“So what do you guys do?”asked our uber driver.

“Joe here is a writer-producer,”said Marc.

“And my friend Mark here is an actor,”I added.  “Do you watch t.v.?

“Yeah,”said the driver.  “I love The Walking Dead.”

“Who’s your favorite character?”I asked.

“Rick.”  And then, after careful consideration: “And Daryl.”

“Yeah, Daryl,”I agreed.  “What about Game of Thrones?”

“Yeah,”he said, drawing it out, yeaaaaaaaaah, in a way that seemed to indicate it was an begrudging affirmative.  And then he added: “But there’s another show I watch.  It’s called Dark Matter…”

At which point Marc totally lost it, wondering aloud whether I’d set the whole thing up.  Our bewildered driver glanced back, wondering what the hell was up.

“Joe created Dark Matter,”Marc explained.

“And Marc here played the character of ONE.”

“Seriously?!”  He could hardly believe it.  “I’m about to start season 3.”

“Well I don’t know if you’d heard, but syfy  cancelled us,”I informed him.

“What?  Why?”

“Why else?  They’re evil.”

Upon pulling up to our destination, we hopped out, took some group selfies, and then headed off to dinner.

November 1, 2017: L.a. Day #3!
Marc and Miguel

It was a surreal start to a wonderful evening (as evenings in the company of the princely Marc Bendavid tend to be).  I was treated to an incredible Italian meal – appetizers, pastas, and double dessert.

November 1, 2017: L.a. Day #3!
Hansamu, as the Japanese say.

November 1, 2017: L.a. Day #3!

A greatly appreciated cap to a very busy day that saw me do for meetings AND run into actor Ronny Cox (Stargate: SG-1, Robocop, Deliverance, and many many more) at a local diner.  Ronny is keeping as busy as ever – acting, performing his music, even writing.  He mentioned RoboDoc, a fan-funded documentary celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Verhoeven classic.  Watch for it!

Tomorrow – more meetings.  And dinner with the awesome Robert Picardo.

26 thoughts on “November 1, 2017: L.A. Day #3!

  1. This story is proof that your show has touched millions in every walk of life. There is a show there in getting the “real”reason behind the cancellation.
    Still super sad about it and still holding out hope.

  2. Serious question Joe: how are you not 500 pounds?! Lol.
    Don’t get me wrong, I dig that you hang out with the DM cast (and friends from your other shows) and it’s very cool to get to know them – and you – better but I could never eat all the awesome food you do and not just turn into a planet!

    P.S. just now heard about Jodelle’s “Darkness” and I’m really excited and happy for her. I loved the pics of you guys hanging out the other day.

    Cheers from Houston.

  3. This is such a great blog to wake up to every day! Thanks Joe 😁
    Bril’ to see Marc again!!
    Your visit to LA keeps getting better and better, doesn’t it?

  4. I’m pleased to hear that you ran into Ronny. He’s a sweetheart.

  5. You have no idea at the sense of loss I felt when I was hit with the harshly abrupt “ending” of Dark Matter. I had completely become entranced with the show (very unexpectedly due to my personality archetype, I might add). I had stayed away from checking online for potential spoilers, etc. Therefore… I had zero idea that not only was season 3 the last season ever, that it also was going to leave us viewers completely hanging with so many stories and secrets left untold and Ryo/Four did promise to reveal more secrets at his final gifts to his crew… and, essentially, his fans as well.

    If I may ask you, what is the official policy on providing closure to fans? Is there any way to release the intended story lines for seasons 4 and 5, or are those mandated to remain hush hush in some remote chance that SyFy would reconsider renewing it at later date? Is there any kind of petitioning or begging and pleading that can be done from the viewer’s end to show SyFy that cancelling it was absolutely the wrong choice… ?

    I would actually be willing to volunteer my personal/professional services in any way possible to set up a webpage or to maybe even get the actors involved in sci-fi type conventions, keep their Dark Matter connection with their fans going & to maybe get us fans a little more closure.

    I hope my comment on your blog doesn’t comes across as crazy for me to be so heartfelt, but if you knew anything about me, you would know I do not get emotionally attached to very many shows, and so yes, I do feel like I am missing the ending of the story of the Crew of the Raza.

    I really would love some answers!

    1. Karma, trust me, you are not the only one with the sense of loss. Dark Matter got you totally invested in the characters and juicy upcoming stories. But then one day…abruptly…it all got thrown in the trash can. Just as it was getting REALLY good. It could have easily gone beyond 5 seasons the way they were ramping it up. So, yeah, we are right there with you.

  6. Later in life, when you write your memoirs, maybe you’ll tell us what idiot decided to kill off One. The #ONE character. The (arguably) best looking guy on Dark Matter. I’m surprise they didn’t decide to kill off Two too.

  7. Goes to show how much anonymity one can have even with so much contribution. That Uber driver is going to talk about his lucky life for decades. Also, I find it sad how few fans even know of the demise of Dark Matter. You look at the Twitter, that’s just an iceberg tip of very engaged individuals. The campaigns didn’t reach the disconnected masses, but there are so many more about to feel gutted when they learn about the cliffhanger of hell.
    Glad you’ve got the friends and constitution to keep pushing through no matter what the industry throws at you. Sounds like LA is going well, for that I’m very happy.

  8. That’s too cool.

    “Well I don’t know if you’d heard, but syfy cancelled us,”I informed him.

    “What? Why?”

    “Why else? They’re evil.” True story.

  9. @boltbait, that pic is awesome! Is that a Wrath of Khan era costume? Very cool, I’m a huge Doctor fan. Okay, I have Future’s End on repeat lately.

    Cheers to Miguel, how lucky he is to meet the lovely Marc? That punim! But as cool as that pic is, it’s still not as heart melting as Marc’s pics with Madmoiselle Lulu.

    1. My daughter hand made her costume for the Star Trek Con we went to in Las Vegas. She is a huge fan of Spock–in fact she got a picture with him and later his autograph. Anyway, the costume is Spock’s wife from the movie.

      1. Spock is my hands down favorite, I love Zachary Quinto’s portrayal but original Leonard Nimoy is my absolute favorite, you guys are so lucky to have met him! My sis took a pic with James Doohan and she said he was so sweet and kind.

  10. @ponytail, without One’s untimely demise we wouldn’t have devilishly dashing and dangerous evil Jace Corso, but yeah I wish we could have more Uno.

    1. Marc Bendavid in any form or fashion would be great. Unfortunately Jace Corso is dead too.

      1. There are always other universes in the multiverse yet unexplored. I always was holding out hope. Or even in flashbacks.

  11. “I’d buy that for a dollar”!

    Looks like your visit is a rip roaring success so far! Time spent with food & friends can’t go wrong. Hope Mr. Picardo is well! Sad he wasn’t able to guest star on DM. Maybe he can be in your next endeavor.

  12. Marc is definitely hansamu. Great story for the lucky Uber driver to tell his friends and family. I saw Lorne Greene in our Air Canada queue in LAX about a hundred years ago. He was chatting with another fan so I didn’t want to interrupt. It was long before his days as Adama on Battlestar Galactica.

    Oh look. I’m a day behind in blog posts and I think I already commented on FB. Well, I’ll leave this here anyway and go see what else you got up to in LA.

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