November 16, 2017: Suji And Shout-outs!

Ideally, I’d like my next show to be either an anime, comic book, novel adaptation – or one featuring dogs in pajamas.

November 16, 2017: Suji And Shout-outs!

Akemi, meanwhile, has been hard at work designing for her upcoming Suji-themed lapel pin and badge line.

A few shout-outs are in order today:

Marc Bendavid, Dark Matter’s ONE, stars in a new webseries.

How to Buy a Baby is the story of an infertile couple that struggles to conceive with the help of a doctor.  And a nurse.  And a financial planner.  And unsolicited advice from everyone they know.

The six episode miniseries is available to stream online.  Check out Episode 1:

ZNation creator Craig Engler has a new project in the works.  Check out the link for info on how you can support it:

November 16, 2017: Suji And Shout-outs!

The Last Days of Earth

12 thoughts on “November 16, 2017: Suji and shout-outs!

  1. Any chance of a Suji calendar I would buy one who wouldnt want 12 cute pics of awesome to make there year great

  2. Yeah….the 12 sides or faces or moods of Suji
    @Hank Ronson – Great idea for a calendar.

    Similarly – Priceless – Akemisms.

    Related (as calendar) – The Perils of the Raza / Raza Crew
    yeah showing my age re: Perils of Pauline.

  3. Just came back form the movie, “Justice League” with Jason Momoa as Aqua-man. A role only he could do. If I could ask Gal Gadot out for a date I would. I am an infatuated male.

  4. Thanks for the shout outs. Will definitely look into both. (Aww, always nice to see MB – sorry but had to say it!)
    Is it me or do those figures in the Last Days of Earth illustration look kinda familiar?

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