Apparently, I have something called “frozen shoulder”.  How do I know?  Well, as of yesterday, the range of motion of my left shoulder has been extremely limited.  It’s weak, quite painful at night, and no longer capable of supporting my weight for my daily regimen.  My buddy Ivon gave me the diagnosis after reading my symptoms over the course of a text conversation.  Out of an abundance of caution, I sought a second opinion from Alexa who informed me that treatments vary from medication to surgery to being put under general anesthesia so a doctor can beat the shit out of that scar tissue.  On the bright side, according to Wikipedia, the condition will eventually sort itself out… in approximately two years.

Since I’m no longer able to pursue my 100+ push-ups a day regimen, I’ve switched to a 100+ squats a day regimen which I can thankfully do because it seems I have fully healed from that groin pull/tear.

I am falling apart like my old Toyota Corolla and feel there is no other recourse but to transfer my consciousness to a younger clone body or android facsimile.  Whichever is cheaper.  I’m thinking probably the facsimile but I haven’t been keeping up on the latest technological advancements.  So, if someone can direct me to the proper website, I’d appreciate it.

Speaking of websites – as time wears on, I really begin to resent WordPress for forcing me to switch out of my old WordPress theme that while, yes, antiquated in many ways, was inarguably simple to use.  Today, I am fighting a losing battle against this blog’s insistence on being published under the My TV Productions category.  Also, what’s the deal with that purple podcast icon?  And why won’t it give me the choice of adjusting the size of my photo uploads?

Well, if you’re getting an oversized photo, it might as well be this one.  Suji on the bridge of The Raza –

Time For That Corporeal Upgrade!
I used to get to fly around in space until the bad man at SyFy canceled my dad’s show.

Finally, I want to dedicate today’s entry to a member of our extended blog family, MaggieMayDay, who is going through a very difficult time.  If you’d like to help out, follow the link:

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      1. I would hit “Post Comment”, it would think about it for a while, then just leave my comment sitting there. But it seems to be okay today. Crazy!

  1. Ok, apparently it’s working again…..
    Thanks for the maggiemayday link. I thought the original diagnosis was good. So saddened to hear that is not the case now. I will visit her gofundme page.

  2. Frozen shoulder (left)? I was diagnosed with exactly the same a few years ago…..all I can say is Physio, Physio, Physio!! A few simple exercises and you’re back to your old self in less than 3 months! No lie, I was 53 years old at the time and recovered completely except for perhaps a shoulder that now cracks on demand. (Pshaw on the 2 years by the way….DO NOT consult Dr. Internet!)

  3. I hope your shoulder feels better soon. I had a pinched nerve that made my thumb and fingers numb. They felt like they were frozen all the time. It took about four months or so but it did get better. Nothing like talking about an ailment to get everyone talking about their own issues. 🙂

  4. LOVE the new puppy pictures banner.

    Please tell me how to find…where to subscribe to Joe’s blog. I don’t seem to be able to find any link.

    While the other blog did not have great avatars….not so sure I like the one I was assigned tonight. euuuwww. oh well…..

  5. Option #1: You could go see David Hanson
    Who made the android facsimile of Philip K. Dick.
    Pros: You’d have a pain-free body that doesn’t age.
    Cons: While cheaper than bio synth engineering,
    It still could get fairly costly
    so you might need to hold off
    until after you have collected
    and cashed your winnings
    on that powerball jackpot ticket.

    Option # 2
    Fly to China and have any and all troublesome genes
    edited out with CRISPR.
    Pro’s: You’d be part of a clinical trial
    so it wouldn’t cost you anything
    other than the associated travel visa fees and airfare.
    Cons: Your mom may not much appreciate
    you getting rid of her & your dads family genes
    passed down through so many generations,
    just because you don’t like that you have a normal,
    less than perfect, body
    that suffers from various aches, pains and ailments as it ages.

    Ethics Disscussion:

    Option #3: Optogenetics.
    It uses light to simply “shut off” (like a light switch)
    troublesome cells and and active genes
    while leaving them intact in the body.
    Pro’s: Your mom isnt likely to feel quite as insulted
    by your choice of medical treatment for the stiff muscle ache in your arm.
    Con’s: Its still in the experimental phase
    with no general human clinical trials yet approved.
    Thus, you’d have to find a geneticist on the black market
    And if the treatment doesnt work
    or shuts off the wrong cells and genes,
    they may not be able to switch it back on.

    You can hit up @eboyden3 on twitter should you decide you’d like to inquire further.

    Or You could just go with the fastest, easiest, route.
    Option #4: Full Arm Amputation.
    Pro’s: Considering the advances being made in prosthetics
    and wireless/implanted, thought controlled, brain machine interfacing
    you will likely gain more mobility that you currently have.
    Cons: … Uh, … do I really need to spell out this one?

  6. I had a frozen shoulder a while ago. Got a steroid shot, which did nothing. Tried Capzasin – it worked like a dream! And the burn is sooooooo nice! 🙂

  7. Thank you for sharing the link. Although the “elderly” bemuses me. Unfortunately, we have gone from bad to worse, with the worst imminent. I am shattered.

    Nice to be able to read the blog, see Suji’s silly little happy face, and know the world spins on. Thank you.

  8. It sucks getting old, but I guess it’s better than the alternative. Feel better, man.

    That pic of Suji captaining the Raza made me “aww!” out loud. I even captured it and shared to FB.

  9. I hate change (says the woman who just moved from the US to Israel)… I want your old blog back. One mans’ antiquated is another mans’ perfection.

    <3 MaggyMayDay & Larry <3 The love will endure.

  10. I forgot, your shoulder! Get it checked. Frozen shoulder hurts like heck and can do damage. But (not dissing Ivan or Alexa) it could be a lot of other things, including rotator cuff. Plus you need both arms with the dogs!

  11. That caption for Suji’s photo cracked me up! 🙂 Do you think you should be poking the bear? 😉

    Thanks for posting the fund link. I’m impressed by the network of friends that Maggie & Larry have. Pretty awesome to see them come together in support.

    .Drea, I’m trying out these buttons too. I tried yesterday and couldn’t get it to post in Chrome or on my iPhone. Maybe, I over did it? Anyway, I think the new look is great and I haven’t had problems with the picture scale in a while.


    1. Tam Its possible. ? I think I may have over done it just a tad too much, as well. Kept pressing that dang “spoiler” button yesterday and remained all gussied up in waiting till well after midnight.
      Alas, no one came along with long stem roses to whisk me off on his private jet to paris or to meet and chat with the Philip K Dick android live in person.
      Thus, my strategy today is to swap out those 9″ inch spiked high heels for simpler 2-3″ pumps, remove the tacky black fishnet stockings and just go bare legged and try simple clear lip gloss instead of the big bright fire engine red lip stick the gal at the dept store make up counter assured me was the perfect shade for attracting wealthy men who are in the mood to spoil and pamper a woman.
      Or ….. Maybe? Joe could?, per chance?, just possibly?, potentially?, conceivably?,
      prove himself a genuine true real life super hero and save me and everyone else the time and trouble of attempting to adapt to something theyre not
      and switch back to our simpler old antiquated, by comfy, WP page
      (That, if I recall correctly?
      Worked just fine other than manual photo adjusting/sizing) ???
      – Just a random thought. ?

      By the way, Joe: According to 3,000+ youtube viewers who gave it a thumbs up, Onion is apparently another miracle cure all.
      It can cool you off on a hot summer day and double as an ear wax cleaner at night.
      Might be worth experimenting to see if it works for your sore shoulder as well, ??

  12. Both my husband and I have had frozen shoulders and we both given certain exercises to do. Since you regularly do exercises, you may have a muscle injury. I had one that wouldn’t heal for years, but the doctor couldn’t figure it out. It was the massage therapist who determined that I had a torn pectoral muscle. Therefore, I suggest you get a massage from an experienced LMT, and see what he or she says. Then, see a physical therapist to learn what to do about it.

  13. Do you mean a rotator cuff problem? That can be fixed, or at least improved, with physio.

    Also, aging sucks.

    I don’t think I’d want to go the clone route. You start out that way and the next thing you know you’re blowing your planet up because of all the genetic replicative fading.

    I guess I hadn’t heard about Maggiemayday. Donation made!

  14. Sorry about the frozen shoulder – I thought it was caused my inactivity, which is not the case for you. How weird that it came on suddenly! I’ve heard of the option where they put you out and then just move it for you. Yikes. But the bigger issue is how much getting older sucks. My knees hurt. My left Achilles tendon has been sore for months. Today I found a white eyebrow hair. And don’t get me started on menopause. At least you don’t have that to look forward to 😛

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