3 thoughts on “January 17, 2018: Best Comic Book Covers of the Week!

  1. I do like the style of ‘Strangers in Paradise’ but today I love the brooding ‘Giant’ and the wonderfully flamboyant ‘Punchline’. Wish I could look and feel that good going to work.

    Thanks again, Joe, for sharing these wonderful artworks. Great fun!

  2. Giant makes me think of immigrants, Ellis Island & the promise of a new life. I instantly made this my favorite without seeing the others. Though I have to admit that Strangers in Paradise has me curious as to why the bandannas are around the entire face, and who are the ones who aren’t wearing them, who’s the blonde girl? What’s her story?

    And who doesn’t like anything Batman & Superman? Sons of Superheroes? Friends or Enemies? I’m in!

    Thanks for the artwork and weekly pics! I need to be asking a list of my favorites to check out.

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