Monet had Water Lilies, Picasso had his Blue Period, and my girlfriend Akemi has Coffee Cap series, a collection of photos of our dog Suji sporting varied coffee caps as hats.

The series to date…

October 24, 2017: Akemi’s Coffee Cap Series! October 24, 2017: Akemi’s Coffee Cap Series! October 24, 2017: Akemi’s Coffee Cap Series! October 24, 2017: Akemi’s Coffee Cap Series! October 24, 2017: Akemi’s Coffee Cap Series!

The biggest challenge has been in sourcing coffee caps in assorted colors.  The other day, we stopped for coffee not because Akemi wanted a coffee but because she spotted a positively standout lime green cap.  Today, we flagged down a complete stranger and asked her where she picked up her coffee (with a distinct red cap) only to be informed she purchased it a good one hour walk from us.  She kindly recommended a nearby shop with excellent coffee but, alas, their caps are black and we’ve already done black.

Our search continues!

15 thoughts on “October 24, 2017: Akemi’s Coffee Cap Series!

  1. Hey Joe, I hear they’re doing a reboot of Magnum P.I. You should tell Anthony Lemke agent to get him an audition, He would be a great Magnum.

    Then you, Akemi and the adorable pugs could visit him in Hawaii.

  2. Adorable! I think this series would be a great collection. I am Warhaling the images in my mind as well. Silk-screening them on merchandise. Selling them for charitable benefit. Maybe Pug rescue, or maybe just getting care for older doggies. In the end you could sell them to raise money for a trip to Japan for Akemi…

  3. Aw, Suji does love the lens doesn’t she? She has so many varied expressions in her repertoire.

    Going back to Suji’s separation anxiety, I remembered there’s Bach’s Rescue Remedy which sometimes works on canines (- check with vet re medications first tho!). It’s never worked for me but I did have a feral cat who was happy going to the vets on it. Plus it’s a human herbal remedy so may work on anxious parents, which may help too!

  4. That’s pretty awesome that you’re catering to Suji’s coffee lid habit. She does look adorable. 🙂

  5. How cute!! If i see any fun colored caps, I’ll send them with my letter. If I ever finish it, that is. Sigh.

  6. I would have given you my red cap! Enjoying the “cap series”. Here’s to good hunting!

  7. That really is too stinkin cute! Unless the rules dictate that Akemi get the lids from an actual coffee shop, maybe try Amazon for assorted colors. On the downside, you’ll be stuck with 1,000 lids you’ll never use, but everyone makes sacrifices for their art.

  8. Adorable as always. Amazed she held still with her head cocked sideways long enough for you to snap the yellow cap pic.

  9. Suji’s expressions are priceless, she is wearing the heck out of those lids, style it girl.

  10. I love dog pictures, but Suji is really photogenic. I agree the camera lens loves her. So do we. I love the coffee cap series. If I see any cool colors down here I’ll mail some to you.

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