Okay, before we get started, please click to link below to find out if Thanos killed you at the end of Infinity War:

Did I Survive The Snappening?

To those of you who perished, you shall be missed.  To those of you who survived, congratulations.  May this close brush with non-existence give you a greater appreciation for the smaller things in life like the chirps of a morning bird heralding the dawn of a new day, the summertime smell of a freshly mown lawn, and KFC Hot Wings.

Alas, since I too survived, it looks like I’ll have to deliver the rewrite on that pilot after all.  I feel like I’ve been living with this script longer than my girlfriend but, after multiple drafts, it looks like I may be nearing completion on this one. You know what they say, eighth time’s the charm!

While I head off to read Act 3 for the perhaps the hundredth time, please enjoy this show video of Suji eating an apple chip =

21 thoughts on “May 15, 2018: Snappening, scripts, and banana chips!

  1. What about Lulu? You can’t give to one and not the other!! To think of all thst trauma of having to wear the cone of shame…she should be getting extra treats 😉

  2. I see Sci-fi channel cancelled another great space show.
    The Expanse has been cancelled.
    Sci Fi channel should rename the channel to where shows go to be killed.
    Sci Fi channel my ass

    1. Picture Mandy Patinkin rending his shirt and screaming on the streets of 1902 Brooklyn and you’ll understand my pain. Seriously, I can’t even believe this, the show was heaped with even more critical praise this season and they cancel it?!Argh.

  3. Any hints on which pilot or even what genre or is it required to be a mystery (the details of the pilot, not a category of storytelling) for now?

  4. Seems I died “for the good of the universe.” Somehow, I doubt that was the reason, more likely because Thanos is a jerk.

  5. That script yesterday would make a great novel. Just FYI.

    Your pups are lucky dogs!

  6. I was slainned for the good of the universe. A decision I don’t agree with at all but it was for the good. Y’all are welcome.

  7. Joe, Seeing as how we both somehow (miraculously) managed to survive the snappening, may I just say, banana chips are good stuff. Especially after several shots of bourbon or scotch.
    Now, best get on those re-writes young man while I try to carve out some down time this week to indulge myself in your 1st draft of Hyperion.

    So has Akemi completed all her furniture shopping and wish list making for the new condo yet? Designing for a new environment is always fun. Albeit, Just outta curiosity … What’s wrong with using the brown leather couch you had in Vancouver? Did you decide to leave it behind?? Seems it would match well enough in almost any living room/ family room set up.

    T-minus less than 2 weeks to moving day.

  8. I did not survive. 🙁

    Get working on the script! Existing sci-fi shows are falling like dominoes out there. There must be space (heh) for some new stuff soon!

  9. I can’t risk Thanos killing me before I see Avengers, and I can’t see another comic movie right now, I only just got started on Black Lightning. So many comic movies. Oh and Deadpool. When there are too many superheroes on the screen my brain freezes up.

  10. I don’t feel dead but apparently I was slain by Thanos….well, shit! I’ll never taste the bitter sweetness of another banana chip.

  11. I was also slain for the good of the universe. The quiz must have picked up on my foul mood, although the Suji eating apple chips improved my foul mood 1000%

    Sorry to all The Expanse fans out there. Syfy sucks. As soon as 12 Monkeys is over next month, my relationship with them will be.

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