January 16, 2018: Dark Matter Recognition!

“Excuse me,”said our waiter in his thick Italian accent.  “May I ask you a question.”

“Sure,”said Anthony.

“You are an actor?”


“You are Boone?!”


“But after three seasons, it is finished already???”

Well, yes.  Long story but, in a nutshell, the decision makers at syfy were never fans of the show.

Still, I never tire of hearing from fans who have discovered the show for the first time.  Syfy may have dismissed us without a second thought, but Dark Matter fandom remains strong.  Thank you!

January 16, 2018: Dark Matter Recognition!

Today, I had lunch with actor Anthony Lemke who drove all the way into town to sit down with me and discuss the gene manipulation, transhumanism, and perils of future tech over schiacciatas, zabaglione lattes, and a double order of baccala.

Boy, he would be perfect for at least three of the projections I’m currently developing.

January 16, 2018: Dark Matter Recognition!

Finally, congratulations to Dark Matter’s Lynda McCormack for her Best Achievement in Makeup nomination (Episode 304, “All The Time In The World”) and  VFX Supervisor Lawren Bancroft-Wilson and his team for their Best Visual Effects nomination (Episode 313, “Nowhere To Go”) at this year’s Canadian Screen Awards.    Good luck!

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  1. I’m impressed she called Anthony Boone, not Three. I think most of us would’ve said Three.

  2. SyFy sucks so bad. I don’t think I have watched anything on that channel in a long time now, especially since the cancellation of Dark Matter. Yes please do include Anthony and any/all of the others in your future projects. They are gold.

    Good luck to Lynda and Lawren!!

  3. Joseph hope you will be including Melissa O’Neil in some (if not all) of your future projects?

  4. Congrats to Lynda and Lawren on their nominations.

    Dark Matter fandom 💕

    Yes, please include Anthony in your future projects. Can you also include Jeff Teravainen alongside him, too? Would love to see a continuation of the Three/Anders rapport!

  5. Hence forth, SyFy shall be known as the Network Who Shall Not be Named. I really hope none of your new projects land there, or I won’t be able to watch. And I’m sure you hope the same.

    Please hire Anthony for all three of the projects. He’s become one of my favorite actors.

  6. That guy *does* look vaguely familiar. Name’s Lemke, you say? Hmmm. 😉

    Big congrats to Lynda and Lawren! Definitely underappreciated by certain US based SCI-FI networks.

  7. Both the audience and the Raza crew are discovering the show’s world for the first time, you become engaged to these characters so quickly and there are so many great surprises as the DM world expands. It’ll keep hooking new viewers and with look we may yet see more DM.
    Had to walk home in a snowstorm that brought the city to a standstill at rush hour last night, but the two upsides are I totally feel I’ve earned the mac n cheese I’m gonna grab for lunch and I slept like a brick after that long icy slog. It would be a great daily workout if it wasn’t for the frostbite.

  8. Hi Anthony! Montreal is on my to-do list. It sounds so beautiful there.

    How’s retirement Ponytail?

    I’m still not sure why they axed DM. It sounds like they went with other shows because they couldn’t say “Syfy Original series” for DM (equals mula). Someone approved DM for three seasons though, even without the Original series label. What changed (or who) on the Syfy board? Do they watch the shows they approve or just go by numbers/stats? Darn, I should have thought of these questions in the Q & A post.

    I’m sorry for Sci-fi shows airing on Syfy currently, because the tide is turning towards internet viewing. The only one I’m missing is Killjoys. They have a great cast. Does anyone know the numbers on Killjoys?

    Good luck on all those projects you’re juggling! The best revenge is success!!!

  9. First time responder. Seems my casual fan status is in jeopardy as I thought SyFy finally found a hit to keep around and I could relax knowing a great show was going to keep me entertained throughout the years.

    I was back on Netflix revisiting the last season when I went looking for an episode guide only to learn this series was cancelled. So hear I am writing my love letter pleading for the gods to hear my logic and passion for why this show matters (no pun intended).

    I can’t tell you how sad and disappointed I am with that decision. It feels so rare to get a good sci-fi show (or novel) that doesn’t rely solely on some intriguing tech, or unique plot device to chug thru a few seasons of bad writing and hamfisted acting.

    When I came across DM, I was immediately captivated by the premise of not just one but an entire cast of amnesiac castaways. But simply following that storyline could get tired fast, and one of the most intriguing features of this extremely well written show was the constant introduction of new character arcs, and man, what great characters. A true rogues gallery of varied individuals and an android that seemed to go beyond what characters like STNG’s Data as futuristic tin-man of OZ, searching to be human were. With plots like an android conspiracy that seems a natural evolution of events rather than just poor plot device by meeting a previous inferior “evil” model clone.

    Did we talk about a multilayered universe, not only was the construct of corporations and empires ruling the galaxy both nuanced and stratified, but it set up both interesting and sometimes timely stories that I thought held up a mirror to the real universe we actually inhabit. One of the best things about this complex setting was that I think it made excellent use of the idea that almost every entity, group and character had very individual and different motivations – as I think is true in real life. Too often we see very one dimensional worlds in fiction where antagonists and evil empires have one sole aim, that always take predictable actions, and are shaded in very monotone hues. Not DM! One day an ally the next an enemy, court intrigue and corporate espionage it runs the gambit!

    With regard to the shows creative writing the final point I would make, wow what amazing use of technology. Too often you feel like ST and SW would never exist in the same universe, good or bad there is just something inherent about the two that preclude their mutual existence. But with DM, space destroyers, clones, blink drives and androids with a conscious seem to mesh effortlessly and with fascinating new twists.

    And tech, wow the whole clone pod travel bit, I mean what a way to give the story relevancy without making it feel like you have to suspend all belief in physics and science for a plot device. Then you get to see it used for great effect with characters potentially having all of their clone memories lost if they are killed off, the level of thought that went into how said technology would have both advantages and limitations for the characters was great. Number 2 is oh by the way like four levels more advanced than the already amazing android – and completely self aware and evolved as a character. FTL that is hampered by a theoretical gravity net, and yet guns with bullets still have a place. Truly a fun mish mash of tech and fantasy that give the show a high level of re-watchability (if that is a word) and great immersion.

    Bonus – important characters die, and it doesn’t make the audience feel ambivalent like so many shows do. I mean how long did Leia really morn after Han died, all of a nano second. Or how many times do you see tons of extras get killed off and, on to business the next day like no big deal in most shows. Human emotions seemed to have some real gravity to the DM characters allowing the audience to be more invested. And what a mind bender, number 3 has his lover live in some kind of VR as an AI in the ships computer. The mix of emotions from repulsion to, sadness and compassion, to acceptance by 3 were great to see. Something I don’t think many shows would have the patience or intelligence to show an audience.

    I certainly appreciate the actors and felt the casting was great, but I don’t want to confuse great writing with great acting. I mean we love William Shatner as Kirk, not because he wasn’t a hammy and sometimes long in the tooth portrayal of a sci fi archetype, but because the story that was written was something we could all relate to and enjoy in spite of his portrayal. I think the cast is of a much better caliber than most drek on TV. Yet writing is what makes this more than just eye candy with actors in tight leather jumpsuits and cheap special effects emoting tired tropes.

    If there is a petition to sign I am there. Please don’t let the dream die! I don’t want this to be like Firefly…dare I say this is better and we deserve more!!

    1. I agree x10. I was shocked when the show came to an end. New scyfy that holds my attention has been few and far between. DM was one of those few. It’s still hard to believe that the powers that be didn’t see the value. I would eat new episodes up!

  10. Hope this message finds you well. I’ll keep it as short as I can!

    I mostly wanted to reach out to you and tell you I only recently discovered Dark Matter on Netflix, and to find that the show was cancelled was actually pretty devastating. I was drawn by the “memory wipe” concept and was curious how that would pan out throughout the seasons, only to find that it was way more engaging than I expected. I really loved the tension between not only the characters, but between themselves and their unique struggles with self-identification. You’ve got this intense battle between morality and reality and I stuck around for the character development for sure. Every twist, every moment of comedic relief, every cliffhanger, and every “WHAT ARE YOU DOING/WHY IS THIS HAPPENING” contributed to my love for the Dark Matter series, and I’m sad to see it go. I’m extremely hopeful that it makes a surprise return sometime soon. I know that each episode ended in an intense cliffhanger, but you WOULD NOT BELIEVEEE how complicated my emotions were when I was aware that I was watching the last episode of season 4 thinking we were coming to an ultimate ending, watching a barrage of alien warships close out as a huge cliffhanger and being hungry for the next episode (as per usual), wondering why it wasn’t on Netflix, and then DOING RESEARCH TO FIND IT WAS CANCELLED. I REALLY HOPE THIS COMES BACK MAN.

    I read in an article that you thought about continuing the series as a comic book. It may already have crossed your mind, but what is the possibility of trying to complete Dark Matter in a YouTube miniseries? Follow up question: can I be in it lol

  11. Congratulations Lynda, Lawren & teams.Good luck.

    I haven’t watched that channel since they cancelled Dark Matter.

    I actually had to deliver the bad news to a friend of mine who enquirers about it. They were also a fan of Shannara Chronicles.

  12. Joseph,

    I’ve been following your blog here since Dark Matter was so suddenly cancelled – yes, I could go on an epic tirade, but it’s all been said.

    I will say this – I have been a space opera junkie since 1977…I actually saw Star Wars in the drive in movie theater. That was it. No going back.

    By the third season of Dark Matter, I literally had the same out of body experience I had in ’77 – I didn’t feel like I was “watching.”

    I was part of the crew of the Raza. Shoulder to shoulder.

    I want to thank you for that, sincerely.

    Oh, and when you talk to Anthony Lemke again, please congratulate him on landing a gig on Blindspot. It was disconcerting to see his face playing another character, but even as we all hope for a Dark Matter movie (at the very least) I’m glad to see the cast is out there working. 🙂

  13. Hi from Italy here. As everybody out there in the world, I discovered Dark Matter only recently, only to find out it had been cancelled.

    Finally there was a show I could experience (not just watch), but sadly the best things never last.

    However, thank you and the cast for giving me at least 3 seasons of real science fiction

  14. Why, this Anthony Lemke guy sure looks like a psycho to me.
    I bet he named the knife in his boot!

    Soooo sad that Dark Matter got cancelled, it was a great show! The only bad thing was its German dubbing, fortunately I was able to watch the english version. Thanks to you and the whole staff for all the fun we had!

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