So, the people across the street and two doors down have put THEIR house up for sale…coincidentally, a week after we put OURS on the market.  Seriously, dudes. They’re having an open house this Saturday and I intend to swing by, posing as a potential buyer.  At some point, when it’s at its most crowded, I will casually (and loudly) note: “Hey, for just a little more money, you can get the much nicer house up the block.  It’s bigger, brighter, and NOT HAUNTED!”.

The power wash guy came by yesterday and did a top to bottom cleaning of the house exterior.  The stonework, the walkways, even the ornamental garden Buddha look brand spankin’ new.  Tomorrow, the photographer comes by to take some snaps of the house for the listing.  After that, it’ll be smooooooth sailing…until, ugh, another round of back to back two-hour open houses this weekend.

No matter how things shake it, I have a feeling I’ll be pleased.  One the one hand, we can sell the house and cash out of the market, buy a nice place somewhere else and bank the difference.  On the other hand, we can keep the house and adopt this guy Akemi has her eye on…

June 20, 2017: Dark Matter Episode 304!  Sci-fi Fun!

Suji desperately needs a brother to boss around.

June 20, 2017: Dark Matter Episode 304!  Sci-fi Fun!

My man Tom Gardiner explains Why Dark Matter 304 Is The Ideal Episode For New Viewers

While the episode brings up past events and hints at future ones, none will detract from a new viewer’s enjoyment. In fact, these events will serve as an enticement to learn more rather than confuse or frustrate. And this episode is funny as hell. Everyone loves to laugh, and this is easily the most comedic episode of Dark Matter to date. If you watch, you’ll see the comedy isn’t just for laughs, but is also integral to both the story and character development.

June 20, 2017: Dark Matter Episode 304!  Sci-fi Fun!

Meanwhile, I talked to’s Elizabeth Howell about Dark Matter’s third season:

War Is Coming In This Season Of Syfy’s Dark Matter

In the spirit of “Breaking Bad” or “The Sopranos,” the new season of Syfy’s “Dark Matter” will continue to offer weekly surprises and twists for its fans, promised showrunner Joseph Mallozzi in an interview with

Love this article.  Wired’s Adam Rogers says Sci-Fi TV Doesn’t Have to Be ‘Prestige” – It Can Just Be Fun

Dark Matter and Killjoys both follow crews of spaceship-flying antiheroes—amnesiac criminals in the former, working-class bounty hunters on the latter—struggling against various interplanetary conspiracies. Wait, you think. Isn’t that just Firefly with a Canadian accent? Well, yeah, but also: no! For one, that trope goes way back. (What, no one remembers Blake’s 7?) But for two, the trope-y-ness works, because in the right hands, a “trope” is just a structure for making stories you care about.

June 20, 2017: Dark Matter Episode 304!  Sci-fi Fun!

Another day (or two), another episode broken.  This one, Episode 4.03.  That ending!  Gaaaah!  AmIRight?!!!

We spent the last couple of hours of the day spitballing Episodes 4.04 and 4.05. I’m hoping we can roll right into the breaking them tomorrow morning.  We need to have seven outlines by the time we’re done next Friday, or nobody’s going home!!!

I’ve noticed a number of you have posed questions in this blog’s comments section about the direction of the show.  I will be answering all of your questions – over the next few weeks as each new episode airs.

Have heard from five different people who watched screeners of this Friday night’s episode, “All The Time In the World”, and actually took the time to message me and tell me how much they enjoyed it.  Thanks for that.  Tell your friends!  If there’s one episode you don’t want to miss, it’s this one!

20 thoughts on “June 20, 2017: Dark Matter Episode 304! Sci-Fi Fun!

  1. Awww what an adorable little guy! Not you Joe, but Sjui’s soon-to-be-brother! You know you want him, and you know you’ll end up getting him, house or no house. LOL

  2. Thanks for the mention, Joe! It really is a fantastic episode. I laughed more in that hour than most “comedies” can muster and can not wait for Friday night live tweeting. The response is going to be incredible!

    When it was over, I gave it a standing ovation of one while my wife looked at me like I was dancing the Macarena with a booger on my face. It’s a pretty common scenario around the Gardiner house. The look, not the Booger Macarena. Just wanted to be clear on that point.

  3. Oh how cute!!!!! He looks real cuddleable! Does he have a little mix in him? His eyes are not so pug-like. Suji will teach him the ropes, that’s for sure!

  4. Awesome! A humorous episode. I always love the comedic moments of the show so I know I will love this coming episode for sure. I’ll be looking forward to watching the after dark show too.

  5. Getting the word out! Seriously, I’m pretending to be Paul Revere here! Loved Tom’s review. You had me at “All The Time In The World” & Three. I can’t wait!

    What’s the new pup’s name? Where is he? You guys have so much love to go around! He looks even more adorable that Three in that beanie cap.

    Good luck with the house showing. How much did all the pressure washing cost? I got an estimate a couple months ago for house, deck & driveway – $950. Needless to say my siding is still dirty. I had the same done 5 yrs ago for $180. This rate of inflation is outrageous!

    If you think 4.03 is Gaaa! with that ending just wait until 4.07 where that thing happens to you know who and doesn’t get resolved until 4.10 when you know who does what! Oh, to be a fly on the wall in that writer’s room!

  6. Poor little guy looks a bit confused. He needs cuddles for sure.

    Good luck with the house sale. Pressure wash? Nice. Our home is brick veneer, not entirely sure it would take to washing, The window rim desperately needs new paint. Actually, new windows. The list is lengthy.

  7. With all the actors you’ve worked with over the years surely you could have one of them swing by the other open house and subtly sabotage it. Or you could just have them advertise your house. Even just have the likes of Michael Shanks or Roger Cross hanging around outside the house talking loudly about what a great bargain it is.

  8. Awww…cute pug! He looks a little like “Droopy the Dog” to me, which is somehow very endearing.

    Good luck on the open house! Are you baking cookies? I hear that works…

    And I’m envious…I have a ton of project to finish up (household and otherwise) before I can list our house. We’re looking to list ours sometime next summer.

  9. MaggieL80: You can buy a power washer for around $150. I borrowed my brother’s last year but this year, I’m getting us one. My son had a blast cleaning everything with it. For a little while, all the cars, and the house sparkled.

    You and Akemi have big hearts!

    I agree with KathyC, you can get this new pup (wasn’t their another one with him?) with or without the house. Maybe, you can drop hints about a brutal murder at their open house. “You know, they never caught the guy…” 🙂

    Das: 😆

  10. Open houses are the worst to prepare for and you basically have to abandon your house while a bunch of no-intention gawkers come through to judge your housekeeping. That said, I sold my townhouse a couple of years ago to someone who had come by at an open house. So, you never know!

    I’m looking forward to the reaction for 304 as well. I think it will be super popular!

    Is that the pug “Chip” from FB? He really is a cutie and it sounds like he does need a loving home.

    I was speaking earlier this week to our co-op student at work about Dark Matter. He was an avid Stargate fan, but had not heard of DM before I mentioned it, and now he’s a big fan. He was telling me that it’s pretty much the ONLY regular TV show he watches!

  11. Reblogged this on © Written In Geek and commented:
    Dark Matter one of our favourite shows to watch. If you’ve ever wondered if it’s worth checking out, this upcoming episode sounds like the one to see (and THEN you can go back to the first episode and binge-watch). Follow Joseph’s blog to keep up to date, or find him and the cast on social media.

  12. This potential bro has a slightly kerfuffled air, if you do adopt I’d call him Mr. Magoo or Uncle Billy.

    I loved the Android’s expression when she was in the virtual white room; fearless and ready to annihilate under a veneer of calm. Really enjoyed Six ending that monologuing baddie.

  13. Joe, what you should do is hire some Goths to walk into the most crowded room and excitedly discuss which part of the room it is where they found the bodies, and the exact placement of their internal organs on the pentagram.

  14. ” At some point, when it’s at its most crowded, I will casually (and loudly) note: “Hey, for just a little more money, you can get the much nicer house up the block. It’s bigger, brighter, and NOT HAUNTED!”.


    If you really want to make sure your house gets sold before your neighbors house does Just go out in the yard, dig up an earth worm and quietly release it on their kitchen counter when everyone is in there.
    Be sure to cringe in surprise along with everyone else when they see it.
    Then casually say,
    “Sad. I’m so glad my well built house never had any infestation problems.
    Its probably why they are selling.”.

    Or better yet, Just go find a small, slender, garden snake and release him in their livingroom while everyone is in there.
    You won’t have to say a word. Everyone will be so freaked – they will just walk out!!

  15. By the way: Just in case the snake in the living room or worm in the kitchen doesn’t quite do the job …. A couple well placed smaller active worms in the family bath tubs and walk in showers will definitely deter even the toughest serious buyer from considering making an offer. The nice thing is you don’t have say a thing or even remain present at those copy cat neighbors open house to make it work. Those entrepreneurial worms have a way of selling themselves, eh?! 😀

  16. These aren’t really questions about the direction the show is taking.
    Maybe questions for a future mailbag?

    >>Why did Six not make any comment about the fact Anders saved Three, especially as Anders contacted the Raza to pick Three up?

    >>Six would have still thought he’d shot, and possibly killed Anders. Therefore, wouldn’t he have been relieved that Anders was alright?

    >>Or did Six already know he hadn’t killed Anders because they planned it that way?

    >>Have we found out why exactly Anders was on EOS-7 to start with?

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