The Dark Matter movement is growing stronger!

First, here’s the data from our first tweet storm back on Friday, September 8th – #RockTheRaza

September 17, 2017: Dark Matter Update!

September 17, 2017: Dark Matter Update!

Now here’s the data from our last big tweet storm on Friday, September 15th – #LightTheRaza

September 17, 2017: Dark Matter Update!

September 17, 2017: Dark Matter Update!

The fact that we continue to build momentum is nothing short of amazing.  I have forwarded these fan metrics to the, uh, relevant parties.  Speaking of which…

Well, it all comes down to this week.  Specifically, in all likelihood, it will all come down to tomorrow.

Late Friday, we heard back from one of the three potential new partners we’ve been in discussions with regarding a fourth season pick-up for Dark Matter.  Even though it was a no, we took it in stride because this one was the longest of the long shots.  The show, admittedly, wasn’t the best fit for them, but the executive who championed us was a Dark Matter fan and gave it a go nonetheless – and for that, I am extremely grateful.

And, I am grateful to every one of you – from the members of Dark Matter Council who organized and ran this amazing campaign to all of you who took the time to tweet your hearts out.  It’s all come down to this…

So, it looks like tomorrow is THE day.

Or it really needs to be with time about to run out on our second stage holding the Marauder, the Ishida cruiser, and our swing sets.  Tick, tick, tick…

87 thoughts on “September 17, 2017: Dark Matter Update!

  1. Season finale Live+ 7 for the Syfy friday show finales.

    Dark Matter – 1.34 million viewers(Canceled)
    Killjoys – 1.07 million viewers(Renewed for two seasons)
    Wynonna Earp – 843k viewers(Renewed)

    Whatever happens, at least you went out as the most watched Friday show on Friday Joe. No-one can ever take that away from you.

  2. Great numbers, real interesting and good to see, it is a almost even split between male and female fans, again shows the show reaches all audiences,thank you

  3. Waiting with bated breath! Trigger fingers, arms, toes, legs and eyes crossed. Good luck and god speed.

  4. With you to the end of the line Joe.

    If there’s anything else we can do you know we’re here, ready.

  5. Dear Joe,
    May the force be with you. And the Galactic Authority.
    Whatever the outcome, you have put up a great fight, and it has been a blast to be part of it.

  6. I am continuing positive thoughts for Dark Matter. If ever there was a show deserving another season (or two) it is this one. Our fandom passion proves time and again that we ALL LOVE DARK MATTER !

    On another note, I start a new job tomorrow. Believe me, I will be checking here and Facebook for news of our show.

    1. I’m also starting a new job tomorrow! High five! Good luck!!

      I’m going to be nervously checking everything all day when no one is looking.

      1. And I was thinking before the ‘hour’ we’d get 500,000. Boy, I was wrong 🙂
        #LightThe Raza


  7. Thanks as always for keeping us posted, Joe!! Keeping fingers crossed that you receive some GOOD news tomorrow!

  8. The Question someone should be asking of SyFy is… how many other programs do they currently have that they imagine could engender this sort of response to cancellation?

    My guess is they’ll have no answer but perhaps it will give them pause

    1. SyFy isn’t a channel that’s dedicated to Science Fiction, I see little evidence of that. To be honest they really shit me. I still don’t understand that when you have a well-written show, a fan favorite, good numbers – that you would pick up lesser shows or renew lesser shows that aren’t even close. What is that?
      My fingers are crossed. And toes.

      1. It is because Dark Matter is not a SyFy original and it outperforming the other shows that are SyFy originals. Success leads to failure when executives care more about appearances than their audience.

    2. Very, very good question. I can think of no other show on SyFy – and precious few on other channels – that have viewers this invested in the characters and story.

      That’s the difference SyFy. Learn it.
      We are invested in this show. Why aren’t you?

  9. Best of luck to you Joe. This show is incredible and your cast and crew are nothing but amazing. I wish only the best for all of you.

  10. Every network is looking for their own “Game of Thrones(GoT)” (its been reported Jeff Bezos of Amazon wants the next GoT!), a show with a committed fanbase! SyFy had theirs with Dark Matter(DM), but didn’t understand what they had & decided not to continue!

    Lets compare shows with DM: As Joseph Mallozzi mentioned, DM is a show about family, relationships forming a family. We also see that with GoT, with Orphan Black, with The 100; all great shows with a large and dedicated following! All of these shows have stories that have been mapped out: a beginning, middle and end; so like all good stories it knows where they are going and elements from different seasons hint of things to come.

    Lets focus on some parallels with GoT, the biggest success in recent times and what many networks want for themselves!

    They both have very seasoned actors and very capable new discoveries! GoT has Emilia Clarke & Kit Harington, DM has Melissa O’Neil & Alex Mallari Jr; each making their characters multi-dimensional & more than what was written on the scripts in a short period of time!

    Daenerys is the Mother of Dragons, Two is the Commander of the Raza: both controlling weapons of change in their universes! They both come from slavery & oppression, so they seek to right those wrongs by being “the Breaker of Chains”

    Jon Snow & Four both didn’t know their pasts in royal families and command their followers to different degrees of success. Much blood spilled with their swords!

    Arya & Five: both underestimated “Little Girls” who are very resourceful! We see their progress of “acquiring certain set of skills” as the seasons progress! Just this year, we see Five’s sparring with Solara and Arya’s sparring with Brienne, surprising their opponents with their new abilities!

    Both GoT & DM has created a rich environment of different lands with different peoples. GoT have Family Houses, DM has the competing Corporations: all with drifting alliances & betrayals! Entire groups can be wiped out in epic battles!

    So, GoT is estimated at spending $10 million per episode, imagine what DM can accomplish with half that amount! Or a fraction of it! The stories, characters, actors, crew, stunts & effects has already established a foundation just like GoT; all that is needed is the proper funding to carry on the story and expose it to more viewers. Networks should be tripping over each other to acquire DM, doing bidding wars to acquire their own “GoT” where the established fans will certainly follow!

    Good Luck, Joe! Thank you for giving us all that you have already!

  11. Fingers crossed. Is there anything more we can do? I can come and picket the studio if you would like! !

  12. To All of you Networks That will Bring season 4 and 5 Of Dark Matter .You See all the Datas and Fans/Cast/Crew/ support from all SyFy Actors and from many Different sphere of “Show business” and WebCommunicators .Reviewers That still Don’t understand Why!! You May have Probably watched the show to see for yourself Why People love soo much That show .Why This WeB Rage and Drama .Why people from All over the World Spend Hours for a cause ..Yep For A Canadian Syfy Show ..A Well Done One A Well Writen, a Good Syfy like we like That deserve it’s place among the Great Ones to be remember as ” Ha Yeah That Serie Was Good ”
    What else to Say…Everything Has been said ..Now .. it’s up to you!
    Sometime an opportunity doesn’t pass twice TAKE it ! You Won’t regret ..Doubts?? ReRead this Post 😉
    Thanks to You !

  13. You’ve got this in the bag, Joe!
    The show is wonderful, the ratings are great and consistent, the fanbase is now hardcore, dedicated [and appear from Twitter experience to be 50:50 on gender and an even split across Gens Y, X and Boomer]. Netflix would have to be nuts to pass on picking up the last 2 seasons.
    Best of luck.

  14. Ok, I see, under Sentiment a Neg and Pos… I guessing the Positive is like,

    “Man, I sure dig that show Dark Matter!”

    And the Negative is like,

    “Man, I sure hate that they canceled that show Dark Matter!”

  15. Oh, great… How am I supposed to get work done tomorrow when all I’ll be doing is sending out good thoughts towards Dark Matter?? Good luck, Joe!

  16. Best of luck tomorrow, we know it’s a long shot but hope this will go down as one of the times the fans get the ending they deserve.

  17. Hoping for the best for you, the cast and the crew. No one deserves this more than all of you.

  18. Fantasic analysis Duke. Much I would agree with. I wish not to place my chances on Luck. I am hoping all this will be profitable for everyone involved this some exception.

  19. May the force be with us all!

    XO ~Love You Dark Matter Family~ XO

    Team Raza Rules!

  20. I have always thought that the longevity of a show is based on statistics, numbers, ratings, and our numbers are amazing, that today is a lucky day.and I wish you the best of luck to continue these deserved seasons with that great imagination , that great cast and this great trail of fans.

  21. Joe,
    I hope you manage to get some proper rest. You’ve been working so hard these last 2 weeks and have inspired so many DM fans to do the same. You’ve earned a lifelong fan in me–I will follow any future projects of yours, as well as check out Stargate!

  22. Thank YOU for trying so hard! I love Dark Matter and I LOVE the “family feel” it has. I’ve been missing those kind of show. I wish you and us fan, the best of luck. Thanks to everyone who got involved! Tomorrow is the day…
    I hope one day i get to know about what would have happened in those other seasons. 🙂 Have a great day!

  23. Best of luck . I am certainly hoping for a pick up for season four and five.

  24. My stomach is now all knotted up. I can’t imagine what yours is feeling like. I feel badly that we didn’t muster this kind of support up while it was still airing, while the network was still making a decision. Not sure if it would have mattered or not, but its a lesson learned about taking something for granted.

    But I choose to put out good energy. Give us until this upcoming Friday and we’ll shatter last week’s record. Thank you and the cast and crew and all your friends for coming to help us on Friday. It made a difference in the numbers I am certain.

    And now I pray. This show is different from Longmire in that Longmire was filmed a lot on location. So the fans keeping the momentum up for 23 (or was that 27 weeks) that they trended every week they said was part of the reason why they picked it up. That is hard to do with a science fiction show because the sets are built.

    Okay, that is all I can say right now without getting choked up. I will pray for the best possible news. Try to get some sleep tonight if you can.

  25. Positive energy to you and all of Dark Matter. This is a quality show, and we want to see the entire story.

  26. Mr. Mallozzi, we fans are 1,000% behind the campaign to bring back Dark Matter and totally support your outstanding series!!!

    Dark Matter MUST see more seasons……. your story WILL BE THE TOLD!!!

    THANK YOU for creating such a stellar series!!

  27. Well, I am normally a pessimistic person. But for some reason I feel like there might be a chance. I’m nervous.

  28. Good vibes being sent your way and to the universe! 3 more seasons for Dark Matter to be a go! Wish flying to the stars! Great energy in the air!. There is nothing more you could do! You have one of the most excellent scifi shows and someone is bound to recognize that !

  29. The thoughts of an entire galaxy and all of the people within are pulling for a happy miracle.

  30. Joe, Gotta say no matter what happens this week,
    we are true champions one and all.
    I am so incredibly proud of this loving, loyal,
    ever growing, Dark Matter family
    who battled long and hard, giving it all they got n then some,
    all through Friday night and well into Saturday day,
    in their efforts to secure the raza a new home.

    And not just Joe,
    I think we all owe everyone on the Dark Counsel
    an amazing debt
    for organizing and hosting the castle storming events
    just when we all needed something really fun
    to take our minds off all the stress, the most..
    It was truly a blast!!!

  31. Hoping for a go. It is a disgrace the show even had to be fought for… it should have been renewed easily.

    1. Indeed it is & 110% Agree that it should’ve. One reason it didn’t was that Half Blind leaders at SyFy “Not much SyFy after DM left” didn’t get enough $ from DM into their Pockets. Greedy Fools 😛 Should say to SyFy leaders: As Mr.T says: I Pity You Fool x) Didn’t get huge pile of $ what they want Because wasn’t SyFy Original.

      Maybe also cause of it they didn’t give same Budget for best Sci-Fi on SyFy “while it aired” what they gave to others on their Channel :/ Dark Matter <3 Was rough, but Totally worth it & Fun almost 3 weeks.. 🙂 Now to wait "can't say IF" for happy news that we get 4th & 5th season with both having 10-13 eps. <3

  32. I’m confident you’ll get some positive news. Best of luck and may the force be with you 😌👍🏼

  33. IF Dark Matter isn’t picked up for a 4th season, what about a kickstarter/GoFundMe to at least make a movie to provide a proper closure?

  34. Nervous knots in the mid section will likely be prevalent today while we await your sharing of what transpired.
    and we wait….sigh

  35. What more can be said? The fans have rallied, gnashed their teeth, developed tweeters thumb and wait with bated breath. My thoughts and prayers will be with you today. D-day. I’m hopeful that our efforts have made an impact. Whatever the outcome, you have a fandom that will follow you anywhere.

    Good luck to those starting a new job today. Have fun!

    A big thank you to the Dark Matter council for organizing the twitter storm.

  36. They ditched Dark Matter but kept Wynonna Earp? Really? So having more viewers, better quality acting, better storyline, more likeable characters and a fanbase who love you guys just doesn’t cut it but a series of badly acted poor storylines gets renewed? WTF?

  37. I will praying for favor and seasons 4 & 5. Where man stops, God starts.

    1. so basically you wont do anything. lol “God” didnt cancel the show, people did…

    2. Guess you been watching “The Preacher” on Amc. It’s based on Comics & DM would have good home there.

      Next to “Into the Badlands” which has cool Swordsplay like Zairon Emperor does 🙂 No Magical Deity to help now. Hmm maybe Force would assist 😛

  38. I just hope we can pull this off, and bring back this great show from the ashes 😁

  39. Fingers crossed Joe. You’ve given it every possible chance. All the best for your meetings.

    Cheers, Chev

    P.S. I got the casual library job I went for the other week. Training starts next week. After 18 months off it will be interesting hehe.

  40. Win, lose or draw – you’ve done a man’s job, sir. Your loyal fans won’t forget the herculean effort you’ve made to save our favorite show. Thank you again.

  41. Work out how to “monetize” a fraction of the tweet interest for sponsors JM, networks may fight to renew!

    Fingers crossed

  42. I can see the writing on the wall and I think this wont be renewed which just PI/SSES ME OFF quite supremely. Why? Because this is really good show in so many aspects and there is no reason for these short-term-quarterly-gains dou/ches of execs to not be picking it up and instead renewing objectively crappy sh/t shows like Zoo, The Walking Dead and Keeping up with the Kuntrashians season 15 or something. I am disappointed to see a damn good show be just bludgeoned like that and tossed out the nearest airlock – mid story, mid arc, for no apparent reason but the bu/llsh!/t excuses of short sighted execs. It pains me rewatching seasons 1 and 2 on netflix to know that at the end of the day so many of the stories and plot lines that were introduced to us will remain forever unresolved.

    I did everything I could, post, blog, host, tweet. I got my butt banned from Twitter for 3 days and had to actually contact their customer support in order to release my account. I wasnt just in Twitter jail, i was in their dungeon. They were convinced I am not real, even as i wrote them emails.

    But alas to no avail. I dont mean to be a Debbie Downer but I know how these bastards work and recognizing a great show and not sending it to cancellation hell aint one of them. Im gonna need a few months to get over it, though i will forever be sad everytime i watch it to see it ended up in poof,…nowhere. I still cant believe it…

  43. I am not social media savy enough to know where to go to have my voice heard about saving Dark Matter, so, please pass this on- Save Dark Matter! Thank You.

  44. I will not be watching SyFy any more. they have eliminated my interest of their network. dropping DARK MATTER is definitely a big mistake.

  45. Whoever helped to renew Timeless after it were cancelled, add them to the Christmas card list!
    Apart from being a bigly first, seriously it’ll be cool if mouse-clicks have really helped to bring back a show.

  46. Darkmatter l can’t wait for the next season of awesome scfi adventures, a series that is truly spectacular and crew of the RAZA. May the unique show continue regards viewers of Australia.

  47. The fans are out there tweeting, petitioning, writing letters. Have you guys (you and the Raza crew) considered marching into whatever executive office that made the cancellation decision and making your case? I think it would work! Go up there, armed with statistics and courage. Walk in and say, “Look, we’re a family unit here. We’re the Raza. Let’s do this. If you promise to back us, we promise to give you the best 2+ seasons going forward.” They’ll be like, whoa, this is new. These Raza guys are serious. All of them showed up. They really do love the show. And their fans love the show. Maybe we should reconsider? And save the bridge for goodness sake! If people are talking about dismantling it, contact some ultra-fan who has a farm or some large property up there in Canada. Store it there and when the series comes back you can get it out and set it back up. OMG please save this series! Don’t give up on it!

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