So let’s take a look at my updated project slate:


Series bible and pilot script delivered to the broadcaster.  So what’s next?  Well…

Projects And Priorities!

And, yes, as much as I’d love to play Hungry Hungry Hippos instead, sadly, we don’t have the choice.  Here’s hoping I’m back in action with David, Erin, Sam, Tom, Rebecca, and Alex sooner than later.


Series overview and pitch delivered to the production company.  If we get the thumbs up,  I’ll be heading to script.  I really hopes this one pans out, not only because I think it’s a terrific premise, but because I’ve really enjoyed working with the show’s co-creator and production point person.  Also, love the idea of shooting in this city, a place I’ve always wanted to visit.


Had a preliminary meeting about the prospective series, it’s characters, and tone.  In the spirit of such Mallozzi-scripted episodes as (Window of Opportunity, Moebius I, The Ties That Bind, Ripple Effect, Point of No Return, Family Ties, Stuff To Steal People To Kill, All The Time in the World, and Isn’t That A Paradox? – whew), this one is going to be a blast to develop – and even more of a blast to produce if things work out.


Option discussions underway with an eye to producing a series bible for the spring.  Interestingly, there’s talk of actually shooting this one just outside of my hometown.  I’d be able to meet sis for late night soft serve after wrap!


Love this comic book, and I’ve been a big fan of the writer for ages.  Work is presently underway on a series overview.  Would love to have a rough draft – for discussion purposes – by mid-September.  Broadcast execs talk about wanting “loud and noisy” shows.  Well, I can think of no louder or noisier than this one.


Honestly, I never thought I could bring myself to work on a procedural (or medical or legal series), but the concept is unique and it offers opportunities for wonderful, character-driven humor.  The creator is a comic legend – very smart, very funny, and very pleasant to work with.  I’m hoping we can go out with the pitch in the coming months.


The deal is finally getting closed on the option – I believe – so I’ll soon be brainstorming with the author on a series overview.  We’ve already had some preliminary discussions on how we’d like the first season to play out.


Has been given the green light and I’m in the process of a closing a deal to show run.  The show’s creator already have a rough, ten-episode game plan for the first season and are eyeing a month-long (maybe longer?) writers’ room starting in early to mid-September.

All very important and very exciting — but first things first!  Priority #1 is my fantasy football league draft scheduled for tomorrow night.  My Snow Monkeys are defending champs and looking to build a dynasty and shock the world!

Or, at least, the guys in my league.

Projects And Priorities!

9 thoughts on “Projects and Priorities!

  1. Great news on the far future series getting the green light. Most of your projects seem to be making progress. You’ll be a very busy person soon enough i’m sure!

  2. Positive news are welcome! Sending more good luck to you! Fan Expo just around the corner and I see a few Stargate alumni attending … Yeah!

  3. Has anyone else stopped getting daily email notifications for when Joseph posts on his blog? I haven’t gotten one in a few days.

    1. I think it might have to do with the authentication they’re using. I notice when I ‘like’ this blog post under my WordPress addy, it doesn’t automatically let me use that addy to post. It’s asking me to connect under Facebook addy or put some other login detail in. Kind of annoying. But no I haven’t got any updates, I follow him on twitter and read via updates there.

  4. Wishing much
    xo love and success! xo
    GO Snow Monkeys!!!

    TV Entertainment Recommendation:
    Had some much needed chill out/downtime lastnight.
    Was going to binge a few new eps of Better Call Saul
    but wasn’t in the mood.
    Decided on a whim to check out a show called
    The Marvelous Mrs Maisel, instead.
    Based on the title and brief description
    I fully expected I’d be bored with it no more than 10 minutes into the 1st episode.
    Albeit, 3 episodes into season one I found myself wishing I had more available free time
    to watch how everything progresses.
    It’s on Amazon Prime if anyone wants to check it out.
    Basically anyone familiar with NYC
    and those who enjoyed the shows Seinfeld and Sex in The City
    will likely find it warmly nostalgic.
    They offer free trial memberships for those who don’t currently have an account.

  5. So I’m hoping at least one of these projects is Preacher, Star Trek Discovery or Project Blue Book. I don’t think I’m close but it would be fun to see what you could do with Discovery.

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