July 16, 2018: Anthony Lemke Spills His Secrets!

Who is this handsome clean-shaven devil holding up the two flavors of soft serve: salted maple rosemary and pistachio?  Yes!  It’s none other than Anthony Lemke, Dark Matter’s THREE/Marcus Boone, who was in town shooting…something.  Given his love for cider, I figured a few glasses would loosen his lips and have him reveal everything about the production and his role in it.

July 16, 2018: Anthony Lemke Spills His Secrets!

Six cider flights later – and he revealed all!

Now YOU have to buy me six flights to get ME to talk.

July 16, 2018: Anthony Lemke Spills His Secrets!

Pictured above – the batch of hot sauce I made today.  Ingredients include tomatoes, sweet onion, shallots, garlic, maple sugar, maple syrup, cherry-apple butter, apple cider vinegar, mango, and hot peppers.  Actually, a medley of hot peppers that, without a doubt, included carolina reapers.  I know because the sauce is not just hot, it’s kick you in the back of the throat hot.

Hmmmm.  After months of actively avoiding the wordpress upgrade, I’ve fallen victim to it and am now unable to adjust the size of the photos I upload.  I may have to switch out of this antiquated theme background.  Stay tuned for a new look blog in the coming days!

Update on the project front = There is no update on the project front.  No word on that option, that pilot, that overview and pilot pitch, those comic book ideas, or that deal.  I am making progress on the polish and, later this week, I have two broadcaster meetings lined up AND a visit to some potential standing sets for the show I may or may not be doing.

Today, I leave you with more Dark Matter-themed artwork from Andy W. Clift (follow him on twitter – @AndyWClift)

July 16, 2018: Anthony Lemke Spills His Secrets!

Raza vs Black Ship (black and white)

July 16, 2018: Anthony Lemke Spills His Secrets!

Raza vs Black Ship (color)

15 thoughts on “July 16, 2018: Anthony Lemke spills his secrets!

  1. I remember that ice cream with the rosemary at WVRST was a little heavy on the rosemary. Did they fix the balance on that?

    “Stay tuned for a new look blog in the coming days!” – Uh-oh. Upgrades always make me nervous.

    More excellent artwork from Andy!

  2. Maybe it’s because I’m less than 36 hours from flying out to San Diego & I have convention fever, but the Raza vs Black Ship (color) would look amazing on a tee. I wouldn’t even want any text or other identifying marks. I’d wear one as a “Dark Matter Fan Test” tee to see how many people at SDCC recognize it then take a selfie with every one!

    That graphic is also a great look at the Black Ship. It’s easier to get an idea of what it looks like (at least to me).

  3. Hmm. 6 flights of cider, considering…. Furrows brow at homemade hot sauce. Your recipe sounds tasty. Not sure. Might require a sample. Maybe some dark matter merchandising. Raza Reaper Sauce anyone?

  4. Wha….? After six ‘flights’ of cider you heard EVERYTHING about Anthony’s new production and you’re gonna leave it like that!?
    Oh Joseph! You are such a tease!!!

    PS loving Andy’s artwork

  5. Hey Anthony!

    That hot sauce sounds pretty f’ing amazing. As a bonus, the fat from the cherry-apple butter should make it linger in your mouth longer than the capsaicin itself. Well played, sir!

  6. o joey. joey. joey.
    whenst wilt thoust learneth!?!

    … Somehow I just knew you wouldnt be able to resist the dang hot sauce torture. 😀 😀 😀

    hmmmmm. Never had pistachio in soft serve. (Have always preferred my pistachio in the traditional fresh homemade hard scoop ice cream, form).
    I’ll have to try it sometime.

    Good luck with the lunch meeting today.
    Hopefully your colon wont bother you too much this afternoon
    after all the hot sauce, cider and custard
    you haphazardly decided to mix together in it yesterday.
    I think I’m gonna nickname your stomach – The Dungeon.

    Thanks for sharing more awesome art, from a truly talented artist xo

  7. Three things:

    1. My apologies for being a liar. I said I was back, and then proceeded to disappear. Life has been wonky and I find that I’m still using my tablet instead of the desktop because it’s rather awkward to hold the desktop on the sofa. I often end up on the sofa these days. 😛 Anyhoo, other than checking out Faceboob every day, I pretty much just use my tablet to play Fishdom. 😛 And to repost cat videos and silly jokes designed for senior citizens. And to spy on old friends and distant relatives… and friends of friends… on the aforementioned Faceboob. I am turning into everything I hate. 😛

    2. Anthony totally looks like my husband in that picture. I think it’s the crazed expression.

    3. Could Crazed Anthony rate the ciders for us?


    1. We missed ya Das. XO

      Glad ya came to your senses and decided to rejoin us.
      Poor Joe’s been off the rails without ya here
      to keep his haunch whipped onto the right track.
      😀 😀 😀

  8. I am in awe of the art, and that handsome rogue with the soft serve! I have no cider to offer you pirates so I will dive into IMDB to get those Lemke secret projects.

    That bottle of homemade hot sauce is making me homesick for my mom’s savory and piquant scotch bonnet hot sauce. I made tasty squash baked in olive oil with tons of spices and fresh basil, teardrop peppers and olives and I wished for a good scotch bonnet hot sauce to go with it.

    If you’re looking for new-ish books I recommend KF Breene’s Chosen and Nora Roberts’ Year One. I liked Kiss Me First on Netflix. I’m enjoying Ghosted on Hulu, it’s like a funny In Search Of or Unsolved Mysteries. It’s tiding me over until Manifest, Discovery of Witches and Blue Book airs.

  9. Oh my! How was the ice cream? So do you ever get regular flavors, like Chocolate/vanilla?

    Good to have you back Das! I agree, Could Crazed Anthony rate the ciders for us?

  10. So Syfy aired a Wynonna Earp “Sneak peak” at 11pm on Monday ahead of its Friday premiere. Only 371k viewers tuned in, with a 0.09 18-49 rating. I can’t help but think given the numbers this sneak peak of the episode was utterly pointless and may harm its official premiere. The way it was aired so late was also ridiculous.

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