We’re now four days away from one of my favorite episodes of Dark Matter, episode 304: “All The Time In The World”.  Sure, you can look up the official short synopsis online, but I’d just go with my more succinct and descriptive “cuckoo-bananas” summary.  If you have friends or family members or casual acquaintances who’ve yet to check out the show, THIS is the episode to get them onboard.

There’s a fairly spoilerific official preview scene floating around out there you can track down.  OR you can check out these screen grab teasers instead…

June 19, 2017: The Build-up Begins For Episode 304! June 19, 2017: The Build-up Begins For Episode 304!

June 19, 2017: The Build-up Begins For Episode 304!

June 19, 2017: The Build-up Begins For Episode 304!

June 19, 2017: The Build-up Begins For Episode 304!June 19, 2017: The Build-up Begins For Episode 304!

Slow but sure progress in the season 4 writers’ room.  We’re about halfway through breaking episode 403.  At this rate, we should have all 13 episodes broken by mid-July.

Unfortunately, the room itself will only run another week and a half.

Today, I leave you with a video of Suji demonstrated her displeasure with a passing dog.  I title this one: “Little Miss Crankypants”…


18 thoughts on “June 19, 2017: The build-up begins for Episode 304!

  1. Looking forward to this episode! I’m finding more and more people with whom I’ve known that are watching this show- which makes me smile. I can relate with you guys in regards to Suji. Oslo, my lovely longhaired dachshund will go cray cray seeing some other dogs on our walks. The hind leg claws can dig into my side while trying to calm him.

  2. I absolutely love spoilers, but I’m also very aware many people feel quite the opposite. I also realize there are at least 50 shades in between, but that sneak peek seemed to give away the proverbial farm.

    Having said that, it was one of the most intriguing and engaging sneak peeks I’ve ever seen from any show, simply because it was so different. But if you haven ANY aversion to hints, teasers, and spoilers I would advise not watching it. Now I have to go watch it again for like the 15th time.

  3. Joey, I haven’t abandoned you. This summer is going to be crazy for me because we moved into the new house mid-May, but are still packing up our old house. I am very stressed and totally out of my routine. Living with mom is taking some adjustment, too. Hubby is working long hours this time of year, so I have to handle most everything right now. We did this to simplify, but my life is more complicated than ever!

    That said, I was able to catch up on DM over the weekend. Thanks for the ‘das’ episode! Kinda fun for me, despite the seriousness of it all. 🙂 Ep 3 was pretty intense, but I’m liking the season so far. Will miss 6…but 3 is stepping up and may now be my favorite.

    Hope all is well. I’m just not able to keep up with things atm, so I’m kinda out of the Mallozzi Loop. You’re not pregnant or snything, are you?


  4. @M J Holley
    Apparently, I am the only person who was unable to see the rescue of Two in the Marauder in episode 3.1 of Dark Matter. Two and Six were dying in the Marauder and Five and the Android were trying to repair the Raza. The next thing we see is everyone happy and healthy on the Raza. What happened to the scenes showing the rescue? I’ve seen no other comments about this missing scene anywhere. Just wondering.<<

    I actually commented… said jarring, not even a "now to rescue our crew" or anything. Suddenly just there.

    I am not not not a happy camper about RC possible permanent loss. I am hoping not permanent. 🙁 Of course, I'm still upset about One. Ugh.

  5. If Suji could speak English, she’d be telling the other dog it was lucky Akemi was holding her back and that it’ll rue the day it made “the” list.

  6. @mike

    Anyone answering that would just spoil the show.


    Actually Six and Two were told to sit tight and wait for rescue when the engines were fixed. Which they did.

  7. Oh and maybe I’m remembering wrong, but wasn’t there a small scene with The Raza picking up the Marauder in the opening episode? I could be mistaken but I thought the Raza appeared and the bay opened and the Marauder just drifted on in..

  8. Watching the unruly Suji reminds me of today when I saw the chipmunk come on the side walk today. I told Teddy about it, who was standing at my feet, but he just rolled on his back and wanted me to scratch his tummy.

  9. @Randomness/@Debra – yes there was a brief VFX shot of the Raza picking up the Marauder while (I think) it was still disabled.

    @Mike – where did you see that Roger Cross has left the show? That he is staying behind on the planet doesn’t necessarily mean that we won’t see him again. Remember, this is Dark Matter! 🙂

    @Das – great to hear from you! Stay calm and touch base when you can!

    GothDroid? I’m really curious what the ultimate deal is with that.

    That other dog had it coming. Go Suji!

  10. What did I miss? Is RC leaving the show?! :O

    Das: I saw that picture of you in the pool. Moving isn’t the only thing keeping you busy. 🙂

    Suji’s a character alright. Thanks for sharing the video. Very funny!

  11. Ok Couldn’t resist. Went and checked out the Episode 4 preview.
    Oh Joe, you sly dog, you! Ya definitely got me on that one!
    Remind me to never play poker with ya, eh?!
    You really had me thinking you were just gonna shrug off the whole amazing far out time travel adventure and have the ep solely staged
    in good ole year 2017 Fort Falls, WI.

    Well, that definitely did the trick to snap me outta my recent funk!
    Thanks! xo I’m Really Truly Actually Giddily Excited now!
    Is It Friday Yet!!!???? Cant Wait!! <3 😀 😀 😀 <3

    We miss ya @Das! xo Hope you can pop in
    to lend a wee smile to our day again soon!

  12. I had to review the last episode. I think he’ll be back and didn’t take his “moving forward” seriously. The colony will be attacked (or something) and Six will be back soon. When is Alt-One going to show up? That’s what I want to know?

  13. @Mike

    Like Four/Ryo, Roger C’s SIX/Kal character hasn’t left the show.
    He’s just disembarking the Raza.
    Joe discussed last season wanting to explore and expand
    the worlds beyond the ship & the occasional space station.
    so this is a way for him to do it. .

    While, I think we all probably have kinda mixed feelings about not seeing SIX on board the ship in every episode, I’m sure Joe will do his best
    to ensure we get to see both FOUR & SIX often enough during the season.
    And In many ways it is like a promotion for SIX.
    because now, (like Ryo), he will be the “main attraction”, instead of just a supporting crew/cast player, living in TWO, FIVE’s & Android’s shadow, whenever we do get to see him.
    He will finally get a real opportunity to shine and tell his own story.
    I’m still just not sure how I feel about it being him running a mining colony.
    Doesn’t really seem his true niche. Guess time will tell, eh?
    Personally, I was hoping for something a bit more exciting for him.
    Somewhere that would transform and shape his character in ways no one,
    not even he, could have ever suspected.

    By the way @Joe:: Are we going to get to find out how Alicia Reynaud is connected to FIVE this season?

  14. Drea: I liked the way you phrased it ” Roger C’s SIX/Kal character hasn’t left the show.
    He’s just disembarking the Raza.”
    Are you getting any of Cindy’s wrath? They closed the beaches in Destin and Panama City.

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