“What do you know, Joe?”fans have started asking, given the timing of my recent blog posts.

To be honest, I just know – and can infer – only as much as you.  The launch of stargatecommand.co and the production and premiere of Stargate: Origins is, clearly, the first step in the return of an all-new series that will follow in the footsteps of SG-1, Atlantis, and Universe.  How quickly this proceeds, and what creative direction it will take is, really, up to you, the fans.  There’s hope that many of you have checked out Origins and weighed in with your thoughts because the decision-makers want to know there’s an audience out there.  And they’re going to gauge the potential interest in a new Stargate series not merely by the number of eyeballs but the multitude of voices generating online buzz.

The challenge is that fandom is disperse and unfocused.  Many who may be reluctant to subscribe to stargatecommand.co right now will no doubt have a change of heart when the streaming platform becomes the home of the entire franchise library, a new Stargate series, hundreds of hours of exclusive never-before-seen behind-the-scenes videos from the sets of SG-1, SGA, and SGU as well as (I have no doubt, eventually) numerous other new SF shows.  Somewhen down the line, it will become the premiere home of science fiction.

But I get a little ahead of myself.  Right now, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to let MGM know you want more Stargate.  While their numbers people analyze the burgeoning interest in stargatecommand.co let’s give their social media experts some impressive stats to chew on.

And how are we going to that?  Well…

Step #1: Start by spreading the word and rallying the troops!  Hit up every Stargate fan page and community site (facebook, tumblr, etc.) out there and let them know: We’re doing this and we need every Stargate fan onboard.

Step #2: Join twitter.  It will be the launch point of this fan drive and, when the time comes, you’ll need to be active and noisy.

Step #3: Stay tuned while I consult and hand off to The Stargate Initiative, a group of longtime fans who will be leading this campaign.

And while you’re at it, check out WatchMojo.com’s Top 10 Stargate Moments:

Agree?  Disagree?  Let’s hear ya!

37 thoughts on “February 18, 2018: The Stargate Initiative!

  1. Stargate command app will not recognize my email address as valid on my tablet nor will it open on my tv using android box. I can get Netflix & byutv app working but not Stargate. Very frustrating

  2. And it just so happens #TeamRaza already has working fan campaign system already set up and ready to be reactivated. I’m ready.

    Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more!

  3. I was really into the Origins, but after watching first three episodes, I was all like, WTF I just watched? It doesn’t have Srargate mood, doesn’t have the trill like I wanted and what SG was all about. I would love to see new series, but the acting, camera and overall mood was really disappointing in SGO. SGU was mistake, SGO was WTF? Bring back the SGA or SG-1 spirit, please, pretty please!

    I’ll spread the word as I’m die hard fan. But I need to get it off my chest

  4. The fate of any new Stargate show really comes down to the writers, I think. Doctor Who’s Tardis, the Stargate and the Raza are really just dramatic devices to allow good writers to vary the stories they tell. Stargate-SG1 was great because it had many different, dramatic storylines but never forgot that life has humour (and that is what I missed from SG-U). If a new production team comes in and keeps to the atmosphere of the original series I don’t see any problem in keeping old viewers and brining in new ones.

    I hope that there is still enough interest in the franchise that a new series is possible. Perhaps testing the waters with an 8 or 10 episode season would be best. Vikings had 3 seasons of 10 episodes (all from one writer!!) before it expanded to a 20 episode season. Maybe this is the direction MGM should take.

    I enjoyed the SG shows immensely, but I’m not sure I’m willing to take out an online subscription for just this series of shows. I hope that a broadcaster like Space would be found.

  5. I’m on Twitter and will definitely help when the time comes. Just joined Stargatecommand.co and I’ll be sharing the site on Twitter. I’m so ready for another Stargate series!

  6. I’ve never been this excited! also are you going to call the new show.. The stargate Initiative?

  7. Hi Joe
    I don’t know if I can go through this again. After getting back into TV with Dark Matter and it getting knifed in the back, I’m a little leery of the beancounters who seemingly hold all the cards. Would really hate it if it happened to a show I put a lot of hours into in the first place. If there was any chance you’d have a place at the table, count me in.

  8. I’m still ready to scream, fight, and generally go nuts. My fingers are still warm from the Dark Matter FTL campaign. Let’s do this.

  9. Sorry but don’t judge the interest in SG with SG origin ..I don’t like it but I like SG1 ,SGA and want another SG serie but no cheap web thing.Doing so might kill the interest of the fans.Multiple series isn’t good imo.One good one will keep fans

  10. Loved the new origins episodes but didn’t understand why they were so short I heard if the project months ago and joined up right away and waited all this time excited to see it and it lasted less than an hour for three episodes hopefully the rest will be longer…thanks for the viewpoint

  11. Seriously, you have *got* to be up to something!? Three blogposts in a row about Stargate, and not only that hinting at a new series!!

    Please let this not be a joke or mislead!! I need more Stargate!!

  12. It is all new. Is it a new series? I will have to watch and figure it all out. I have been watching some tv. The show Private Eyes looks like it was filmed in YYZ. I see the radio tower. Although been there twice, I enjoy looking for streets that may look familiar. I am really liking Cindy Sampson. I have also seen other shows on TBS. In watching them and thinking about Dark Matter’s final demise, I am left with WTF. Your show had it all going for it. I will have to see Stargate Origin and see what thrill it gives me; unfamiliar name; No Brad, Paul, or you.

  13. But I’ve been hurt so many times in the past… SGU, SGA, Firefly, Dark Matter, Better Off Ted, and so many others.

  14. I too am not sure I like SGO. Too many WTF moments. And I may be old school on this but I prefer to see it on my TV not online. I’m not ready to cut the cord.

    Right now, every week day, I can watch 4 hours of SG on the ElRey channel, number 341 on my Directv. In the morning PST, 2 hours of SG1 and 2 hours of Atlantis, back to back and repeated in the middle of the night.

    A new SG series would be great but I want what we once had with SG1 and Atlantis. I want that same good time feel. JMHO.

    But if SyFy has anything to do with a new series, in ANY way, I am out. After what they did to Dark Matter and Stargate, there is nothing that could ever drag me back there. EVER.

    Again, JMHO.

  15. I’m actually a little worried that Stargate command is actually shooting themselves in the foot one of my biggest complaints as a subscriber to the service is the inability to watch content on my TV rather than my phone or tablet and they only just like a week before origins premiered started adding this function to the application which unfortunately for me my roku isn’t part of the program yet so I understand that it’s a work in progress so I’m patiently waiting for the roku 5o be added to the casting ability before I start watching Stargate origins. But I’m hoping that this isn’t hurting the numbers with possible subscribers coming in because I really would love to see Stargate get the band back together and maybe just maybe get some closure for the crew of the destiny who I am sure are still in the void between galaxies in hyper sleep.

  16. I am a massive Stargate fan ( 20 plus years),I really enjoy Origins and would love to see a new series,but as a European fan(Spain) ,we are unable to Purchase All-Access and therefor cannot take advantage of this wonderful opportunity. Please if you have any say with Stargate Command, help us unloved European fans to be able to join in. Thank you.

  17. I’m with you Joe. It’s great to read how much you care. You said Brad Wright and Robert Cooper were the best guys to do the show again (I agree by the way) but I’m sure I read something years ago saying part of the reason syfy channel pulled out was because Robert Cooper intended to leave the show anyway. Would he do more Stargate?

  18. I was so surprised when I saw that Stargate Origins was out, because I didn’t even know that it was in the making. O.o (What rock have I been living under?!) I plan to watch the three episodes today. But… Of course I would love to see more Stargate in the future. Stargate is Stargate after all. ♥ And this post is making me so excited for the possibility of more of the amazing story in the future. So, I am ready to do the best I can to promote and campaign for it. 😀

  19. I’m like Elminster, that it’s a little painful to hope. I’ll check out Origins, once I find out how. Does anyone know if they have a Roku app? I’m not sure about gateworld. Last time I checked out the site, it was a bunch of backstabbing and negativity. I’d check it out again for you though and Stargate. 😉

    On the home front, my brother & his family moved out of mom’s house. So mom’s calming down.

    Any of your projects getting the green light?

    1. That’s great news about your brother being able to move into his new home and your mom is starting to feel better.

  20. Wowee! I’m sharing this with my SG1 loving sis, woo hoo! I’m on the hunt for Origins, I loved the trailer. It gave me flasbacks to watching the first SG movie in theaters many years ago.

  21. Let’s do it! I am excited about the new episodes!! I have never put my 2 cents in before about what I thought about a franchise, but I would hate to let this one slip away because I didn’t pitch in. I give up, you have successfully guilted me into restoring my Twitter account to support Stargate Origins.

  22. Stargate Origins has a lot of issues, but those issues comes with the extremely low budget they’ve been allotted, so that much is understandable, and the female lead is decent plus Michael the Wraith.

    For all its flaws I accept it and welcome it into the fold.

    To me, Stargate Universe had a terrible rocky start, pilot was quite good, but the latter episodes were really difficult to get through, however, through season 2 it turned into the best science fiction on TV.

    Therefore we should never write-off any projects in the beginning.

  23. I joined Twitter, couldn’t figure it out, so I unjoined Twitter. I am not mentally capable of figuring out the modern tech world. 😛


  24. Not to be a the bad messenger but it won’t work out. If you ask me you shold go the Star Trek way and do a full feature film. Literally every movie now has a giant big portal shooting beams and aliens Stargate has it’s own mythology ready. Continue where Atlantis left do a movie and then restart Atlantis.. It’s the only way…

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