Another day, another successful tweet-fest run-thru.  Here are the stats from yesterday’s event…

Although we had more contributors, we had fewer tweets and a smaller reach, but that can be attributed to a number of things: the lack of influencers, a few miscues, and, of course, soccer (aka football).  There were more than a few instances where participants used the wrong hashtag, more than one hashtag, or, in some cases, no hashtag at all – but that’s okay because the whole point of the test-drive was to shake off the rust, work out the kinks, and educate everyone on how it works.  And, now that we’re all on the same page, we’re going to BLOW UP twitter next weekend.  Specifically…

Friday, March 9th at 6:00 p.m. PST/9:00 EST and again –

Saturday, March 10th at 7:00 p.m. GMT.

The first is for Stargate fans in North America, the second for Stargate fans in the rest of the world BUT if you can make both, we’d love to see ya.  (Incidentally, I will be participating in  both but don’t let that guilt you into feeling you should as well.  I mean, sure, the Stargate we know and love is at risk of being wiped away with a single reboot, but play it by ear and see how it goes.)

(No pressure.)


What’s the deal with this campaign and what’s at stake?  Well, check out this awesome video by Didi Chandouidoui, “Stargate A Besoin De Vous” (Stargate Needs You), the greatest pitch for why you should step up and help.  If you speak French, I’m sure you’ll agree.  If not – trust me, it’s pretty amazing.


Hey, check this out.  The creation and building of the SGU nexus console (via confracto):

The concept design by James Robbins.

The model.

Molded plastic.

Painting and aging.

The finished product.

Alrighty.  Starting tomorrow, I start reaching out to some old friends in the hopes they have time to pop in and say hi during the upcoming tweet-storms.

You never know who’ll be dropping by, so make sure to circle the dates!

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This video is really fantastic! And the francophone fans have listened: hundreds of them joined the campaign and are now following our Twitter accounts; @StargateNow_EU will surely break the 4000 mark in the next few hours (if not minutes).


It really was wonderful. I could make out a few words in there from my 4 years of French classes I took in high school decades ago. I love his passion.


Watch the video again, English subtitles have now been added 😊


Enjoyed both tweet-fests.
The first session I just retweeted (at 2am my brain can’t compose sensible stuff) and ended up in Twitter jail pretty quickly.
European tweet time I tweeted original messages (but am a very slow writer) and only retweeted a few times. Next time I will store messages beforehand.
I tried my best ☺️

I would also add, never underestimate the power draw of football…. ⚽ It’s a religion here


We are going to suggest that as the week goes on, tweets you create you could copy and paste into a word processing document. Then on the day of the tweet fest, you’ll have a bunch saved up and all you will have to do is copy from the document, paste into the tweet, then add the @ (we are going to point to a specific Twitter target and the unique hashtag and add a GIF or PIC to go along with it. You guys are going to LOVE this hashtag. This one came from Joe. The one for Saturday came from Irena.

What do you think? Would that suggestion help?

Paula Zimmerman
Paula Zimmerman

I’ll be there!


You have made me feel so guilty for not helping the International tweet storm I am crying my eye balls out. lol So, I will be at the next North America one AND the next International one.


For you Aussie fans, the first will be at 5am Saturday, then 8am. I hopefully will be there for both depending on what happens at home. Fingers crossed.


Ummm What about @SaveStargate & @SaveSGU??

Tammy Dixon
Tammy Dixon

I’m sorry I wussed out Friday. The day started out great but I did too much. That evening I was really hurting and fell asleep early. Saturday, I was dragging.
I had to work the Karate tournament, so I drank a caffeine/vitiamin supplement and took a handful of Advil. My job was charting bouts. So, while not physically draining, it’s hard paying close attention for hours without a break. It’s a simple formula, charting, but I’m amazed that some of the judges had problems following it. Then other judges can keep a complete chart in their head of who fights who.
Anyway, I am awed by all those kids/adults who choose something constructive to do, other than crime. If you read the paper in Memphis, you’d know what I meant by that. Just a couple of weeks ago, 3 teenagers in a stolen car died when they were speeding and hit a semi-truck. Sadly, it’s a common story here.

How are you girls doing? Still waiting on buying a condo?


The video actually has English subs, and it really is amazing and inspiring! PS Thanks for the console production photos!


By the way, this video has over 100.000 views and 9.000 likes – and that’s only French speaking Europeans alone! Talking about Twitter reach…