While I may not be as busy as I was while Dark Matter was in production, I find myself surprisingly busy for someone without a show to run.  Most of my days are spent reading comic books and reviewing anime…for work!  In addition, I’ve got a little over a half dozen “things” percolating, from being hired to co-develop and write  the pilot for a new sci-fi project to angling on four different book-to-screen adaptations.  Throw in a couple of very intriguing showrunning opportunities and let’s call it a year.  Decisions, decisions.  Cannot wait to share the details – and head back into production.

No, scratch that.  I can wait a little longer.  Enjoying the first real vacation I’ve had in…oh, about 20 years.

Being suddenly free for lunch and dinners has given me the opportunity to enjoy – well, what else? – more lunches and dinners.  Recently, we hit up our favorite place for tapas, Bar Raval, with our friend Nicole Tsang (who took all of the following snaps).

The happy (albeit slightly suspicious) couple.

Order from the menu, but always check out the bar for the daily additions.

Akemi’s favorite – the torta (which is like an Italian frittata and all sorts of delicious).

From their conserva section: mackerel and scallops.

The morcilla.

Crispy eggplant with honey.


And, for dessert, one of everything – as is the custom!  Well, the custom when you’re dining with yours truly.

If you’re in town, check it out!

Okay, back to the graphic novels!

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The food looks yummy, but I’m more intrigued by the wood decor. Is that teak?

Margaret Clayton

Oh man, such incredible food. Akemi’s choice of the torta looks fantastic.

Right before supper too. I think I am having mac n cheese. Maybe some toast.

Tammy Dixon
Tammy Dixon

The food looks delicious and Akemi looks stunning! Keep having fun! I wish I had a job reading comics.


Asked my boys about anime suggestions. Both are in college and active members of their anime clubs.

My 20 yr old said Cowboy BeBop. His anime club meets Wednesday nights and won’t meet again until after our thanksgiving break.

Still waiting on the 18 yr old. He has club tonight so was going to talk to a few on his buddies there for suggestions. Most of his favorites he’s not sure would be great for live action. They watch anime from 6-10, so won’t hear from him till tomorrow.

baterista9 AKA gildermcc
baterista9 AKA gildermcc

Bar Raval looks like a place where I could practice my Castilian accent in Spanish. (I’ve been mistaken for Colombian or Brazilian in the past.)


I agree with Akemi; the Torta looks delicious!

And it strikes me that Bar Raval has a sort of Hobbit feel to it.


It’s bed time, but I am hungry now; thanks….


Do you have a lot of Spanish restaurants there? I’m trying to convince my Spanish wife that it’s a good idea for us to move to Toronto. This might help!


Thank Nicole, for taking a lovely photo of the both of you.

Desserts……I’m there!

Sergio Gordillo Bellido

Are you in Spain? My country smile and hahaha, is not torta… Is tortilla de patatas! razz


It’s the weekend before Thanksgiving hence our annual girls weekend to Asheville. 12 yrs and counting. No kids. No husbands. No hurry. No worries. And lots of shopping and eating.

I honestly think you & Akrmi would love Asheville NC. First and foremost, it is a very pet friendly dog living community. Almost everywhere you go, someone is walking or carrying a dog. There are dog water bowls out in front of establishments. The buskers have dogs. At our hotel, I’ve already met a precious Cocker Spaniel named Fred.

The food is incredible. Our first we went to Zambras, a local tapas bar. I had the charred Spanish octopus. We shared the cheese plate, springs rolls, arugula salad, and chick peas. The others had sea scallops and flank steak as their entree. Successful all around. Last night we went to a local Jamaican restaurant, 9 Mile. Absolutely hands down one of the best in Asheville. I had the Tuna, my friends had sea scallops and variations on chicken with curry and coconut. The natty bread is a must as well as His Majesty salad dressing. We usually take some home with us. We went to The Chocolate Fetish for a dessert of truffles & other assorted chocolates. Lots of take home boxes.

Knowing the foodie that you are, I know you’d love it here. Tomorrow before we leave we are going to Holes, a local donut shop that makes made to order donuts. It’s on everyone’s list of a must go. We make it a rule to only go to local restaurants while here, no big name chains.

Sending thoughts of stress free days, good food, good reading, good fellowship with friends your way. Give Akemi & the pups a hug.

Brad Apling
Brad Apling

‘Exotic’ food could certainly enter into your next sci-fi project. I could envision a character, runs the bar, who tempts the patrons with unusual or aromatic food on occasion. Come to think of it, wasn’t Wendy trying out new dishes on the crew at times? Hmm…
By the way, are you planning to update your sidebar “What I’m Working On Now…”? Maybe a teaser?


Yaowzer! Sounds like you’re busy in a secretive, bubbling kinda way. However, the holiday bit sounds even better!

Yummy -liscious looking tapas you’ve got there – although not sure about the mackerel and scallops…. The eggplant and honey is not a combination I’ve come across before but sounds very tasty 😋
And desserts …. mmmm


Slightly suspicious couple? Why?… or as you sometimes say “hunh??!”
You’ve been to Bar Raval before.
Did they change the menu and omit the ingredients of the new items introduced? Citing its – chefs ‘secret’ recipies.
Or did your friend tell you she has a surprise for you in a deep sinister voice?
grin grin grin

@pbmom so glad to hear it worked out well with the day hab. Sounds like Patrick will be in excellent hands. xo

@Elminster Warmest hugs and deepest condolences on your loss.
The bird photo tribute to your mother is truly beautiful.




The eggplant with honey looks delicious and I think I’d probably try the torta as I love frittatas. The best thing I like about this post though: You guys look so happy. Makes my own heart smile.