Reports have begun to filter in of Dark Matter fans finally receiving surprises in the mail c/o Prodigy Pictures!

This was the request that went out last fall…

February 3, 2018: Spreading The Dark Matter Love!

And, after sorting through well over 1 000 letters, the production office commenced deliveries.

So, what’d we get?

February 3, 2018: Spreading The Dark Matter Love!

Cast-signed Blu-rays.

February 3, 2018: Spreading The Dark Matter Love!

Signed Dark Matter crew sweatshirts.

February 3, 2018: Spreading The Dark Matter Love!

Dark Matter props!

February 3, 2018: Spreading The Dark Matter Love!

Dark Matter set dec!  In this case, one of the contraptions featured in Baines’ Workshop (Episode 302, “It Doesn’t Have To Be Like This”).

And there’s certainly more on the way so, if and when you receive something, post it!

Well, as expected, I have a first draft of that pilot script from the new SF series I’ve been developing.  And, yep, as expected, it clocks in at a robust 63 full pages.  And that just won’t do.  Tonight, I take a break.  Then, tomorrow, the revising begins!

14 thoughts on “February 3, 2018: Spreading the Dark Matter love!

  1. The contraption is cool!! Will start watching my mail box next week, but not expecting to have won something. But I am so excited for those that did!!

    Happy revising!! Enjoy your night off!

  2. It’s been great reading the Twitter posts from fans when they’ve received something, such a buzz!

    A first draft – awesome. Make time go faster, please as I want to hear what it’s all about!

  3. I remember when I first started learning screenwriting, it’s roughly about a minute of dialog & action a page. I had a bad experience with X-Files co-opting a story concept of mine that ended up as an episode in 1997 called Small Potatoes. I love the show, but for obvious reasons, that’s my least favorite episode. Even the title was a dig. They changed it around just enough to avoid paying me. That taught me that when writing spec for a show you love, to always write for another show just to show them your skill. At any rate, I hope your final draft will kick ass just like all the great Stargate and Dark Matter stories you created that are now immortalized. In metaphysics, it’s often when we focus on something else, the thing we love can grow from a seed to an Oak Tree. It is my hope, considering that thought, that Dark Matter can sprout again into a Bristlecone Pine (5000 year old tree).

  4. Wow! I would have been happy with any of the first three pictures. I will make certain to check my mailbox every day. Since I am off to Walgreens to check on my prescriptions I will look at picture frames for new arrivals. I have a picture (20×16) of a P-36 that used during the war and preserved by the “Commerative Airforce Museum.”

    Matt Dill

  5. Yo Joey!

    Tam has been trying to post comments and replies here on the blog for two days now and it keeps disappearing. The same thing happened to me last week when I tried to re-share a link Gforce had posted on his twitter about someone bringing out the best in humanity.

    You might want to check your filters at WP to see if they are accidentally being sucked into an alternate dimension by an A.I. with evil intent ?????

  6. No DM goodies here yet. I’m assuming I didn’t get anything, so as not to be disappointed! 🙂

    @Drea: I posted something about bringing out the best in humanity? Must have been a weak moment. 😉

  7. Sorry. I’m sure that made no sense. My brain was too tired to meet my typing fingers halfway on that last comment,

    I meant to say: …..Please check to see if they are accidentally being sucked into an alternate dimension by an A.I. with subconscious evil tendencies ??

    1. Hmmm. Checked the spam folder and they’re not there. Sometimes, comments with links get automatically directed to spam until I can save them, but not in this case.

  8. Oh my. Is it to late to send a letter? It still pains me it’s over before it’s over. Best season and the gone. Television politics over rights. Everyone have so much depth and the team grow to be so much more. I would ask for one one the metal cups in the mess, meeting point, party and comping together.

  9. Cool swag. I know it will brighten the days of anyone receiving them. And that makes me happy knowing the joy it will bring. My letter was not moving, like Chev said she felt like hers was; it was just more of a thank you for the series and all the hard work that went into it. :<3

  10. Thank you to Mr. Mallozzi and the production team. I was delighted to receive a Raza Crew mug and Dark Matter fleece jacket on my doorstep today. I’ll enjoy being reminded of the show with every coffee, and the kids are already fighting over the fleece. Thank you for your labor of love. We all miss the show!

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