8 thoughts on “July 17, 2018: Introducing Baron’s Book Blog Blab Blog!

  1. I love this idea! I haven’t read any of these books though (yet), and I don’t have any recommendations (since I get them mostly from you).

    You probably do need to find a smaller room or something though – the reverb and the brightness was a little distracting. (Where is all your furniture??)

    Yes, I’m being picky. 🙂

  2. Thanks for book recommendations & taking the time to make a vlog review. Sounds like I’d much enjoy Freeze Frame Revolution.

    Suggestion for next vlog book review: Choose a different location in the apartment and place a blue or green blanket on the wall in the back ground.
    All the white and light washing in from the window made it a wee bit difficult to watch.

    Recipes you ask? hmmmmmmmmmm. lets see here:

    Here’s an easy, quick, no bake, nutella fudge squares recipe to try https://www.tastesoflizzyt.com/no-bake-nutella-fudge/

    I bet Tams got a few she can throw your way, as well. XO

    Ok. Dare I ask.
    How’d work lunch go today? Were you at least able to secure a start date???

    Thumbs up on the cool t-shirt choice, by the way. xo

  3. Great reviews! By chance have you read
    The Gravitational Leap by Darrell Lee? Its a post apocalyptic type book with a twist. I’d be very interested in hearing your review of that book.

    Based on your review, I will be reading some of.your recommendations. Thanks!

  4. Joe is very opinionated? Naawww. Surely not! 😆 Hey this is a great idea. Talk to me. I like it. However, I felt sorry for those lonely chairs in the background. Are they needing a table? You need to add some color to your life. 😆

  5. Very enjoyable. I agree with the consensus of the majority, the background was not great. Why is there no art on the walls? I don’t fully trust folks without art.

    Hey, I’m reading again. I have gone on a long streak where I cannot sustain reading at all, so breaking out a little is nice. Unfortunately, I’m reading fanfic. Oh dear. Better than nothing. I have a novel beside the bed I have been working on for five years. It’s a real thing with menopause. It sucks.

  6. Oh yay, book reviews! My desktop with Chrome doesn’t like video. I’ll pull out an iPad later to listen/watch. Thanks!

    Thanks Barry for the recommendation of The Gravitational Leap. I put it on my wish list. Looks good!

    Drea: love nutella! Thank you, I’m always looking for easy dessert recipes.

    Ponytail: How are you parents doing?

    Maggiemayday: Have you tried audiobooks? They are wonderful while working (cleaning, mowing and other such no brain work). My hubby listens while he drives to work (45 minutes, one way). We list the audible expense under “Mental Health”.

    I’m serious about my question yesterday. “How do you make atomic strength hot sauce, without a respirator? Surely, the fumes would burn your eyes, skin and maybe, remove varnish from the cabinets.

    1. Tam: Actually, Joe asked for new recipe shares from us in the video you didnt get to watch. Albeit, glad you enjoy nutella, too XO
      Will write to share that funny dating story, soon. Pwomise.
      Want pics from your vacation, as well. <3

    2. @ Tam – My dad (has dementia) turned 93 in May, my mom (has chronic severe pain) turns 93 on Saturday. No matter what you do, no matter how hard you try, it doesn’t get better. It is very depressing.

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