The cable +7 numbers are in and, once again, fans powered Dark Matter to huge time-delayed viewership gains.

Last week’s numbers showed Dark Matter tying for the #1 spot in the key demo (adults 18-34) with a whopping 200% increase.

This week’s results for Episode 311, “The Dwarf Star Conspiracy”, has the show once again leading the pack in the #1 spot with an even more impressive 300% increase.

August 24, 2017: Fans Power Dark Matter To Huge Viewership Gains!

But wait!  There’s more!

Last week, we clocked the #12th best percentage gain in overall viewers, more than doubling our audience with 107% more households watching the show within seven days of its initial airing.

This week’s results have us topping those numbers.  We’re tied in the #6 spot with a 7-day increase of 123%.

August 24, 2017: Fans Power Dark Matter To Huge Viewership Gains!

We are finishing the season STRONG and, once again, it’s thanks to all of you.

I wonder if there is some way to reward the fans?  Some way to let them know that their unflagging support for Dark Matter and SYFY has not gone unnoticed.

How could The Powers That Be demonstrate their appreciation to them for making Dark Matter one of the SYFY’s most watched shows of 2017?


39 thoughts on “August 24, 2017: Fans power Dark Matter to HUGE viewership gains!

  1. give us a fourth season, hell give us a fifth season too while your at it!

  2. Yeah, I have one. #RENEWDARKMATTER!! 🙂

    Really, the decision *must* have been made at some level by now, and if so it’s just frustrating corporate bureaucracy slowing things down while it filters through various layers. If the numbers and fan support mean anything, the whole thing should be a no-brainer.

  3. Gee I don’t know maybe announce that the show will be returning next season. Crazy thought I know but…. Tomorrow before 9:00PM would be fantastic. Cause I know without a renewal announcement tomorrow’s episode will be bittersweet

  4. “Sugestion?” This is hard to find may print a really awesome poster of the Raza and the cast and sent it to your fans for a ridiculous price…

  5. Joe, why not get SyFy to sponsor a contest like Get in the Gate? Have a fan make a cameo on an episode and a nice tour of the studio, dinner with Joe and their favorite DM actor (by the numbers) and 2nd place could be a framed drawing from the show signed by you, Rob and all of the actors?

    1. We could certainly discuss it if we get that fourth season pickup, but that kind of contest would have to be coordinated through Prodigy Pictures and SYFY.

      1. What about a dinner with you and the cast? That would actually be an inexpensive contest… Airfare, two nights in a hotel and $50/day for meals per person? Probably could be done for under $2,000 for two people anywhere from the US or Canada.

      2. Thinking it through, logistically a contest that would make sense is an opportunity to win an invitation to the premier party for the next season? I added my idea for something that rewards all fans separately.

  6. Thanks Drea for the kind words!

    I’ll go along with the others and say a great reward would be S4! Oh and you could write One back in… 😉

    Have a great evening!

  7. Could it be that SYFY has a flair for the dramatic and is going to announce the renewal during the airing of the season final? We drummed up business for them on Twitter and this will be the grand payoff? pleasepleaseplease

  8. I agree with the S4 & S5 renewal and raise you an increase in season episodes to 15. Not trying to be greedy here. Just a few more episodes to tell your story to completion.

    Who’s gonna be live tweeting with us tomorrow night??

  9. Yay! I’m so happy to hear/read that! I feel a lot more hopeful for a S4 renewal! I personally would love to see more behind the scenes content, photos of cast during filming (soooo great), sketches/story boarding, more fan art, interviews with costume director, filming crew, and could we have longer episodes of After Dark? I know that’s a lot to ask, but hey if we get S4 it would be great promo for new viewers too!!!

  10. The biggest thing for me honestly is my ability to show my affection for the show at home by owning a piece of it like my collection of Star Wars this and that collectibles and Star Trek this and that collectibles I got a little bit of everything but nothing dark matter so long story short merchandise merchandise merchandise let us show our pride by owning dark matter merchandise and it’s a win-win the show makes money we get to own a piece of the show so too speak.

  11. Here is another idea that all fans could take part in… A scheduled video chat with you and cast. Where fans can ask questions (fielded by a moderator)

  12. Glad to learn that Dark Matter is doing so well. Reward? How about having the cast attend Toronto’s 2018 comic con and have free photo ops with signatures?

  13. I have watched your shows from the beginning, From SG-1 to Dark Matter, Loved them all, good work.

    Only two things I want 🙂 More shows! and a basic understanding of how Stargate Universe was supposed to end. I’ll sign an NDA, anything to know how it was supposed to go, Pretty Please!

    1. Last question first – Only Brad Wright can provide the answer to this one as he is the show’s creator and he was the one with the plan.

      More shows? Well, September may bring some hopeful news.

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