October 23, 2017: Van Gogh Latte Art! High Maintenance Pooches! And Congrats To The World Series Eventual Winners!

If you’re ever in downtown Toronto and have a hankering for some Van Gogh-inspired latte art, I’d recommend paying Brian a visit at Calli-Love.  Pictured above, his cream and color rendition of Starry Night.  Apparently, he not only dabbles in the Impressionists, but also takes requests – skylines, customer portraits, perhaps a cantankerous pug or laid-back frenchie?

October 23, 2017: Van Gogh Latte Art! High Maintenance Pooches! And Congrats To The World Series Eventual Winners!

Instagram here: BaristaBrian

October 23, 2017: Van Gogh Latte Art! High Maintenance Pooches! And Congrats To The World Series Eventual Winners!

October 23, 2017: Van Gogh Latte Art! High Maintenance Pooches! And Congrats To The World Series Eventual Winners!

Welp, these two old timers really complicate the travel plans.  Now, it’s not a simple matter of having someone watch the dogs while we’re away as our lovable pooches are now equally lovable but high maintenance seniors.  In addition to mobility issues, they have continence issues and, in Suji’s case, a heaping helping of separation anxiety as well.  Akemi has been wanting to get away to New York for a couple of days (to say nothing of Japan), but it’s looking easier said than done. In a couple of weeks, we’re going to try a little test run and leave our dynamic duo with a dog sitter – just for the day – to see how they do.  Or, more to the point, how the sitter does.  Meanwhile…

My L.A. trip is only a week away.  I’ll be flying solo.  Akemi will stay home and be a good dog mom – and miss out on Trader Joe’s, her favorite place in the world next to…  Well, there is no next to.  That’s it.  Trader Joe’s.

Anyway, while I don’t look forward to being away from Akemi and the dogs, I DO look forward to catching up with some friends (Mr. Bendavid, Mr. Picardo, Ms. Higginson, Mr. Gero, and Mr. Binder to name but a few) and doing a hell of a lot of reading on my down time.  Also, I believe my trip will coincide with the Astros beating the Dodgers to win their first World Series championship.  Very exciting. Congratulations to them on their (presumably) hard-fought victory!

16 thoughts on “October 23, 2017: Van Gogh Latte Art! High Maintenance Pooches! And congrats to the world series eventual winners!

  1. Good caretaking of your Seniors. I’m sorry Akemi is missing Trader Joe’s. I too miss a store now that I live far from it. The best grocery store ever: Wegmans. It will never come to the Southwest though so I have to order stuff and ship it when I get too desperate for the flavors only they seem to stock.
    Enjoy L.A. well, at least the meetups.
    I hope you find a great caregiver for your doggies so you and Akemi can go to Japan.
    I got my Dark Matter comic finally and read it cover to cover. I much prefer the 5 and Android we got in the show. It was faithfully reproduced but the spark in Jodele is undeniable. She won’t be so young forever and I can’t accept anyone else doing the 5 character for S4&5. What a conundrum. Zoie is just spunky and her timing beats are great, I don’t feel as warm with the male Android. I know they were changes, but they were expertly improved, in my opinion.
    I hope the avalanche of letters let’s you know how loved the show is. People are still discovering it and discovering the cancellation Part of me wants to warn them, but I’m afraid they will miss out if I do.
    Have a safe trip.

  2. I’ll have to check out Brian’s work the next time I’m in town.

    Poor Lulu and Suji. Getting old rather sucks. I hope their test sitting goes well.

  3. Been down town couple times. Hi to Mr Geri and all. At Tim Horton’s getting coffee.
    M. Dill

  4. My in-laws are starting to find themselves in the same position with their dog. They have a cruise booked with us for next May that they may have to cancel, as finding someone to watch the dog is hard.

    If you do find your way to New York, I’m only a 45 minute train ride away!

  5. The Astros deserve a big WIN!!

    Safe travels! Hope the pups do well with the single day separation.

  6. Travel safely. Hopefully she can give you a list of things to bring back from Trader Joe’s! I’m going to miss a lot of stuff when I get to Israel.. but then, I’ll be finding a lot of new faves.

    Bless the seniors. Hoping that the sitter works out. How could anyone not love those sweet faces.

  7. Not surprised Suji has separation issues. She’s finally found her dream home and family. She doesn’t want to lose it, not for one minute!
    However, good luck with the dog sitting trial run.

    Beautiful coffee art! Does it taste as good as it looks?

  8. I’m in the same boat, being a pet parent. Our last vacation was 2010, and we had a trusted friend sit for Brandi. However when we returned home, she and the house were loaded with fleas. I didn’t blame the friend, but let’s just say that Brandi never had fleas before, or after, and the friend never dog sat again.

    Our new furbaby Luna is not fond of strangers (or loud noises, squirrels, car horns, people knocking on doors on the TV, etc), so we will not have anyone sit for her. She’s a “little” more high maintenance than Brandi. So, no vacations for us for the next 7 years or so. But she’s so worth it.

    Funny, I’d never thought of Lulu as an old timer. But I guess she’s what? 8 or 9 now? Time flies.

  9. The natural artistic talent and creativity in this world never ceases to amaze me.

    Hope things work out with the sitter so you and Akemi take a little getaway trip.

    Hugs and much love always to you and the girls. xo

  10. Love the latte! I’m checking out the new Van Gogh movie tonight with a friend. Hope that everything goes well with the sitter. Have a safe trip and have fun!

  11. Very impressive Latte art Brian!

    That’s the only downside of vacation for me, leaving my furbaby. Dr Jo was my pet sitter when Harry was younger. Now, I’m considering hiring this new pet sitter in our area for Lucy. I’m nervous about it. You hear horror stories. I wish PBmom lived closer and I could embrace travel again without worry.

    Good luck with the new sitter, Mr. M. and good luck with the L. A. trip! Thanks for the scripts yesterday too!

  12. I say find that pet friendly boutique hotel in NYC and try driving? The train is my favorite, the views of New England are spectacular, and depending on the line the food can be wonderful comfort food with apple pie a la mode or it can be a picked over café car with a surly cashier who yells that they’re out of the fruit and cheese when you walk in. The only thing to worry about is the occasional mysterious murder mystery: https://www.amtrak.com/pets
    They allow pets if the trip is under 7 hours; you could make it to New England for awesome food.

  13. And we did!!!!!! We won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sorry to hear about the issues with traveling and the dogs. I hope the pet sitter worked out okay.

    I love Trader Joe’s too. I have one 8 miles from me. Their pumpkin butter is to die for.

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