I’ve been amazed by the obvious love Dark Matter fandom has demonstrated for the show, through the time and effort everyone spent online – tweeting, rallying, generating artwork that has positively wowed everyone from cast members to crew.  I’ve featured a lot of that artwork here on the blog over these past few weeks.  Today, I’d like to do so once again, this time featuring the complete Dark Matter collection created by artist @bannister01.  I absolutely love his work…

Insanely talented.  The individual character designs are beautiful and should be part of the official Dark Matter merchandise line (if such a thing existed).

You can follow Bannister on twitter.

Check out his Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/Exodus-BD-511396228898246/

The animated series he and his wife are working on: http://www.glenatbd.com/bd/tib-tatoum-tome-2-9782723494915.htm

And some of his other work here: http://banncars.tumblr.com

And, of course, a link to his Dark Matter fan art: https://bannraza.tumblr.com

Nicolas, merci mon ami!

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Very cool! Love it!

I finally finished my letter today. Yay!


Yay to completing your letter @KathyC! It’s not easy is it? Good luck 😊


@Bannister – THANKS for the great artwork. Captures the Raza Crew and friends very well. Cool.

Danine Dolphin
Danine Dolphin

He is fabulous. Thanks for all the links to help support him, I’ve made sure to follow all. Truly if ever merchandising occurred, I’d buy his work.


I’ve been collecting these brilliant pieces from @Bannister’s twitter page since our Dark Matter twitter storms. He’s so talented and is such a generous and modest person too!

Doug Murray

We need a Dark Matter movie to complete the story arc.


Bannister’s work is fantastic, and I was really impressed with a lot of the fan art during the campaign. Amazing talent everywhere.

On my way this morning down to do my Grand Canyon hike (which starts Saturday). Looking forward to it, though this is the same itinerary as I tried a few years ago and wound up getting violently ill the first night. Here’s to a better time this time!


Fantastic artwork #TeamRaza

Mart Aeonian

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Gotta love Dark Matter, and the depth of talent that it inspires!


Joe, thanks for posting! Now my collection is complete. I agree, these would be great additions to the merchandising franchise of DM, if one did exist. I’m envisioning a mug and T-shirt series, collectible trading cards with bubble gum, little action figures…

So much talent in the DM fandom. It constantly amazes me how artistic everyone is.

Margaret Clayton

Wow, fantastic art from a talented artist. Nice.

@KathyC … my letter languishes. I can’t hit the right notes of enthusiasm, sincerity, and appreciation. Ah well, I am probably overthinking it.

Tammy Dixon
Tammy Dixon

You’ve posted his art before and I’m still impressed. At first, I thought it was official Dark Matter ads. Maybe you can find a place for him in a new show?

Yes, maggiemayday my letter didn’t hit all the notes either. I probably should have taken more time but I’m a big procrastinator. If I didn’t get it in, it would have fallen to the wayside.

Jayenkai [JNK] (@Jayenkai)

Awesome artwork. Get those TShirts Printing!!


His work is absolutely fantastic. And the DM character images are so simple, yet so striking and precise. Really genius work.

Mike A.
Mike A.

Damn. I checked out his other stuff, too. Truly beautiful work. I’m a graphic artist by trade and his work makes me feel like I’m making the kind of drawings that parents put up on their fridge, by comparison. I’ve always said that you true talent when you see it. He’s definitely got it.

-Mike A.


I love these! I’d totally love 1-6+Android framed.


The artwork has been remarkable. So many talented people in the Dark Matter fandom.