I’ve been a fan of Robert Picardo since back in his days at Star Trek: Voyager’s The Doctor, but I’ve become an even bigger fan of Bob’s over the years as I’ve gotten to know him.  A terrific actor and equally terrific human being, he’s a good friend and someone I always make it a priority to catch up with whenever we happen to be in the same town.  And such was the case last night when we got together at was has become our L.A. go-to, Spago, for pasta, roast chicken, those delicious little tuna cones, and the booziest sticky toffee cake I’ve ever had (with an extra scoop of vanilla ice cream to maintain that 1:1 cake to ice cream ratio).

In contrast, today’s diet consisted of a double chocolate mocha, a matcha latte, and the red velvet mini cupcake I was offered at my last meeting.  Boy, am I looking forward to night’s dinner with Martin Gero and Carl Binder!

Another successful round of meetings today, marred only slightly by a late cancellation which afforded ultimately afforded me the opportunity to take a stroll through Beverly Hills.  Perhaps the most interesting thing about this upscale neighbourhood is the street fashion.  Today, I saw a guy walking around in what were, essentially, pyjamas.  Three nights ago, I honestly couldn’t tell whether the people I passed were dressed for Halloween or just in their every day clothes.

Anyway, great meetings today, a favorite being my sit-down with DC Entertainment’s Dan Evans.  Smart, pleasant and a veritable expert on everything from comic books to the SF, fantasy, horror, and crime thriller genres in general, he’s a guy I’d climb a mountain to work with.

Well, that’s a wrap on L.A.  Tomorrow, I fly back to Akemi and the dogs.  Here’s what I’ve been missing…

21 thoughts on “November 3, 2017: L.A. Day #5!

  1. Keep eating like that and the airline is going to reclassify you as cargo! (I kid, I kid! 🙂 )

    Sounds like a great time. Say hi to Marty G and Carl for us!

    Stuck here in the Vegas airport for now, already waiting for my midnight flight. 🙁

  2. Awww what an amazing face to come home too! LOL

    Hope all the meetings go so well that YOU get to choose the project!

  3. Really in pajamas? When I was in Vietnam years ago that seemed like every day ware for the women. I guess it makes sense because PJs are soft, light weight material and cover the whole body so you don’t catch a chill if the wind blows. So the climate in southern CA would be about the same.

  4. Enjoy those extra carbs with my blessings and jealousy, Joe. I went low-carb two weeks ago, for the foreseeable future. 🙃

  5. Great descriptions of your dinners etc. But how come no pictures? Are they not allowed?

  6. Good for you! Its sounds like what you thought would prove to be a long unpleasant week has actually shaped up to be one of the most productive and enjoyable of all your annual trips to LA.

    Dont forget to bring Akemi home something nice.

    Here’s a good giggle for the foodie in you.
    Larry Richman from my hometown found this on twitter the other day.


  7. Good company and good food, a perfect combination.

    Pajamas are clothes. As long as they’re clean, I try not to judge. Heck my profile picture on FB is me in my bra. I forgot to put my top back on for the group photo. Looks like a swimsuit or tank top. Who cares? This is the one thing I love about aging, I have zero concerns about some social conventions anymore. Let it all hang out, baby!

  8. Robert Picardo was excellent in Voyager: but I think we can all agree his best role was as the Cowboy in the film “Inner Space”?

  9. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed that you find a home for your projects, and fast! There’s a void in the fabric of space and time when you don’t have a show for us to dive into!

    Suji is sooo cute! You’ll be smothered in puppy kisses when you get home!

    Tomorrow is the last day of my vacation in Vancouver-ish. It’s been wonderful, as usual, except last night I hit the hay around 12:00, but was bug eyed until 1:30 so I turned on TV. I gave that up around 2:30, but took a quick peak out the windows before trying to get some sleep, and it was snowing! The last time I saw snow was in the mid-70’s when I lived in Colorado!

    I threw on a jacket and ran outside into the parking lot, just standing there enjoying the silence and beauty of it. Then I took a few pictures of my snow plastered car, and ran back inside before I froze to death. I felt like an idiot, but hey, I haven’t seen the stuff in 40 years!

    Early on Sunday I’ll be starting my long drive back to SoCal, sans the snow, I hope. It’s beautiful, but it’s been 40 years since I’ve had to drive in it too, and I was never very good!

    I’m thrilled that you had such a great time in LA with friends and food! Thinking positive thoughts that you quickly get some good news from all of your meetings! Have a safe flight home.

    1. I felt that way about the sunrises and sunsets at the beach house The Oct 27-29 weekend. I used to take it for granted when I lived on our boat all summer and had a 5-minute walk to the ocean side. I’ve seen the sunsets & sunrises while working with the clients’ pets, but it has been decades since I watched it from an hour before until it actually rose. I remember breathing in the salt air, looking at that beautiful sun, thinking I really need to do this more often. It’s not like I’m a teen any more. Time is chasing me and we just never know how much time we have left. It Is something taken for granted.

  10. Oh man. I love The Doctor. I loved Voyager too. Makes me want to watch all of it again, especially the early stuff with Jesus. The dynamic between those two was great. Very strange in a way. But so intriguing too. Such growth in those characters too. Constantly exciting to me. I think my anxiety might make me have a different take then some. But that show always did something unique for me that I’m not sure any show ever has. And I can honestly say that without The Doctor. I don’t think I would love it as much. So talented. Love your dogs so much too. Thank you.

  11. Drea: Ick!

    Whew! That was a fast trip but it sounded fun and maybe fruitful? Safe travels today!

    I had to turn the A/C on yesterday. Just too humid!

  12. Blindspot didn’t do that bad yesterday. It was steady at a 0.7. MacGyver(CBS) was at a 0.8 with double the viewers. I thought with the lack of Baseball it may rise, it didn’t, it was steady. The highest rated show in that timeslot on broadcast was a 0.8.

  13. Sounds like some really great meetings going on. I hope you get to climb that mountain.

    Suji looks like she is missing dad very much.

  14. I keep seeing pajamas in fashion mags listed as a clothing style, the throwback button up kind those crazy trendsetters Ozzie and Harriet wore.

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