Here’s my problem with Thai food = eatability.  If I got out for any other type of cuisine, I’ll eat until I’m full.  In the case of Thai cuisine, however, I’ll continue eating past full, beyond stuffed, and and a stop or two north of gorged.  Such was the case this afternoon when I got together with actress Torri Higginson (Stargate: Atlantis, This Is Life, Dark Matter) for yet another culinary excursion.  This time, we hit one of her favourites, Jitlada in Silver City, with its menu the size of a local phone book.  “What do you feel like?”Torri asked me as we perused.

“Oh, you go ahead and choose between the the frog, eel, ox-tail or any of the other weirder dishes.”

She did not.  Instead, we had eggplant with holy basil, soft shell crab and vegetables, and a curry crispy pork dish containing pork that may well have been crispy once but, by the time it was served swimming in curry, was anything but.  Oh, and rice.  We followed up lunch with dessert in the form of two Thai ice coffees.

It was near the end of my meal that I received an email from my agent’s office. My 3 pm meeting had been cancelled at the last minute.  Was I upset?  Hell, no!  It was the equivalent to a snow day!  I could just head back to the hotel and continue watching Stranger Things 2!  Which I did.  But first…

Torri took me to a nearby book shop specializing in graphic novels.  There, I agonized over picking up a copy of Spinning, Tillie Walden’s well-reviewed graphic coming-of-age memoir about competitive ice skating.  I’ve heard great things about it and was very tempted but, ultimately, decided against the purchase only because stuffing the book into my carry-on bag would have been the equivalent to forcing those last couple of servings of curry rice into my already jam-to-bursting belly.  Hopefully, I’ll find it when I get back to Toronto.

Another day chock a block with meetings tomorrow and then, Saturday, I big L.A. adieu until time…which is looking like January when Vanessa and I return to pitch Masked to some interested parties!

21 thoughts on “November 2, 2017: L.A. Day #4!

  1. Wow, what a busy week! Sounds great though. Still catching up on all the blog entries after getting back to the rim after 6 days backpacking in the Grand Canyon. Probably my longest trip there at about 100 kms total!

    Will post some pics after I get home!

  2. I’m such a big Torri fan! Have had the pleasure of meeting her in Brisbane. G’luck with the meetings! And agreed, re Thai food.

  3. “….I received an email from my agent’s office. My 3 pm meeting had been cancelled at the last minute. Was I upset? Hell, no!”

    Hell yes! I would of been! You fly in all the way from Canada for this meeting and it gets cancelled?! How rude! They could of set you up with someone else and taped the meeting for the person who was not there.

    But I’m getting more crotchety in my old age! Bad behavior is starting to get to me. I was in Costco today and kept bumping into this one girl pushing her cart while chatting away on her phone. I’d come around a corner and there she’d be, blankly looking up at the ceiling, her cart weaving all over the isle! Those things are hard to steer with one hand. I made up my mind if I ran into her ONE MORE TIME, I really was going to run into her! Lucky for her, I lost her. But as I was later backing out in the parking lot, I look back and here she comes! I decided to just back into her with my car! She saw me coming and stopped, smiled, and waved me to continue backing out and she would wait. Okay, maaybeee she wasn’t so bad after all. Maybe.

  4. Sorry, of the Thai food I have consumed over the years, including my 2 plus years in Thailand, I never had that problem.

  5. All fingers crossed for some productive meetings and don’t forget lunch…no frog or eel for me thank you…safe journey back home..

  6. I love Thai food. Remarkably, we have several good Thai places in our smaller town. Yum. One is more of a take out place even though it has a few tables, but they give samples of the prepared hot food …. outstanding.

  7. Ah, the Thai Food Conundrum. Hi to awesome Tori, glad you guys got to meet up. I hope Tori got to keep her wicked cool coats from DM. I need to make time to rewatch Stranger Things season 2 but there is so much to catch up on; new Dirk Gently, Search Party, Ghosted, plus I have to mull over paying for Youtube Red to watch Ryan Hansen’s show. I don’t want to keep buying subscriptions and yes I know I campaigned long and loud for a la carte TV back in the day.

  8. Living most of my life in Memphis/Mississippi, I haven’t ever tried Thai. There aren’t many Thai places around here. It’s on my to-do list though. I’ve heard it’s spicy.

    Wow, you sound like you’re having a blast! Hope today is fun too! 🙂

    1. Patrick eats Thai noodles they sell in the packaged foods section. Certainly pales in comparison to the real thing, but he seems to love them. They are rice noodles.

  9. Torri isn’t as adventurous as you are in the food department? Paws crossed that Masked finds a home in January.

    Going to watch Stranger Things 2 tomorrow. Can’t wait. On the downside, spoilers are starting to pop up on Twitter. I hate spoilers. Doing my best to avoid them.

  10. something seven or seven something. Not sure what lada means.

    guess that is why they eat “Thai” style so one has to take a small portion served on the plate.

  11. Sounds like a fun day. I’ll keep prayers that Masked captures the heart of someone. Would really like to see that on the screen.

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