August 25, 2017: Tonight, It’s The Dark Matter Season 3 Finale!  At 9/8c On Syfy And Space Channel!

It all comes down this!

For now.

I’ll be live-tweeting along with cast members and many of you tonight.  Let’s get noisy and remind SYFY why Dark Matter fans deserve a fourth season!

August 25, 2017: Tonight, It’s The Dark Matter Season 3 Finale!  At 9/8c On Syfy And Space Channel!

Matt Carter makes the case for Why a Dark Matter season 4 renewal should happen on SYFY

“You can sense the joy that Joseph Mallozzi and the writers put into just about every episode that they do. This matters to people who look to the show as a form of escape from our world, and to capture some sort of wonder or sense of adventure. Syfy isn’t going to be able to replicate that, even if there are some other great shows out there on television and others in the pipeline.”

Dark Matter finale: Which of Future FIVE’s predictions will come true?  The cast explains

“It’s rare for a series dishes out its own spoilers, even rarer for the cast to be as in the dark as their fans. For the Raza crew, that’s just the nature of the game, and it’s one they enjoy playing. Luckily for all involved, patience wins out.”

Dark Matter’s Anthony Lemke on Three’s Loyalty and Keeping Boone in the Past

“We’ve had a pretty surprising and supportive fanbase from the very beginning. I think that’s partially because of those who came with their own fanbases. Joe [Mallozzi] from his Stargate years, Zoie [Palmer] from Lost Girl, Jodelle [Ferland] from her entire career, and Roger [Cross] brought in his pretty solid fanbase as well. We’ve been lucky that way.”

Ellen Wong on That Betrayal and Admiring TWO’s “Baddasery”

” I have joked about that with Joe also. Going into Episode 312 we were texting about it, and I said, “I want to see Misaki in a white, flowy dress, chilling by the beach, sipping on drinks.” She needs to relax and enjoy life, and put Ryo aside for a second. She maybe has a lover who is really understanding; there’s no killer in her, she’s just so chill, and after awhile she’ll probably get bored and put her drinks aside and say goodbye to her lover, break his heart or something, put on her gear and become that warrior again and do what’s right.”

August 25, 2017: Tonight, It’s The Dark Matter Season 3 Finale!  At 9/8c On Syfy And Space Channel!

19 thoughts on “August 25, 2017: Tonight, it’s the Dark Matter season 3 finale! At 9/8C on SYFY and Space Channel!

  1. I’ll be watching, if Hurricane Harvey doesn’t disrupt power /cable tonight. Don’t expect it to, but if you don’t hear from me or from the Houstonites (Becky & Hilda) tonight, blame Harvey.

  2. Wishing everyone good luck tonight with tweeting, viewing (sniff, last episode! 😭) and ol’ Harvey too – keep safe on the last one!
    Hopefully, very soon, we’ll be getting some really, really good/brilliant news 😁

  3. I absolutely love Dark Matter and I want to see it renewed!!!!!! I want to see Ann the characters story lines and how the Raza crew play out!! #RenewDarkMatter

  4. I’m all ready for tonight! Wait, I should have gotten snacks, I suppose, but it’s tough to watch, eat, AND tweet during the show. I need an extra arm or two.

    Regardless, I’ll survive. But, will all of the crew of the Raza??

  5. Well done, Joe. Excellent Season 3 finale! Space channel re-airs DM at 1am, I’m planning to watch this again (Yes, DM is that good, I watch it twice).

  6. OMG Joe! Did that really happen? That’s gonna take a few minutes to digest….


  7. Season 3 flew by! Got to have a Season 4 and 5. Pleeeeease SyFy!! Is Ryo back in the fold? I hope so. I’d also like to see Wexler become a full time member of the Team in Season 4. A grumpy, unwilling, sneaky member. Does he ever choke on that toothpick?

  8. I still can’t quite believe what I saw tonight on Dark Matter season 3 finale. One thing is very clear, we MUST HAVE SEASON 4 AND 5!!!

  9. That was *some* episode/season finale.
    I have so much to say about it all…both good and bad.

    We need more….we need season four.
    …and five.

    Thank you VERY MUCH to everyone involved with the
    production of the show.
    It’s been a great ride so far…and we all hope that it continues.

  10. Wow, I have to give credit where credit is due, Joe. It took 39 episodes, but finally we got a pretty epic fleet battle. Now I know what you were saving the vfx budget for. Great way to end the season! 🙂

  11. Well done season finale and quite a cliff hanger (you guys really know how to do them, even from episode to episode). I hold my fingers crossed that Dark Matter gets renewed – great writing, great cast, great acting = great SF fun!

    The episode I most enjoyed this season was “All the Time in the World” as a brilliant Dark Matter version of the “Groundhog Day” theme.

  12. Great work, everybody involved. Hoping to see another season or more for sure. Sci-fi production a bit lacking in content & quality, in general, in my opinion, so hope you keep them coming. Thought Defiance had more to offer. Dominion not bad.

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