’s a nice blue now.

    Thanks for a dose of pugs/frenchie! That’s always a great way to start the day.

    I’ve got to buy a little chain saw and work on our oak tree. I suppose that would be an advantage in condo living, no yard work!

    This one’s having problems posting.

  3. So much cuteness, whiskers and paws! Suji is inspiring me to keep up the morning walks, today the walk was under a double broiler sun but it was worth it to put a few notches on the pedometer. Okay, I don’t know where my pedometer is (poor Fredo). I saw the first dried leaves and I’m excited for fall.

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