14 thoughts on “August 26, 2017: The Dark Matter season finale in gifs!

  1. These GIFs just make me want to watch that incredible finale all over again. And the design of the Black Ships is perfect; they’re beautifully alien! Any way we could see some more views of them? Maybe some early design sketches or CGI? Maybe one day?

  2. The Black Ships! The way Jodelle delivers that line is just a perfect combination of dread and recognition.

    @Thogar: I rewatched it again this morning and it was just as good if not better the second time!

    Spent a part of the day today at the Fundy Fan Fest, which is our little city’s first go at a fan convention. Turns out it was quite well attended (IMO) and well organized. Anthony Lemke did a few panels there and a photo op, where I got to have a bit of a chat with him. Heh, they had to interrupt us to actually take the picture. 🙂 Great guy! I’m not sure if I’m really short (I am) or he’s really tall, but I told them afterward I should have had a box to stand on! 🙂


    1. Photo bucket’s not letting me view it either, Kathy.
      @gforce Maybe you can post the pic on twitter then post the link to it here?

  3. Rewatching the finale….so much I missed or did not get right.
    The battle is something to behold.

  4. Ugh @gforce Photobucket is terrible now that they’ve changed their policy. Is there another way you can post the picture?

  5. @gforce and Kathy — Photobucket crashed and burned about a month ago, when they started trying to charge everyone $400/year to link images uploaded to their site. I have to actually remove my account, because it’s now completely worthless. They’re going to lose a lot of people because of this. Unfortunate they’re treating their 10+ year old customers this way, but what can you do… companies…

  6. Joe, Thanks again so much for all your hard work on this truly amazing, fun season! 🙂 Cant wait to see what lies ahead in season 4! XO

    By the way: Mucho loved all the season 3 sets and your costume designer Noreen Landry has once again out done herself with that absolutely gorgeous jacket on TWO in the season finale! <3
    Albeit, seems you never did tell us what you and Prodigy gifted the cast & crew this year for all their amazing work? or did you? and I missed it??

  7. How come all the characters are pronouncing “Corp” (short for corporation, as in Ferrous Corp) as if it were “Core” or “Corps”? Is this intended to suggest an evolution of the language in the future?

  8. Hope the power’s that be do to this awesome show what they did to Star Gate Universe…..DO NOT CANCELL!!!!!! WE THE FAN’S WANT A SEASON #4,5,6,

  9. Awesome final!!!
    Would be a shame if that was the last we saw from the crew of the Raza.

    Thanks for the nice picture.

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