Kicking off today’s blog entry with a terrific article about the #DriveToRevive, what we’re trying to accomplish, and what Stargate means to fans:

A Fan Movement Wants To Bring Stargate Back To TV

The same article contains links to some terrific interviews:

One with Master Bra’tac – 10 Questions With Tony Amendola

Another with Dr. Carson Beckett – 10 Questions With Paul McGillion

BTW – On the heels of our International test drive, I wanted to give a shout-out to a our Top 3 Tweeters!

Yeah!  That’s the kind of enthusiasm we need!

Please continue to spread the word.  These upcoming tweet-storms will be our Battle of the Black Gate/Battle of the Morannon!

We need all hands on deck this Friday night!  And again on Saturday night!

After that, we leave it to MGM.  So, if there was ever time for you to step up in support of Stargate, that time is now!

This Friday night in North America, and Saturday night internationally, let’s LIGHT IT UP!

P.S. Thanks to @Thadius-Faran, Tom Gardiner and the gang at @StargateNow for the amazing gifs!

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I have put a reminder in my calendar so I don’t forget Friday night!

Margaret Clayton

Aye aye, Admiral, standing by, tweets at the ready.


Can’t wait!!

Some guy
Some guy

Don’t really use twitter that much so can someone explain how the top 3 tweeters tweeted so many times. I retweeted to the point that I got put in “twitter jail” until the event ended and was only at about 300


I checked the first account and it was 100% retweets. Now tweets & retweets are both included with the Twitter limits. The daily limit is 2400, with semi-hourly limits too.

I would have thought Twitter would have limited those accounts as well. Interesting.

Even if people create trend accounts to retweet, we do still need fans composing great original tweets that people want to RT.

I did come up with some ideas for people planning their tweets:

Some ideas for tweets for the trend event:
* The moment I knew I was hooked on Stargate
* What Stargate means to me
* Favourite quotes
* Memorable scenes
* Favourite character
* My hopes for a new series

Cheers, Chev

Thadius Faran
Thadius Faran

Oh snap two of my gifs are on a Mallozzi blogpost.


Finger firmly on the Tweet button and yes Joe, I will be awake at 5am just for you.


Cant wait !!! Hurry up!! i hope they bring it back forever!


Yes ready for battle, I even hid a few extra throwing stars in my hair. I’m not a twitter fan but I will tweet for this. I even have a battle song: https://youtu.be/_BNRBgxiS2c


Been rather busy this past week. There is much going on here at the moment. Albeit will be sure to get some tweets loaded and ready to go in the auto tweet deck by tonight and make sure to check in with Hilda for the target and hashtag before launch.

No worries
One way or another I’ll make sure my defecation is coagulated.

Not even undomesticated equines could keep me away.

XO Lets Do This Science fiction fans!! XO

Tammy Dixon
Tammy Dixon

Is it tonight? :O