September 15, 2017: Reddit Ama!  Tweetstorm!  Dark Matter Fandom Storms The Castle!

Dark Matter fans unite!  And prepare to shake the internet!

First, join us on reddit at 7 pm EDT/4 pm PDT for an AMA (Ask Me Anything) with the cast and yours truly!

PSA: Joseph Mallozzi and several cast members will do an AMA in /r/DarkMatter this Friday! Get your questions ready! from DarkMatter

Then prepare to tweet the lights out at 9 pm EDT/6 pm PDT with the Dark Matter cast, crew, and fellow fans.  And – who knows? – maybe even a surprise tweeter or two!  Follow @DarkMatterFTL for the latest…and the secret #hashtag!

As I said in yesterday’s blog, the moment we start trending, I’ll start posting bloopers.  And, for every 15 minutes we continue to trend, I’ll post another.  And another.  And another!  How’s that for incentive?  Here’s a taste of what’s to come…

A few campaign links from our many supporters:


22 thoughts on “September 15, 2017: Reddit AMA! Tweetstorm! Dark Matter fandom storms the castle!

  1. Still hoping for the story in book form, both paperback and ebook…or comic book…if it can’t be brought back to TV somehow. I finished Farscape by reading those Boom comic books.

  2. Alrght guys, This is it. Tonight’s the night.

    It’s been a long difficult two weeks for so many of us
    but we can do this.
    We are family.
    Stronger Together.

    Get ready to storm the castle for all of us, everywhere,
    who found a true home and family aboard the Raza.

    This is from Jorinde @Nutcase_

    with love.

  3. I wish that 80% of those who watched S03 Finale would come to Tweet & send Tweets to several Networks.. <3 If not mistaken number was 800 000 + 🙂 Someone wrote that 1.3million, but not sure. Would be lovely if so. I feel bad for not spreading the word about Dark Matter more until this happened. I did ofc, but not enough. Best Sci-Fi entertainment since ages.. <3

    Gonna Buy all seasons on Blu Ray box once series ended. Hopefully 4th & 5th season comes & both have 10-13 episodes 🙂 Want to have happy ending for this battle that lasted 12 days "i started then" so can start focusing to all things 110% 🙂 Even don't know who three interested parties are i'll keep tweeting to: @AMC, @Hbo & @Starz. Also to Cbs.

    Couple times also to Netflix, but not much cause campaign had it targeted by so many. May the Good new Home be found soon & to have 10-13 episodes per season for 2x seasons 🙂 SYFY have made it’s self a Reputation that you should not start watching any show from them cause if the show gets good it’s a sign that it gets Canceled.

    Of course not good if happens to good ones like Dark Matter.. People not watching cause of SyFy's Reputation i mean.. 🙂 I bet lots of people have canceled their cable contract to that channel cause of these Mind Boggling Cancelations they do.. So they lose viewers for every show thanks to that & they cant get bigger numbers when they only Axe Good ones.. Then Leave Wrestling & many non Sci-Fi series to a channel called: SyFy .. :/

    Wish good weekend to Fans & whole Dark Matter Crew o/

  4. If you’ve ever felt marginalized as a scifi fan, here’s your chance to make a difference in the war to win a better scifi TV landscape!

    1. Yes, I saw you disappear once too. I’m finally in jail myself now! Yeah baby!! Break time!

  5. I don’t understand why DarkMatterFTL told still today 2 weeks later for people to focus on Tagging Netflix during Twitter Storm. Hashtag is #LightTheRaza. I know many who have been Tagging several Networks for couple weeks now & i’ve been told by many that good for bringing that up. Ofc i don’t know much about negotiations with them & if is harder than with Netflix, but for sure there must be other Home’s than Streaming Platform Netflix only.

    Good that 3 parties are interested & many hope that it doesn’t mean only parties connected to Netflix. It’s just so not fun that on these days Quality Sci-Fi is ignored by too many and they want Mind Numbing Sharknados, Wrestling & Reality Tv. Ah i must not let Frustration come out now when worked 13 days hard for this.

    We will find good new home for Quality Sci-Fi Dark Matter & get 10-13 eps. per seasons. 4th & 5th season for sure *Raises Blaster & portable energy Field ready*

  6. I did it! I did it! I did it! I landed in Twitter jail !! Whoa!!!! My dog(and me) can go pee pee now! 😆

  7. I made it for 2 hrs and 41 minutes. Put in twitter jail at 11:41p.m. Now I can stretch my legs and plan a riot! Go Raza Crew! #LightTheRaza

  8. 4 hours total of trending! We definitely blew up Twitter and Lit up the Raza for all!

    XO Way To Go Dark Matter Family!! XO

    Special thanks @AmandaTapping @Badastronomer @casanvar @GailSimone @IvonBartok @AmandaTapping @Scalzi @martingero @MichaelShanks @LexaDoig & so many many more for helping us #LightTheRaza for @Dark_MatterTv!

    And Extra Special Thanks to our always beautiful Hilda @PBMom for staying up so late to lead the troops for USA!

    Joe’s twitter following has finally surpassed Suji’s number of instagram fans!

    Congrats Handsome! You’re a bona fide twitter celeb now!

  9. Hi Joe
    #LightTheRaza is still trending in Canada (but you know that). That’s 12 hours!


  10. Congrats on the successful night of twitter rallying. I think everyone did a great job by the looks of things. Now I just hope that translates to a pickup.

  11. Regardless of the outcome, this has been great. So nice to read all the comments and share everyone’s enthusiasm for DM. A big thanks to everyone that has stepped up so far–especially to those people who have taken the time to create and share such great DM artwork. I know we all share the same feeling that it is nice to be able to actually give something back to the show–however small a few tweets and e-mails are. Fingers continue to be crossed!!!

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