Alright!  Time to rally the troops and make your voices heard!

If you are a member, contributor, or lurker of/to a Stargate-related site, please post a link to said site in the comments section.

Stargate fans worldwide unite!  Let’s hear from you!

Meanwhile, head on over to twitter and join the drive to revive: @StargateNow  With a tip of the hat to another great scifi fandom!

Finally, little trip down memory lane…

February 19, 2018: Stargate Initiative Roll Call!  Stargatenow!

Petroglyph tablet – Stargate: Atlantis “Rising”.  Concept art by James Robbins.

February 19, 2018: Stargate Initiative Roll Call!  Stargatenow!

Underwater window – Stargate: Atlantis “Rising”.  Concept art by James Robbins.

February 19, 2018: Stargate Initiative Roll Call!  Stargatenow!

Asgard graveyard.  Concept art by James Robbins.

February 19, 2018: Stargate Initiative Roll Call!  Stargatenow! February 19, 2018: Stargate Initiative Roll Call!  Stargatenow!

Interdimensional creatures – Stargate: SG-1 “Sight Unseen”.  Concept art by James Robbins.

February 19, 2018: Stargate Initiative Roll Call!  Stargatenow! February 19, 2018: Stargate Initiative Roll Call!  Stargatenow!

Building the Universe gate.

February 19, 2018: Stargate Initiative Roll Call!  Stargatenow! February 19, 2018: Stargate Initiative Roll Call!  Stargatenow!

Destiny model – Stargate: Universe.

Thanks to confracto for the pics!

63 thoughts on “February 19, 2018: Stargate Initiative Roll Call! StargateNow!

  1. Theres four facebook pages that I’m apart of that fit this description.

    One is a modding page, turning a star wars game into a stargate game. If you own Empire At War check it out (if u want it, its on steam for $5 or so)

    The next three are more generic scifi pages, rather than specifically stargate (but since i run all 3, and my favourite scifi is stargate, they might be a tad biased)

    Scifi At War – A mod like pegasus chronicles, but it a cross universe battle between stargate, star wars, star trek, battlestar, halo, and a couple others.

    Save Scifi – Supporting Independent Scifi Projects

    Deadliest Fandom – Where we pit fictional characters up against each other to see who would win.

  2. Stargate fans everywhere appreciate what you’re doing Mr Mallozzi, especially if its trying to rally us!

    Please throw your influence around as much as you can aswell!

  3. I’ve been passing along your blog posts to a couple fan-groups on Facebook: Stargate Fan Club and Stargate Fans Unite!

  4. I’ve put the word out on twitter and in Stargate command portal…it was already posted…Nice 🙂

  5. Thank you so much Joseph for this post. You are as I said on Twitter and inspiration to all of us fans. So here is my very long term contribution, my little website forum that caters for everything Stargate, including one of the most successful and longest running Stargate Role plays.

  6. I lurk here and there. Mostly 2 groups and a few pages on Facebook. I also poke around on YouTube for videos.

  7. oh hey, a bunch of my pics from the model shop!
    the only stargate place I lurk these days is here, but in the past was an invaluable resource.

  8. I’m also with the Lost Worlds group, I was with a different group that has since gone defunct. Consider me rallied, I’ve been a huge fan for quite some time. I’ve even decided to start work on a sort of “modernized” SG team member cosplay gear (even if cons keep getting cancelled in Reno, I’m doing it for the spirit).

  9. So excited for any and all new Stargate content. Day 1 subscriber to Stargate Command. Sad to hear about Dark Matter but also hoping that means you can be involved in something Stargate related going forward.

  10. I was just watching an Marvel’s agents of SHEILD special. It was dealing with time travel and I thought the set looked familiar like in Dark Matter, Stargate space ship way. It seemed to have that bending circular look like the X303, or late Gen Hammon kind of way. The show has taken an out of this world feel, but I am hoping for more reality based programing and plots like in Stargate. I may be recovering from a moderate/sever TBI but I still Remember and am willing to support .

  11. I guess since I mentioned newsgroups I should say there might still be some life left in if the fandom picks up again – at the very least there is some historical value to it, you can actually go back to October 1997 and see what people were saying about SG-1 then.!forum/

    Yeah the placement of the hyphen bothers me too 🙂

  12. Omg! I would do things to get my hands on that prototype model of the destiny out of all the starship in science fiction history the destiny has to be most inspired design I have ever seen she has a special place in my heart I really wish she could have been made into a model kit or some type of format to have her on my shelf with all my collections

  13. We have the longtime running fan page in Germany (of which I’ve been a minor contributor for a while) and I am in different Facebook groups, amongst them Stargate Fan Club Deutschland. Of course, I already started spreading the word.

  14. Hi Joe thanks for being the conductor of the band for this push! I’m on Reddit r/Stargate. I am telling everyone to know about this push. Fingers crossed we get the attention of the big wigs!

  15. #Stargaterocks
    Let’s do this Stargate fans all over the world.
    Chevrons locked!!

  16. Have rallied some local Stargate fans to watch the first three episodes, and we all can agree on one thing: Gate looks too small and shabby like really bad CG, the rest wasn’t up to expectations either…
    So we we’re all pretty disappointed, of course I’ll continue to watch, but it’s not the same classic Stargate with humor, action, and GOOD special effects – right now it hurts in the same way as ST Destiny with the talkative and non-combative Klingons, or that anorexic Starfleet officers actually win in hand to hand combat with Klingons – sure you can create a new series and call it whatever you like, but destroying a franchise (a good story arc), just to make a few bucks is sad.
    I fear the same could happen with Stargate Origins, so I’m not sure how wise it is to rally all forces, just for them to be disappointed?
    Would we really want a Stargate TV-Show just for the namesake?

  17. I write regularly about Stargate on my film and TV blog at In particular, I wrote blogs episode-by-episode about Stargate Universe through Season 1 in the past few years. Those posts are compiled here:

    I’m excited about Origins, but more as a stepping stone to a full series. It’s really cool to see this push for more Stargate, and I’ll be doing everything I can to promote it so more can happen beyond Origins.

  18. Since most sites were posted, i will just add i am part of several facebook staragate group, atlest 3 and official ones

  19. Hi !

    I’m a member of two association, Stargate Network and Children of MacGyver.
    The first is a French fan game about the Stargate franchise, and the second is a French/Swiss team who want to build a full size Stargate.

    Stargate Network :
    – Website :
    – Facebook :

    Children of MacGyver :
    – Facebook :


  20. My name is Tony, I’m from The Netherlands been a fan of Stargate from the beginning and really excited about the new series and all the hopefuly upcoming stuff… My main stargate site is definitely and I always keep an eye out for anything stargate related on this blog.

    Also I wanna share some of my enthusiasm for Stargate by posting this photo of a base I’m working on in the game ARK Survival Evolved… Yep.. It’s my SGC! 😀

  21. Thanks PBmom & Ponytail! If they didn’t move out soon, it wouldn’t have been pretty. My mom is an 83 year old firecracker.

    You have everyone fired up Mr. M.! I would love to be a fly on your wall. What kind of deals are being talked about, hmmm?

    I’m listening to the Audible version of Foundation and reading The Elfstones on Kindle. I’m enjoying both.

  22. Back in the day I was a member of a fun forum called Keep the Gate Open. It’s now a secret Facebook group. I’ll share the information with them.

    I’m friends with lots of Aussies as well so I’ll see if I can help there.

    Please let me know what else you need. I tried reaching out to Stargate Now, but I have a feeling it’s just like the last time.

    Hope everyone is well. I’m just recovering from toenail surgery.

    Cheers, Chev

  23. I’m a Stargate fan from the very beginning. I now have 7 stargate related tattoos, 3 of which are the Gates. I know you’ll never bring back Atlantis but I do read the novels and fanfiction and the fan videos are like watching Mini- episodes!

  24. The Stargate and Destiny model you have here are gorgeous. Works of art. Really talented folk we always had on the show.

    Cheers, Chev

  25. Hi i have Stargate website Web have Facebook pages, Twitter, etc…
    My website Is focused to handle made models, PC Stargate creations And much more. We’re one od many czech websites.

  26. France has a lot of dynamic Stargate Fans!

    – there are 2 costumes groups (SG-4F & Stargate Troopers) without forget ALL other freelance cosplayers
    – Props Memorabilia gather several French props collectors that own one of the biggest worldwide collection of screen-used items. PM propose exhibitions during several events in Europe every year, to preserve, protect & share the Stargate cinematographic heritage to all the fans.
    – a recent 2hrs fan-film, BASE GAMMA (

  27. This reminds me of some folks pushing for their favorite, Firefly. Need a group name…Jaffa? No. Airforce? No. Maybe Gaters? Gaters Unite! Hmm. Travelers?

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