Well, that was fun.  And hugely successful.  Again and as always, thanks to YOU ALL.  We trended and held in the U.S., hit #1 in Canada, and once again lit up twitter with our #LightTheRaza hashtag.  Joining our ranks and making their voices heard were, once again, friends and supporters from the realms of television, music, books, and comic books.  Thanks as always to our Dark Matter allies like Ming-Na Wen, Lexa Doig, Michael Shanks, Amanda Tapping, Martin Gero, Phil Plait, Cherie Priest, Sass Jordan, Jann Arden, Gail Simone, John Scalzi, Nick Cutter, Robert Picardo, Mark Dacascos, Ed the Sock, Scott Lynch, Jonathon Hickman, Kris Holden-Reid, Paul Amos, Paul Sun-Hyung Lee, Jean Yoon, Adam Korson, Ellen Wong, Kate Drummond, Corin Nemec, Jason M. Hough, Melanie Liburd, Mike Dopud, Torri Higginson, Mishka Thebaud, Ayisha Issa, Ennis Esmer, Matthew Rosenberg, Cas Anvar, Tamsen McDonough, Ryan Robbins, Natalie Brown, Kaare Andrews, Jessica Sipos and many more!

September 16, 2017: Dark Matter Fandom Lights Up The Raza – And Twitter!

In order to maximize our reach in the U.S., we had to schedule our FTL Friday tweet storms at times that proved…inconvenient for many of our international fans. We apologize for that but, again, this was really a result of a need to LOUDLY target a potential new U.S. home for the show (since we already have nice comfy homes overseas and in Canada).  Still, many international fans stayed up into the wee hours to tweet along with us.

Today, in appreciation for THEIR commitment to the campaign, we’ll be doing another FTL Drive more accommodating to them. We kick off at 4 pm EDT/1 pm PDT which is 9 pm UK/10 pm France.

Please follow @DarkMatterFTL for all the latest, including the reveal of the secret hashtag just before the tweet storm launch!

I’m holding onto about a dozen blooper segments.  Once we start trending, I’ll post the first.  And then, depending on the number of retweets I get for the first set of bloopers, I’ll retreat the next batch, and so on.

The reddit AMA was a rousing success.  A little over 1350 comments in the thread…and counting.  Check out the Q&A here:

Dark Matter AMA from DarkMatter

In the coming days, I’m going to wade through the unanswered questions and attempt to field as many as I can!

Hey, tonight I’m a guest on AfroNerd Radio’s The Grindhouse at 6 pm EDT/ 3 pm PDT.  If you’re free, call in and let’s chat.

Yesterday, Melissa O’Neil, Anthony Lemke, and I were guest on Ed the Sock’s new podcast.

And before that, I visited The Barbershop podcast.

The Dark Matter fan campaign has been getting a lot of fantastic coverage, including this great article:

Art Imitates Life: Dark Matter Fans, Cast & Crew Battle the Corporations

I offered the following when asked about my unusually passionate focus on finding a new home for the show:

“Dark Matter is my baby and it’s frustrating to think I won’t be able to finish telling my story. The cast and crew have become like family to me and, as I wrote in my blog, I have to do right by them.”

And I have to do right by all of you, from the members of the Dark Matter Council to everyone who has taken to the internet to do battle for Dark Matter.  Thank you.

23 thoughts on “September 16, 2017: Dark Matter fandom lights up The Raza – and twitter!

  1. Good stuff and thanks for the bloopers! I love this cast as much off camera as on! I’m glad to see good numbers again last night. I managed to get myself jailed in under 30 minutes and I heard reports of others getting hit quickly, too. It means we were rocking hard! Thanks to everyone else and here’s to hoping we help Joseph work his magic!

  2. OMG! 13.5 hours in and Canada is still trending with #LightTheRaza!!

    And who knew? when our @Gforce & @Ponytail decided to retire from their jobs – it’d be so they could devote themselves to a life of crime!
    Hope your time in twitter’s version of Hyperion 8 wasn’t too bad eh?! 😀

    Joining their ranks of jailed outlaws was our lovable @TamDixon along with a few others. Albeit, fortunately her son was able to soldier on with their well lit torch.

    Dont forget another tweet storm is coming up @DarkMatterFTL today at 4 pm et.

    There will be prizes for this one – so join the fun!
    They will reveal the secret hashtag shortly before.

    1. Well darn. Had parental duties today so basically missed the Saturday Tweet Storm. I retweeted about 50 times anyway…late. It was easy to figure out today’s hashtag #RaiseTheRaza.

      Any more night storms on the horizon? I hope so. They are lots of fun.

    2. Prizes for both (combined events). We’ll use a random name generator app that people who do Twitter contests use. Everyone has a chance versus just rewarding top tweeters. But it is also like a raffle — if you buy more tickets you have a better ratio of odds — but the person who buys 1 ticket can certainly win. We’ll check that name that gets generated against their Twitter feed to be sure they tweeted during the Friday event or the Saturday event (not necessarily both).

      We’re still discussing prizes. We need to take a day off though. We’ll get back at this issue on Monday.

      We felt like breaking the 100.1K tweets in an hour on Friday was worthy of something special and then asking people to please come back on Saturday and try doing it all over again was worthy too.

      We can’t promise we’ll be able to offer prizes every event but we’ll chat about it.

      This is nothing related to Joe. It was probably news to him last night, too. 🙂 This is the account’s initiative.

      1. I missed some of the twitter today. Sorry, we got caught up working on this shower and time slipped away. We finished the shower and have ordered the door. Woot! I posted pictures on twitter. I’m not sure a link will work but here goes: https://twitter.com/jertam/status/909213344216895489

        Anyhoo, PBMom the only prize I would like is another season of DM!

      2. @PBMom – Yes, like Tam said, the only prize I want is good news on Dark Matter. That would be a huge win win!

  3. Whether it be US or EU time doesn’t matter to me. I’ll be there.
    What’s a few hours without sleep, if we get our beloved family back on screen.
    Fridays tweetstorm showed #LightTheRaza trending for more than 6,5 hours for me.

  4. Thank you Joe. I’ll be joining our international fans in today’s events. I know you’ve been scrambling and working to save your baby. You’ve made it our baby too and to the extent we’re able as fans you’ve given us as many tools as you can. Thank you!
    If positive psychic energy could affect things then this would already be done.

  5. You’re already doing right by us, and I couldn’t begin to express my appreciation for what must be an exhausting and frustrating behind the scenes amount of work. If the show gets picked up somewhere else, then that’s a bonus. Both you, and we will have done everything possible.

    Still, I’m keeping an optimistic view and am going on the assumption a deal will come together this coming week. As Cap. Picard once said, “We may yet prevail. A conceit perhaps, but it’s a healthy one.” Resistance? Not futile.

  6. Great success! I hope it gets noticed by the right channel, and quickly. I love all the work people are putting in and all help we are getting from industry friends. Keep hope alive. 🙂

  7. Good luck with the next twitter event, keep raising that bar.

    They teased the Alicization arc in the Sword Art Online movie release, it’s the next major arc and the longest to date. Still no official announcement confirming, like with Dark Matter. I’ll take both this year please.

  8. Sorry Joe: @Gforce and I both had twitter difficulties today. I asked around.
    Seems the last time anyone bothered to make a screen grab for #LightTherRaza tag was at the 13 & 1/2 hour mark.
    Albeit I saw it still trending in the Canada tag list as we aproached 3 pm et.
    Ever just the same, 13.5 hours is some kind of world record for consecutive tag trending on twitter, eh?! and A DAMN PHENOMENAL achievement to take with you to negotiation meetings!

    Have Fun at the Next interview tonight XO


  9. @Joe

    In that 13.5 hour Canada trend screen grab thread I posted for you here on the blog i noticed there was a fella @kizzafreak who mentioned seeing #Lighttheraza tag trending well past the 13.5 hr mark too.
    I’ve since sent him a private message asking him to send ya whatever later screen grab he could get.

    Also I just checked the twitter ‘search’ at 7:30 pm et.
    Many folks are still using the #LightTheRaza hashtag.


    #RaisetheRaza would have done much better in U.S had it been advertised a day or two in advance.
    “I” didn’t even know about the second tweet storm until a couple hours before.

  10. Thanks for the bloopers, Joe! Lots of fun watching the actors crack themselves up. lol I managed to RT a few times. Darn work spoils all the fun.

    Can we do it again? Huh? Can we?

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