It’s Wednesday and you know that means?!   That’s right.  It’s New Comics Day!

I no longer get down to my local comic shop as often as I’d like but, fortunately, my comixology membership allows me to keep up with all of the latest releases (and back issues!), purchase those that catch my interest, and even lets me preview the first few pages of each new issue.

I’ve always loved comic books but, the truth is, with so many titles out there and the oft maddeningly confusing crossovers and big events, it’s hard to keep track. Sure, I have my regular go-to’s but, sometimes, it’s nice to make a new discovery. Usually, this is a result of my wanting to check out an admired writer or favorite character, or, occasionally, being drawn to an intriguing premise.  Every so often, however, it’s the art – specifically the cover art that piques my interest.  I know, I know.  Never judge a book by its cover.  Certainly, appreciate the artwork, let it lead you into a new book and, once you’ve appreciated the whole package, THEN judge.  But if the cover art catches your eye, why not reward the artist with a purchase?

Here is the first installment of what may (or may not) be a regular blog feature. My Favorite Comic Book Covers of the week:

Star Wars: Darth Vader #8 (cover art by Giuseppe Camuncoli)

I don’t read Star Wars comics.  Hell, I haven’t seen a Star Wars movie since halfway through Return of the Jedi.  But this is one bad-ass cover with our stripped down Vader looking very zen in the face of a fiery planetary object, his dark accoutrements foreground prisoners of gravity.

Aquaman #30 (cover art by Stjepan Sejic)

Squint and slightly blur your perception, and it’s almost like Jason Momoa is staring back at you through the prison-like bars of Arthur Curry’s trident.

The Mighty Thor #701 (cover art by Russel Dautermann)

I like the way this one play with depth and perception, the fuzzy, unfocused background image of the nameless creature walking way; the shockingly crisp image of a shattered Mjolnir lying abandoned on Bifrost.  And, hey, is that blood?!

Deadpool vs. Old Man Logan #2 (cover art by Declan Shalvey)

All the action is left justified, our anti-heroes facing off, blades vs. blades, as their turning structure crumbles and gives way to a prevailing stark white nothingness.

Descender #26 (cover art by Jeff Lemire and Dustin Nguyen)

Along those same lines, there’s this minimalist cover that nevertheless conveys so much.  Have you ever seen a lonelier looking robot?

Maestros #2 (cover art by Steve Stroce)

On the other side of the spectrum is this audaciously detailed masterpiece that mixes magic, tech, and elements of horror.

The Realm #3 (cover art by Nick Filardi, Jeremy Haun, Kelly Jones, Michelle Madsen)

Speaking of horror, even if you don’t partake in the genre, you have to give it up for this eerie illustration that does a terrific job of evoking a sense of mounting dread through color and light.  And, oh yeah, that skull-sporting dude advancing on us.

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I love cover art/artwork, such talent.
A profession I’d thoroughly enjoy to do! lol

Line Noise
Line Noise

Humble Bundle have a couple of comic bundles available at the moment:


I admit I’m a cover kinda girl. Comics, books, albums even movie posters. The more intriguing the cover is, the better to grab my attention and possibly my money.

I’m a huge Star Wars fan of the original trilogy. When George went all special effects crazy and placed effects over the characters themselves, he lost me. Seriously, Jar Jar Binks anyone? The droid army? That being said I loved The Force Awakens and Rogue One. If you’re in need of a SciFi fix, check out Rogue One. It’s a “one off” movie outside of the trilogies falling between Episode III & Episode IV. It sets a different tone.

Nice covers. Aquaman, the robot and old man Logan vs Deadpool are my favorites.


Fantastic cover art!


Oh wow, I truly hope this does become a regular topic in your blog. I must admit to not being “in” the genre of comic books, but I absolutely adore the results of the genus’s that bring them to life. That said…
The artwork on these covers is truly amazing. Such talented people and wonderful imaginations. (Aquaman being my favorite)
Thank you for sharing your passion.


Nice! As someone who has no artistic ability at all, I think these are all amazing.

Donald MacDonald
Donald MacDonald

I hope you do this more often


je ne connais pas le bourbon JEFFERSON’S VERY SMALL BATCH KENTUCKY WHISKEY mais j’ai découvert les bourbons il y a 2 ans. Avant, je regardais ces boissons avec dédain à force de voir les acteurs américains enfiler verres par-dessus verres dans presque tous les films! (Quand un réalisateur ne sait pas quoi faire faire à son personnage dans une scène, il lui fait boire un verre de bourbon!).
J’ai goûté mon premier bourbon c’était le “Booker’s” Uncut unfiltered 6 year old Kentucky, 62,7% alcool vendu dans une boîte en bois. Il n’est disponible qu’une fois par année au Québec. C’EST EXTRAORDINAIRE!!!. Donnez-m’en des nouvelles!

Margaret Clayton

I love these covers, amazing art. I’d easily put some of that on my walls.

Tammy Dixon
Tammy Dixon

I know what they say about judging a book by it’s cover but sometimes.. the cover will make me look twice.

What about that Jack Campbell series “The Lost Fleet” for a show? It has political intrigue/backstabbing, action, strong female characters and a little mystery. He stretched the story for six or more books too.


Those covers are really beautiful.


I’m sure you have heard this one …”you really got a way with words”. Those cover breakdowns would convince even the lightest reader to make a purchase…if only for the artworks…..know I would 🤔🤓😂.