Al…most…there!  Bottom of 58 with approximately two more pages to go in the fifth and final act.  I’ll sleep on it tonight, then tackle the final scene, roll right into the tag and, by this time tomorrow, I’ll be done.  Mission 60% Accomplished! Three or four more days of rethinking, revising, rewriting, self-doubt, punch-ups and polishes, and I should have a draft I’ll be comfortable enough to send out for notes.

One of the things I’ll miss most about not being in production on a show will be my very active lunch schedule.  For instance, the other day…

February 2, 2018: Am I There Yet?

It was lunch with Ivon Bartok and Alex Mallari Jr.  Check it out.  FOUR has hair!

February 2, 2018: Am I There Yet?

Then, today, we had lunch with Ivon, Robbie David, and director Bruce McDonald.

I feel that the only way to maintain my active social life will be to hire all of my lunch companions when I get my next show off the ground.

Hey!  Happy Groundhog Day!

Finally, Akemi was over the moon the other after a complete stranger complimented her purple hair.  So, I feel I would be remiss if I didn’t feature it as part of today’s blog entry:

February 2, 2018: Am I There Yet? February 2, 2018: Am I There Yet?

Hey, I hear Prodigy Pictures is finally getting around to delivering those awesome Dark Matter-related items.  If you received something, let me know!

19 thoughts on “February 2, 2018: Am I there yet?

  1. Akemi’s hair is awesome! It may be too shocking for Oz to have hair with that shade of purple. I’ve got light purple strands in my hair and that’s considered outrageous.

  2. Really enjoying these wanderings down Stargate memory lane. Thanks for the trip!

    Have you read Finding Gobi by Dion Leonard?

  3. I saw someone on twitter today post a picture of her package! I’ve no illusions my letter was good enough, so I will share in the excitement of all that did as they (hopefully) post their pictures!

    P.S. Love Akemi’s hair!

  4. Akemi, you make the purple hair look fabulous!
    Close, so close Joe. You need to put it to bed so you have zero distractions on the big game night. Are you going to watch at home? Do you have any special snacks or treats? Surely someone will make you Diablo wings?
    Everybody is looking well. I’ll let you know if any Prodigy swag finds it’s way to my neck of the universe. In the meantime wish you all the best on upcoming options.

  5. Good to see all the old familiar faces. Thanks for the pictures! Akemi’s hair is very pretty.

  6. Love the hair. On both Alex and Akemi.
    Papa hood definitely agrees with Alex.
    And yes, pretty please. DEFINITELY HIRE THEM ALL back to help tell your next story. I’m sure we’d all love to see them on screen again and working their magic behind the scenes. <3

    @Tam Actually, I do have a wonderful original desert recipe to share. Its kinda pricey but super easy to make and well worth it when you have extra special guests, you'd like to impress. Will email it to ya over the weekend. XO

  7. Thanks for the photo of Ivon. He looks well, albeit cold. Alex looks so different with hair. I like! I love Akemi’s hair.

    I’ll keep checking my letter box but I don’t feel like they will send me anything. I sent my letter at the start to you, thanking you. I don’t think it will “move” anyone in the office. 😢 Good luck to all the fans and congratulations to those who received a piece of Dark Matter.

    I’m loving all of the Stargate photos… good times.

    Cheers, Chev

  8. Akemi’s purple hair is fabulous, that shade is lovely.

    When I turned 50, I kept my hair purple for an entire year, a warm grape shade. Sometimes it would fade to pink, or I’d have to use a burgundy off the shelf, but I kept purple hair for years. These days I much prefer my natural silver. Oh yeah.

  9. Reading about your new projects is so tantalising. Is the one you’re talking about here the military sci-fi one you mentioned some time ago?

  10. Gosh, I really don’t know how to write this but I received a package from Prodigy Pics today. It contained a RazaCrew crew tee-shirt, a signed blueray dvd of Season 1 and the Dark Matter fan/Prodigy Pics letter (sorry I don’t know how to download a photo here)
    I can’t express how happy and honoured I feel. I honestly wrote such a crappy letter (after I sent it off, I reread the rough copy, felt so embarrassed by it, I screwed it up and threw it away) so @KathyC and others DON’T give just yet! It’s on it’s way…
    Please forward my thanks to the peeps at Prodigy who had to read & process my letter and to Melissa, Anthony, Alex and Zoie who signed – their hands must be numb from all the signing!
    And, I know I’ve mentioned this before, but thank you Joe for creating and bringing to our screens such amazing characters and stories. However hard it gets for you, please don’t ever forget how much your imagination, your creations, bring so much entertainment, joy and companionship (I think that’s what I mean?) to so many people out here.

    I’m sorry if this is a bit hyper. I’m just so 😁
    Please feel free to edit this to the first paragraph. As I said, I’m not very good at this writing lark.

  11. Akemi – if you are keeping count, add another vote for your great looking hair.
    I like!

  12. I love the deep purple accents! Wish I had been more daring with my hair when I was younger.

    Painting my toenails and having an accent nail is as crazy as I get nowadays.

    Happy to see the familiar faces.

    When I rec’d my Suji pins I at first thought it was a Dark Matter surprise. I was so pleased to see the return address and Suji’s name! Love my pins!

  13. Wow, how did Akemi get that brilliant shade? It looks so awesome! Alex is even more devilishly handsome with hair!

  14. Absolutely love Akemi’s hair. That would never work with my hair (the half-tone top/bottom). I think though I’ve explored all the mixed colors for my hair as a black tone background. I don’t have time to do the base color, bleach the areas for the funky colors, then dry hair, funky color, then more waiting. It was a many hours process and my hair was not liking the bleaching process. I have really strong hair but my hair is much happier with just two colors, one done in foils and the other done outside the foils.

    It is so nice to see everyone. I think it would be fabulous to see anyone from Dark Matter or any Stargate incarnation on any of your future endeavors.

    As far as the swag, that’s good to know that something still might be coming. If I do get something I’ll be sure to post it. I’ll enjoy seeing everyone else’s posts.

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