Alas, four months later, we’re no closer to finding our dream condo.  Or, more to the point, our dream condo that falls within our budget.  Not in Toronto or Montreal.  So far.  But construction on new condos continues apace and, with indications of a softening market, we’re hopeful…and in no hurry.  Also, I have no idea where my next show will take me so what’s the rush?

Great notes meeting today on Project A, the sci-fi series I’m developing with David Ray.  Solid, character-related input on the outline.  David and I will put our heads together in the coming days, come up with a game plan, and then follow up with a call next week.  If all goes well, I should start writing the pilot shortly.  A fairly challenging series this one, with double world building, complex character dynamics, and a constantly subverted status quo.

Conference call this Thursday for Project B, an adaptation of a forthcoming sci-fi novel.  We’ll be discussing my take on the prospective series after which, hopefully, I’ll be moving forward on development.  I have my fingers crossed for this one. It’s a hell of a lot of fun with a unique tech element at its core.  I’ve read one of the author’s other books and think he’s pretty damn brilliant.  Also, doesn’t hurt that he’s a fan of Dark Matter.

Projects C, E, F, and G are in a holding pattern.  I impatiently await word. Meanwhile…

I had a meeting late last week about Project D, that horror novel to small screen adaptation.  Now it’s less a matter of “if” but “when” the deal closes.  WHEN that happens, things will be move quickly.

Since my last update, another possibility, let’s call it Project H, has entered the mix.  Another horror-themed potential series, this one an original, I forwarded my vision for the show’s first season (and subsequent take on subsequent seasons) this morning.  Fingers crossed.

And tonight, I’m having dinner with Executive Producer Vanessa Piazza to discuss a few more potential collaborations: a couple of novels, a comic book, and three original ideas.

Now this is my kind of busy.  Busy, but not too busy.  Finally got around to watching that final episode of Stranger Things season 2, am four episodes in to the latest season of Black Mirror, and almost finished a terrific Icelandic mystery series called Trapped.  The series lead, Olafur Darri Olaffson, is magnificent.


16 thoughts on “January 15, 2017: My kind of busy!

  1. What are you going to do if all those go forward at the same time?? It’ll be crazy, but on the other hand we’ll get a lot of good TV!

  2. You know the alphabet stop at Z ..:P
    Eager to know more about all these.
    ” game plan” meaning videoGame ? for DM?

  3. Have you watched “Travelers” yet? You’ll see some familiar faces in that one.

    I couldn’t get past the first episode of “Black Mirror”. The whole pig thing just turned me off. Once those demands were made, I switched it to something else. Had to clean my brain. Ick.

    1. I hate that pig ep too, I just had this same convo with friends about the need to cherry pick Black Mirror to find ones that resonate with you. Playtest and Hated in the Nation had great scares, San Junipero, Be Right Back and The Entire History of You were twisty tales about love, and White Christmas, Crocodile and Black Museum were old school suspenseful like Twilight Zone and Hitchcock. There’s something for everyone in the shows but I agree that some like the pig ep can be huge turn offs. My current fave is USS Callister, can’t stop watching it for the wonderful performances.

  4. Hi Joe
    Ok, ok, I’ll put the ‘cord cutting’ on hold for a wee while.


  5. Gosh, you’ve got a few things cooking there, Joe! It’s going to be very interesting in the next few months to see which breaks first.

    And don’t worry, I’m certain ‘That condo’ is out there just waiting for everything to slip into place before it shows itself.

  6. Good to hedge your bets with many potential projects! If just Projects A, B, & D do take off, as gforce asked, how will you balance them?
    Planning to clone yourself?

  7. Black Mirror is one of my favorite shows. The others are good, too. Good storytelling is so important to keep an audience/reader engaged. Thank you for sharing. I really enjoy reading your blog.

  8. Just read that a new SyFy series – The Outpost – produced by Dean Devlin and Jonathan Glassner will air internationally before it shows in the U.S.
    Any idea why?

  9. Good luck with all your projects. I was wondering if you had ever read the Gateway series by Fredrick Pohl. I always thought that would be a great premise for a TV Series.

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