Who is this handsome clean-shaven devil holding up the two flavors of soft serve: salted maple rosemary and pistachio?  Yes!  It’s none other than Anthony Lemke, Dark Matter’s THREE/Marcus Boone, who was in town shooting…something.  Given his love for cider, I figured a few glasses would loosen his lips and have him reveal everything about the production and his role in it.


Six cider flights later – and he revealed all!

Now YOU have to buy me six flights to get ME to talk.


Pictured above – the batch of hot sauce I made today.  Ingredients include tomatoes, sweet onion, shallots, garlic, maple sugar, maple syrup, cherry-apple butter, apple cider vinegar, mango, and hot peppers.  Actually, a medley of hot peppers that, without a doubt, included carolina reapers.  I know because the sauce is not just hot, it’s kick you in the back of the throat hot.

Hmmmm.  After months of actively avoiding the wordpress upgrade, I’ve fallen victim to it and am now unable to adjust the size of the photos I upload.  I may have to switch out of this antiquated theme background.  Stay tuned for a new look blog in the coming days!

Update on the project front = There is no update on the project front.  No word on that option, that pilot, that overview and pilot pitch, those comic book ideas, or that deal.  I am making progress on the polish and, later this week, I have two broadcaster meetings lined up AND a visit to some potential standing sets for the show I may or may not be doing.

Today, I leave you with more Dark Matter-themed artwork from Andy W. Clift (follow him on twitter – @AndyWClift)