I notice that whenever we go shopping, Akemi always entrusts me with the heaviest and least fragile items.  I find that both complimentary and slightly insulting.

Always, Day #2 of our weekend open house went off without a hitch – if you discount the fact that it rained for the entire two hours we took the dogs out. Apparently, another 12+ groups visited, and two couples were return visitors from yesterday.  One of them was even so keen, they floated a lowball offer that our agent respectfully informed them wasn’t gonna fly.

Hmmm.  Curious to see how this plays out.  As I’ve already said, I’m certainly not a motivated seller but, on the other hand, I can’t say I’m an unmotivated seller either.  I suppose it would be more apt to describe me as a disinterested seller. Will I sell the house?  Won’t I?  If I do, will I get a condo in Vancouver?  Or will I get one in Toronto?  Or both?  Or neither?  I suppose it will all depend on whether or not we get that fourth season pick-up and even though I’m in the writers’ room, furiously working away on stories for Dark Matter season 4, there’s not guarantee.  Our two-part opener was up against the NBA finals and then, watching last Friday’s episode, I was surprised by the fact that we weren’t trending…until I realized what was trending = the SERIES finale of Reign.  Looking forward to those +3’s and +7’s!

Hey, speaking of Dark Matter, Syfy Australia has kindly uploaded the third episode of After Dark.  That’s the good news.  The bad news is that it cuts out halfway through a sneak peek at next week’s kookoo bananas episode, partway through one of my favorite THRAndroid scenes…

I leave you today with some early work on our Episode 311 (“The Dwarf Star Conspiracy”) security satellites…

June 18, 2017: After Dark And Murray The Security Satellite! June 18, 2017: After Dark And Murray The Security Satellite! June 18, 2017: After Dark And Murray The Security Satellite! June 18, 2017: After Dark And Murray The Security Satellite! June 18, 2017: After Dark And Murray The Security Satellite! June 18, 2017: After Dark And Murray The Security Satellite!

Aint he the cutest?  I’m calling him Murray!

15 thoughts on “June 18, 2017: After Dark and Murray the security satellite!

  1. Here a house. There a condo. There’s still that spaceship…

    Loving Dark Matter this season. Just too zonked to string together a coherent sentence most days. I love my job. I love my job.

  2. Hope you get a good offer, Joe. That will force you to make a decision, and you won’t have to vacate your house in the rain anymore. I vote for condo in both cities, FYI. I know Vancouver is supposedly in a housing bubble, but checking the Van listings on-line, it’s still a bargain compared to San Francisco Bay Area, where a dump will cost you $1.5M US. And even at that, there’s almost nothing for sale. Vancouver seems to have quite a bit of inventory in comparison!

  3. As stated before, this week’s episode looks to be off the hook! It’s gonna be a Thrnanza!

    The problem with cute baby security satellites is that they grown up to be teenage security satellites and never listen to anyone!

  4. why is roger cross being written out of the show so abruptly? they didnt explain that.

  5. I vote for a place in both cities. I suppose it depends on what you want to do and how much you can afford. You did mention L.A. or Japan. It would be wonderful to have a foot in several places.

    Prayers to the UK and the crew of the USS Fitzgerald.

  6. Apparently, I am the only person who was unable to see the rescue of Two in the Marauder in episode 3.1 of Dark Matter. Two and Six were dying in the Marauder and Five and the Android were trying to repair the Raza. The next thing we see is everyone happy and healthy on the Raza. What happened to the scenes showing the rescue? I’ve seen no other comments about this missing scene anywhere. Just wondering.

  7. I hate that drone, all murdery for no good reason. Reminds me of the pesky computer generated baddies in video games that smoke you just when you’re about to discover an awesome new level. Plus that drone nearly killed two ridiculously good looking characters which makes me hate it even more.

    I hate that drone as much as I loved Andrew Moodie who is so boss on DM and then was so boss on Orphan Black, I really hope that he’s packing a sword behind that loyalty and gentility to deal with Misaki.

    If you can’t get excited about selling then get amped out finding the perfect Toronto lodgings. In John Wick 2 the baddies live in museums and Roman catacombs; surely there is a disused church or abandoned grotto that you can covert into a wicked cool space.

  8. Dark Matter
    Episode 3: 662k viewers, 0.17 18-49

    Dark Matter
    Premiere & Episode 2: 587k, 0.15 18-49

    Up from last week in viewers and demo!(I’m sure we’ll see higher than this as the season goes on too.)

    Wynonna Earp
    Episode 2: 567k, 0.14 18-49

    Up in viewers and demo from last week.

    Looking good, looking good. Once Killjoys joins the party there’s clearly a solid block of shows shaping up here.

  9. I like this.

    Dark Matter Season 2 Episode 3: 0.15 18-49
    Dark Matter Season 3 Episode 3: 0.17 18-49

  10. Sorry I haven’t got much of a reply, my mind is elsewhere. The Fitzgerald deaths have hit me very hard. Navy family, and all that. I feel like I should be back in Yokosuka, helping.

  11. S much awesome in After Dark! Thank you so much much for making this! I loved getting to see you, see the cast, sets and etc! Love how you do things like this for the fans!

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