In less than two weeks, we’ll be blowing up the internet with a good old-fashioned tweet-storm.  Actually, two.

Friday, March 9th at 6:00 p.m. PST/9:00 p.m. EST – for North American fans

Saturday, March 10th at 7:00 p.m. GMT – for International fans.

[note: corrected times]

Of course (and preferably), you can show up for both events – but I don’t want to impose.

All we need is an hour of your time…but if you want to stick around and make a night of it, let’s do it!

When we orchestrated our last tweet-fest in support of Dark Matter, the turnout was pretty insane.  Here are the stats from that September 15th event:

Them’s huge numbers – and we did that with a core group of some 7000 Dark Matter fans following the @DarkMatterFTL account.  Today, with 11 days to go, the @StargateNow campaign account already has 8 000 followers.

I have no doubt we will be making one hell of an impression.

We’ll be following the lead of the Dark Matter campaign which followed the lead of the Longmire campaign which followed the lead of the Fringe campaign that demonstrated the power of fandom by channeling their voices on a dedicated platform (twitter) for an appointed time (see above).

A few rules that will help maximize our message:

#1: FOLLOW – Make sure you’re following @StargateNow

#2: CHECK IN – Approximately 15 minutes before the appointed time, @StargateNow will be revealing that night’s unique hashtag.  This hashtag should appear in all of your tweets.  In the case of Dark Matter, for instance, one of the hashtag we used was #RockTheRaza.

#3: BE PROMPT – Start tweeting at the appointed time, but not before as it diminishes our efforts at trending.

#4: USE THE DEDICATED HASHTAG – Make sure your tweet includes that night’s dedicated hashtag.

#5: ONLY USE THAT ONE HASHTAG – For some reason, tweets with more than one hashtag don’t count toward trending so be sure to only use the hashtag of the night.

Okay, got it?

Annnnnd break!

I’m off to start going through my hard drives for those behind-the-scene set pics!

As always, thanks to Tom Gardiner (@Thogar) for all the fantastic gifs.

I take my leave of you now, fandom.  Until tomorrow…



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Calendar is marked and we’re ready!!

ScientiaFicta (@ScientiaFicta)

Woohoo! Here we go, 35 devices with internet access in my house, 35 Twitter accounts. Bring on the STORM !



Games "Johnny" Dean
Games "Johnny" Dean

Locked and loaded!

I’ve been talking about this to all my friends who watch Stargate, they’re so psyched! Everyone REALLY hopes this works.

Now that we have a date we’ll try and get everyone online, most don’t use social media, they hate Facebook and don’t use Twitter/Instagram etc but I’ve convinced them to at least make a Twitter account! With the dates in hand it’ll be easier to get them organized and hitting those tweets.

I cant wait


Reminders are set, let’s do it!


Calendar corrected, alarm scheduled! Not that I can forget grin


Count me in.


Doing finger exercises so I can go for the gold in this tweetstorm.


Who’ll be the first one to be locked up in the Twitter jail !!

Linda Lloyd

All ready let’s go !!!!


I’ll be there! Keep the rules and reminders coming. I learned a lot from the Dark Matter tweet storms, but tend to forget over time.

What about retweeting? Does a retweet that contains the proper hashtag, without adding any comment from me, count? Just want to make sure.

I went to jail last time and it took a couple days to get out. Had to contact Twitter to post bail (unlock my account). They apologized, but still….


This is going to be epic!!!

Shane Calhoun
Shane Calhoun

Wow i wish I knew about that singular hash tag because I was using multiples and I must have sent out 50 or more tweets thanks for the heads up Joe.


On standby and ready to roll.

Building an arsenal of prewritten tweets. Just need to add the hash tags relevant on the night/s!

‘So far, so good’ 😁


Cany wait Joe. This is gona be awesome.


So much happening on Twitter with @StargateNow and @StargateNow_EU #DriveToRevive that I keep forgetting to pop on here and comment too – I’m still here! (waves enthusiastically) 😊

Ugly Pig
Ugly Pig

Okay, so no multiple hashtags, but what about hashtag + link to a youtube video? I’m thinking of doing an “open letter to MGM” thingie in video form and I’m wondering if that will affect my tweets (also good idea, yay/nay?)

Star_Climber (@Star_Climber)

I don’t think that will affect the tweets, but not sure. And that is a great idea. grin


It is my honor to serve. BRING IT ON!

Margaret Clayton

Outstanding. Ikimashou!


I’ll try and make both, but the US time works out to like 2am in the UK so that’s a solid maybe.

Federico Ez. (@fede000)


Star_Climber (@Star_Climber)

Awesome! Put it in my calendar, and now just to prepare some pictures, quotes, videos etc. grin


Blast!! I’ll still be working at walker stalker London when this hits


I’ll be working too, but I can take a minute to press a button on a phone app if it means a chance for my favourite show to return.

ella bee (@ellabee96)

I’ll be there.

Kyle Minor
Kyle Minor

I’m all for new Stargate, I miss it so much, but I hate Stargate Origins. It is like watching Three Stooges, but with worse acting. I can’t believe I got excited for it. I will definitely get involved in the tweetstorm, but I hope it’s not continue Stargate Origins. If that’s the kind of writing and acting we have to look forward to, I’d rather Stargate die in a form that I loved and can share with my family instead of forcing it.

Joel (@utopian)

Can’t wait!