I know, I know.  You’re sitting there, re-reading yesterday’s blog entry, thinking to yourself: “Surely rebooting the franchise wouldn’t be that big a deal.  The longtime fans who invested so much in those 17 seasons of television history – the characters, the technology, the worlds created for SG-1, Atlantis, and Universe – would get over it.  Eventually.  Wouldn’t they?”  To be honest, I don’t know.  Fans can be fickle, passionate, and vociferous.  Also incredibly loyal.  It would be akin to, say, informing fans of the NFL’s New England Patriots that they were getting a new coach…none other than Harry Redknapp who managed Tottenham Hotspur from October 2008 to June 2012!  He also had great success with AFC Bournemouth and West Ham United, so there’s no reason to doubt he won’t be great calling the shots in New England.  Unfortunately, terms of this new deal will require that Brady, Gronk, Edelman and other Patriots players never again set food on the field – or be publicly referenced hereafter.  Finally, touchdowns will only be worth 4 points, field goals 2, we’ll be going 5 downs instead of 4, and the game will be overseen by three officials: a line judge, a referee, and grandmaster oortsman.

I mean, I don’t know.  It could be great.  But the purists may balk.

February 17, 2018: Stargate Possibilities

On the other hand, how could one possibly create a brand new series that is accessible to first-time viewers yet simultaneously rewarding to long-time fans? Hmmm.  Let me think about this for five seconds.  Wait!  How about you introduce a protagonist who knows nothing about the Stargate program and becomes the conduit through which the home audience learns about the gate network?  Maybe they’re a young soldier or a scientist or young anthropologist who joins a team on a visit to a top secret facility.  There, to their amazement, they are introduced to Stargate Command, the workings of the intergalactic stargate network, and then informed they will be making a trip through the gate to an alien world.  The base commander, General Carter, orders the technician to: “Dial the gate, Walter.”  The gate is dialed, a wormhole is established, and the young team step through the event horizon.

When they step out the other side, they find themselves on an alien world where they embark on their first exploratory mission.  Not telling what they find or what complications ensue.  There are so many possible ways for the series to go but it’s fairly easy to do so without burdening the story, these new characters, with heavy mythology.  The mythology exists to support the narrative, but need only come to light gradually.  Perhaps  they’ll learn that the gate network was built by a race known as the Ancients.  Maybe they’ll discover that Earth has outposts in various galaxies including the Milky Way, Triangulum, and Pegasus. Somewhere down the line, there may even be an episode in which the young team embarks on an op accompanied by a veteran of the Stargate program – an anthropologist, a Czech science officer, an overbearing but brilliant scientist with an aversion to citrus.  Who knows?

My point is the existing fandom is not only a great audience base for any future series, they’re a fantastic resource for spreading the word and getting other potential viewers onboard early.  They’re a passionate bunch and, when excited about a show, they will make their voices heard.

Don’t believe it?  Well, stay tuned.

Thanks to stopitcharlesgetoutofmyhead for all the nifty gif and video work!

60 thoughts on “February 17, 2018: Stargate possibilities

    1. My thoughts too!! Just even discussing the possibility of it all, is so cool.

      So many arcs a new Stargate series could follow –
      Other Stargate networks – What if the Ancients had their ‘own’ gate network, independent from intergalactic ones but only accessible with a unique code transmitted by a personal handheld device?

  1. I’d like to see a Stargate set far in the future after the landscapes of earth and the galaxy have changed. I think a post-apocalyptic earth and the discovery of a forgotten, abandoned Cheyenne complex would make a fun jumping off point. Ya know? Rebuilding the gate and using it to try and rebuild some semblance of society?

    As a longtime fan, I’d watch that.

  2. I would love, love, love a new Stargate series. But your description…..sounds like Atlantis.

  3. Thanks Joe for the last couple of posts, they have been really insightful and interesting.

    I’ve just been thinking about a reboot of Stargate, and I just can’t stomach it. Stargate has been what I have grown up watching since I was 7 with my dad I’m now 23 and it has been such an important part of my life. Though Carter and McKay, those characters where highly influential in pushing myself to be a scientist. I’m currently doing a PhD in computer science. I do have stargate, you and all involved to thank for that.

    My point is that to then have a rebooted show just disregard the history and hard work put into making it just hurts. Intellectually, I know that sounds stupid as the shows will always still be there. But the idea of them just dismissing it and using the name stings a little.

    I know as a fan, I’m not loyal to the name. I’m loyal to the family of people who made the show (Writers, actors and directors etc) as I think it’s their vision, ideas, personalities and craftsmanship that made the show what it is. Not the name of the show. A stargate series without you guys, disregarding history just wouldn’t be something I would invest in. But, maybe that’s just me.

    Although that show idea you had in today’s post, especially with General Carter and Mckay in it, I’d watch it in a heartbeat!!! 🙂

    1. I agree. I would hate for SG1 and SGA to be dismissed. Sorry, I never got into SGU. SGO seems to be doing that unless it’s all in a different timeline or they have their memories wiped, because the movie Katherine never even figured out the 7th symbol, so she couldn’t have gone through the gate.

  4. I thank you for remaining so intrigued if not involved with Stargate. I had actually written some fan-fiction about a new SG-1 set some time after the shows, introducing completely new characters who get introduced into the Program and are immediately thrown into the deep end when a new enemy shows up, threatening all that we’ve built in the past years since the defeat of the Goa’uld and Ori. I really hope to see something like that.

  5. …I do believe in Stargate…I do believe in Stargate…I do believe in Stargate…*claps hands…*

  6. There are soooooo many ways /paths you can go down.

    As you said, set it in the future where a new team sets out to explore a new galaxy, with guest spots of the original cast from SG1 /Atlantis. Which we would ALL love!!!

    Perhaps we take a look back into the past. Like what Origins is doing. There is so much mythogy from Ancient Egypt you could easily go back from there.

    We saw how the G’ould took on human hosts in the original movie. But what about their previous race/hosts – that could be interesting.

    There’s also the Ancients, who built Atlantis and many outposts just like it, go back before the war with the Wraith or maybe even an action packed series called the Wraith Wars instead if you want to leave Stargate alone and go somewhere new but familiar.

    These ideas have probably already been floated and all have their pros and cons, but all reboots or prequels/sequals/spin offs will have their challenges.

    As a fan base we are still passionate and hungry it and I say bring it on!!!

  7. I’ve been waiting for 10 years to hear there is a possibility that Stargate could come back in some form. If this doesn’t happen i’ll be devastated, just devasted. Joe, my hopes are soaring and i’ll be praying to the gods for its return!

    1. I have watch SGU recently. In the past I didn’t like SGU.
      But it was finally interesting. But you have to accept that this is not SG1, it’s another world with the stargate story. When you accept that you are not watch SG1, and that you don’t expect to see SG1, then SGU is a good serie…

  8. think that this article was longer than all three epps so far. Do it justice that it deserves.

  9. I would love to see a Stargate show where they have a spacefleet and the world finally knows.

  10. Fans be fans, one way or the other, still fans. An amazing show but damn I miss Destiny. That ending makes the show somewhat up into legend together with Firefly and latest, Dark Matter. The notion of exploring is so human as it can be and the interconnection with Norse mythology was to me very well thought off, later expanded to so many cultures and beliefs. Shangri-la, Atlantis to name a few. To follow along the people for so many years it is like they are friends you know. That is truly something.

  11. But, is there a point in starting a new series when we never got an ending to the others? I mean, how do you brush over the fact that there is a city in the SF bay? We probably won’t get an ending if there is a new show. It seems like the sci-fi shows are always cancelled. Maybe no ending is better than an ending like Lost’s.

  12. idk but its sound just like SG1 season 11 …Would realy like something new to add to the franchise story without destroying or undoing ,modifying the previous series.Sure for a new young team but something that will rush them in a Code red emergency situation more than a walk in a park .With a Briefing of 2 minutes they (new viewers and the new SGx team)will know about the Basic of the Network

  13. Look at all the different variations of star trek. Storylines and casting so varied. Characters cross over to other series and are very successful. I don’t understand the aversion to using previous characters/actors from last shows. Sure, they have gotten older, look different. So what? Are we going to pretend that no time has passed since the last event in the series? Hasn’t the reboots of old shows with the same casts shown that the fans will accept good actors and well-written, well-produced shows? We are hungry for them. I say success should be rewarded and respected and called upon for more before trying something new, somebody new. New is not always better.

  14. If they reboot the series, and ignore all the history from SG1, SGA, And SGU, I will have no interest in watching. I am getting really sick of most of these reboots of older series, although I have to admit I am enjoying the MacGyver reboot.

  15. Oh how I would love more Stargate! But not if everything that came before was erased, or if, say, they made it a dark and too serious show.

  16. I would be very fearful of any reboot without Brad, Robert, you, Paul, Carl, Martin etc. Or any combination. Joe, you’re making me kinda drool. Somethings up.

  17. No reboot! Give fans a TV, or direct to DVD movie that gives a better resolution to both SG: Atlantis and SG: Universe (especially Universe).
    Fans don’t know if Atlantis was even allowed to return to Pegasus, and we definitely were left with a major cliffhanger at the “conclusion” of Universe.

    I personally wouldn’t give a Stargate reboot a look.

    1. A movie to close SGU, and a reboot about the ancients discovering Pegasus and after that fighting against the wraith. Or building the Stargate network in the milky way.

      I think it will be difficult to make a new series in SG1, SGA or SGU… All actors are a lot older now… But we need to know more about the ancients, that strange signal at the border of the universe, etc etc…

  18. Joe I am totally against violence but all I want to do right now is walk into mgm and start hitting the big wigs with the biggest heaviest frying pan I can find till they start to wisen the fuk up. Seriously tho what is wrong with these people their not going to be happy until they totally ruin Stargate.

  19. I want to be optimistic, but I’m still ticked with the extremely weak ending of SGA and SGU (well what an insult!). If its not some exec at the network trying to sabatoge the franchise by moving show nights or those same exec’s not having a clear understanding of new technology (i.e. Tevo what ever it was called). Why should I invest my time and money, when people are left hanging. At least finish of series in print such as SGA and SGU.

  20. I just started rewatching SG-1 about 2 months ago so the thought of having more is so exciting!!! Let’s be honest though no matter what they do with a new series we will all at least try it. I’m willing to give them a chance.

  21. If something new comes along, it will pique interest and draw the old fanbase. Will we all care for it? Of course not, but for fans new and old, it may be an excellent addition.

    I’m in wait and see mode. As usual. I want to be excited …

  22. Just had the sudden overwhelming urge to dust off my DVD-player and rewatch Stargate, only to find out my DVD-player doesn’t work anymore. And Netflix here doesn’t have Stargate 🙁 *sigh* I guess I’ll watch Travelers instead…

  23. Picht 1.1
    An SG1 outpost on a far planet that has a Stargate that links to an other reality Bring a new FreshTeam to build a Strong defense system around it as this Gate bring new kind of threats against our network and earth

  24. As a stargate fan, I would assume any reboot took place in an alternate reality. Cause clearly in this one it’s O’Neill, with 2 L’s. Because there’s another O’Neil in the Air Force and he only has one L and no sense of humor.

    Which is to say, I agree with author. Let’s stick with established mythology for any new movies/series

  25. Id prefer a series set in the main cannon rather than a reboot, stargate sg1 n atlantis were great universe was ok but staying within that canon would be great if not some of the fanfiction on fanfiction.net for stargate alternate universes would be great like disclosure early on around anubis attack on earth would be awesome personally it would show wat it is like when humanity is united to defeat the enemies they have n exploring space

  26. The point about existing fandom spreading the word, I’ve been out with my Stargate Origins t-shirt and spread the word to existing fans who had no idea about Origins, and they get really excited about it. It works.

    Universe was different enough from SG-1 and Atlantis that a lot of existing fans rebelled. Even when it started to feel more like classic Stargate it never recovered ratings enough for season three. If they do a reboot, it has to be pretty damn good or it’s DOA.

  27. Pitch 1.2 (Crossover w/DM right at the Beginning)
    ..The outpost (pitch1.1^^) Gate is a Hub between the 2 universes .The Black ships Specie (DM)from that other universe found their way through that gate but don’t know our Gates working system, few hundred passed the gate into our universe .They consider all outsider from their universe a Threat and must be annihilated.That Gate is Unknow to SG1 at that moment

  28. I would love to see a prequel where non main character ruins canon and crushes dreams of fans and 17 years of story in 1,5 hours of screen time. That would be awesome.

    But to be honest SGU is the kind of stargate I would love to see more of. Just without the stones and all drama that comes with it. Lucian alliance wasn’t the best choice either.

  29. Yes more Stargate. Yes and more star trek as well. Had enough zombies and mutants.

  30. Everyone is always talking about rebooting. Stargate sg1 doesn’t need a reboot. It needs to pick up where it left off; the Goau’ld and Ori defeated the Othalla Asgard dead. Introduce a whole new staff; New general, maybe an annoying IOA official new sg1. Show how the stargate program would have progressed in the time since the franchise was last on the air. How it would have built on the alien technology it acquired in the ten years since we last saw it. This was a major flaw with Atlantis. They were always putting limitations on the tech they acquired instead of expanding on it( ex. You are living in the city of the ancients yet you dont know how to manufacture zpms after 5 years, really?)

    Earth would have newer more powerful battlecruisers. They would also possibly have a moon base on the dark side of the moon and most importantly more terrifying villians. Reintroduce the Pegasus replicators . For example: The replicators had also colonized other planets in their home galaxy as a fail safe against becoming extinct since they were almost destroyed when the atlantians attempted to exterminate them when they (the replicators) failed in their original purpose.

    The Wraith, in the absence of the Atlantian expedition have reorganized and become even a bigger threat and now have intergalactic hyperdrives. The Elucian Alliance. The Pegasus Asgards(villians). Newer more powerful villians. Sometimes there is something to be said in building on an already established franchise or television show rather than rebooting it. Trust me.

  31. Could not agree more with the line of though here.
    Echos the post I left on YouTube here https://youtu.be/TF3zUOvXUYQ a few days ago on the Stargate command upload of Stargate 1994. I can see more of the movie stitching together with some unknowns of the movie blending with SGO. They immediatley knew it was a 2 way doorway in the briefing after the gate was activated. That’s a bit of a reach if they didn’t know about previous activations of the gate. We just need to explain why Catherine has a different accent in the movie and we’re makin progress!

  32. Hopefully they being Atlantis into the new series. Im ot to hop on origins concept. The original movie hd the scientist a never operating the gate. And origins is going back in time and having scientists go through the gate. Doesnt fit. Atlantis would be a better plaatform to launch the next series. Ultimate battle between the goauld and the ori. Waring over earth and earth destroying them in 3 episodes. At wich point we as earthlings discover new tech and we accend and return a at will. The wraith have new hives awaken in our galaxy anfter 3 millenia of slumber and awaken with a vengance after learning the faye of their fallen brothers…….just a thought.

  33. I’d love to find out what happens after Origins, SG1, SGA, SGU; it’s been a while so plenty of space to bring in new characters. But I want to see familiar faces popping up in it, even if it’s just for short arcs, we loooove these characters.

  34. Star Gate: Adventures of the Ancients (SG-AA). A series portraying the early forays of the ancients through their new invention. How did they do it? 4-man teams; 10-woman teams?

  35. I hate reboots. I think you should continue where Atlantis lands on Earth but several Years later.
    The new Series should connect SG1 and Atlantis on Earth, that would be awesome.
    New Actors are okay, but the old Cast should play tiny roles to (Cameo).

  36. I still believe in Stargate that it could be bigger than even Star Trek. The gate system is such a cool idea to introduce instant adventures to unknown worlds that I don’t understand why MGM is hesitating. Star Trek or Star Wars can’t give this feeling that you can step through an ancient gate and you arrive to an alien world on the other side. Nowadays only the creativity (and budget and the invested production time) can hold back writers’ hands.

    All what we need is a better planning. So they should start a spinoff when they established the characters and what they would like to achive with them. Somehow I felt that they were rushing with Atlantis characters too and then they didn’t know what to do with Ford or Teyla in long term. So I really hope we get a new spinoff, but then I would like to see more character development and pure discovery and adventures.

    It is also challenging to introduce new alien races to this universe, because you should carefully explain where they have been in the past, why they haven’t revealed themselves or if they don’t return then why do they shut down their own gate.

    If you write a war story then the gate system can also change the battles. Nowadays everybody is flying with armada of ships through the space, but it is not logical if you have a direct gate connection. But I understand that the area of the gate is such a narrow place that you can’t establish a frontline there, because it is not a line just a square maybe around the gate. So you can conquer a planet if you hold the gate, while you can land anywhere else on a planet with ships.

    Every gate can also dial any other gate so that is the reason that I felt that the traditional “empires” shouldn’t exist in the SG universe. Maybe they can controll a few worlds where the gates are near each other, but since they can dial the other side of the galaxy any time, then it is not worth of introducing border arguements.

    So if I would start a new MW based spinoff then I would introduce a few gate related discoveries. There should be some local groups or local defense systems (like an alien race upgrade the old MW gates with own technology to be used only by them or to start to plant them in space etc.). Or some “master gates” which has got some unique skills in the whole network. Or a civilization could build smaller stargates on the same planet as a transport system, but they use only the “main gate” to contact other planets. There are so many options… That is the reason I was happy to see Merlin’s inner gate system in season 10, because such moves could shake up things. And since they introduced the 9 chevrons in Universe, I doubt that they used it only to dial Destiny. A new spin off could develop more 9 chevron related discoveries.

    Not to mention they called all gates at the replicator war, so who knows how the sleeping / unknown aliens reacted to the wave from the Dakara machine? That would be a nice way to wake up such races who could be allies or enemies to the Jaffa Nation too.

    Or if they start a new spinoff in a new galaxy then I would like to see a new gate system again. I always wanted to see an AI character which would live in the DHDs. And that would be funny to have an annoying “tour guide” when the team arrives to a planet. Some of them could be hostile, some of them would be helpful etc.

    Anyway I am not the one who writes the new spinoff, but as you can see I have a few ideas how to reform the established gate system.

    So I strongly support a new spinoff but without the reboots. 10-12 years have passed since we haven’t seen the SG-1, so maybe the MW has changed a lot.

  37. Just keep it light. Universe was just so dark and negative. It was much better when it was just life sucking aliens and beetles that eat people. We all appreciated the fresh characters like Kolya, who only wanted to be friends. Scenarios like having human form replicator stick their hands in your head and take over the base just filled us with delight. (Actually David Ogden Stiers was great.)
    But in all seriouness…stick to the formula that worked for so many seasons of SG1 and SGA. The characters have to be positive in the face of danger. We need to see more situations like John throwing Rodney off the balcony; they were positively gleeful, but that didn’t take away from the serious parts of the episode.
    My son calls SGU Stargate Galactica. He’s not far wrong. Please, please, please make a show worthy of the name Stargate.

  38. Been away from the blog for a while(as I hope you may have noticed). In all honesty, I stayed out of a lot of online stuff these past few months. It’s nice every once in a while to take a break, I’ve learned over the years. I think the last time I was here was just after the Super Bowl because I love reading your takes on football.

    As I am reading through all the previous posts, the last thing I expected to see was a Harry Redknapp reference! I’m an avid Premier League watcher and my favorite team is Bournemouth! Of course, Eddie Howe is the main guy responsible for their massive success making it to the premiership of English football, and I love the true underdog story that AFCB is in the PL. I do plan to go to England at some point this year or next to watch a home game, too.

    I’ve still got a ways to go to catch up on the blog posts, so I’ll save my comments on a new SG series until then, if there’s anything that I feel needs to be shared.

    -Mike A.

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