19 thoughts on “May 14, 2018: The Hyperion Corps!

  1. Dang that sounds pretty good. Military or survival path?

    I’m also guessing, since you’re sharing, that it’s never going to be made?

    1. The prevailing wisdom has long been to keep your pilot under wraps, but I don’t really see the logic. The existence of books and comic books (ie. Dark Matter) hasn’t hurt their chances of being adapted to the screen. In fact, one could make a strong argument that being out there actually helped.

      Besides, this is my small way of thanking you, the SF fans, for your continued support through the years.

  2. If I get tired of a look, I can cut my hair, comb it a new direction, or change my shirt and add a color. I ware a T-shirt for fitness and sweating and dress shirt for the occasion and I need not worry about an MRI only for my programed brain stint.

  3. By description, it looks like Comet or Summer Sky (i hope for first, but second more likely). Is it true?

  4. OMG. I’m only at page 15 and I so want this to be a series already!

    Why didn’t anyone pick this up?
    And what’s with “Sam Carter”? 😉

    Question Joseph:
    Are we allowed to bring attention to this script on all social media?
    Can we help bringing it out there?

    If we do, and someone reaches out to you about it, will you then have to change it?

  5. Hi Joe
    Clap Clap, very nice. Anything we can do to help this along?


  6. I read it and loved it! My worry for it though is that the big moment in your script will always be compared to the scene in The Last Jedi when a large rebel cruiser is set at light-speed into the perusing imperial destroyers. The scene was one of the few memorable moments in the movie. All the studios you present this to will now, sadly, see this very cool moment in your script as derivative of the scene from The Last Jedi.

  7. Very interesting! I hope you find a home for it. I’d watch it! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  8. Honest opinion:

    On first read last night, I was strongly reminded of “Battlestar Galactica” (2004): Skeleton crew, soon-to-be-retired military spacecraft, catastrophic alien invasion, etc.

    Knowing your work, I trust you have planned an alternative plot that will differ from BSG. I note, for example, that HYPERION is on its own and not part of a “patched-together fleet of civilians” (Wikipedia on BSG).

    1. Then again, I tend to remember sci-fi plots and forget birthdays…

  9. I liked scanned this super fast, after the tragedy in the first act, but “young Sam Carter”, the character name Kira (my Jedi name is Jade Kirra), the alien invasion makes me think this is your Military SF show you were writing and I say HELL YES to this. I don’t have clients tomorrow so I’ll try to read it in more exquisite detail tomorrow as long as my brain will allow.

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