February 8, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 49 Of 91!

Give up the questions and nobody gets hurt!

As I mentioned in yesterday’s entry – in a bid to jam even more into Jodelle Ferland’s already jam-packed schedule, I’ve arranged for her to do a little fan Q&A on this blog.  So, if you have a question for Dark Matter’s FIVE, please post them in the comments section by Saturday…otherwise you’ll miss this great opportunity and have to wait until the next show I cast her in.

February 8, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 49 Of 91!

Today, we welcomed director Craig David Wallace (SlasherTodd and the Book of Pure Evil) to the Dark Matter whisky club.  And, while he was here, also asked him to direct Episode 310.  Talk about great timing!

February 8, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 49 Of 91!

The commendation presented to Lieutenant Kal Varrick as MVP of the Galactic Authority Softball Tournament.  Designed by 1st Assistant Art Director/Graphics Roxanne Borris.

February 8, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 49 Of 91!

Is this the end of The Raza?  Probably.  Plans are to scuttle the standing sets and move the production to Hawaii for a tropical planet look.  (photo c/o Ivon Bartok)

A first look at the new Ishida holo-tablet WIP.  What do you think?  Akemi loves it, but I think she’s biased.

33 thoughts on “February 8, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 49 of 91!

  1. Jodelle, may I buy you a coffee (at least) when I visit next month?

  2. Question for Jodelle:
    Do you like to play video games? If so which genres? Do you have a Favorite?

  3. Netflix & Showcase totally renewed that Brad Wright series more people should be watching. You know, Travelers. It’s got a second season renewal today.

  4. Question for Jodelle; if FIVE went into a grocery store on Earth, what would she leave with?
    Thanks for doing these Q&A’s for the fans.

  5. I’m still trying to think of a good question for Jodelle. But Saturday’s days away! I’m having a bit of a relapse of my insomnia lately (back with a vengeance, actually) so the last few days I’m lucky to get through the day without accidentally cutting off a limb. In fact, when I have to think of a question, it’s more like “what was I doing?” or “where was I going?” Or, sometimes, “where am I?” 🙂 But, tonight’s the night for sleep! 🙂 *tries to stay positive* Maybe I should join that whiskey club remotely.

    That holo-tablet does look amazing.

  6. @Jodelle: How did you get started acting?…you started when you were very young!

  7. That holo tab is very cool!

    Gforce: After my bout of insomnia, I can understand why Michael Jackson went to such lengths to get a good night’s sleep. Hope you catch some zzzz’s tonight!

  8. Think your Ishida holo-tablet is…… WHOOOOAAAAAAAA, DUUUUUUUDE!!!! There is NUTHIN’ about #DarkMatter I don’t LOVE!!! I…..umm…..maaayyyyy love Suji a lil’ more but just a lil ‘k, Mr. M?!! 😉

    Now, questions for Miss Ferland:
    1. What would you say is Five’s most redeeming quality? Five, sane question, please.

    2. Even a band of “criminals” can come together and form a “family”…..Miss Ferland, how have you incorporate your family experiences into your every-day life on set?

    Thank you for your time!! #TeamDarkMatter

  9. I guess she has been willing to see me; that’s a big gun…
    I will have to check out that new Brad Write series as I have been wanting to see something since my rehabliatation.

  10. Questions for Jodelle:

    Which Doctor is your Doctor?

    If you were to be asked to join the cast of Doctor Who, which would you prefer to play, the Companion or the actual Doctor?

    And if you were asked to join Doctor Who and at the same time asked back to Dark Matter, would it be a difficult decision? (and which would you choose…LOL…and please be truthful even if Joe is watching.)

  11. Hello everybody,
    I am back!! Again, thank you so much for your email and the list of Vancouver restaurants. I haven’t had a chance to taste any of them yet, but I will! Today was the first day out of Whiterock and I got to taste a very nice local diner in Fort Langley. The name of the diner is “Planet Java 50’s”, if you’re ever near by, I’d recommend it. No light dining, though ha ha.

    Anyway, here are my questions to the beautifull Jodelle and thank you so much for doing this 🙂 :

    #1: Vanilla or Chocolate?

    #2: If you could play any role of the dark matter series (even a male role), which one would you choose and why?

    #3: Aside from acting, was there ever any other career that you dreamed of doing? If not, was there ever a plan B, if acting had not worked out?

    #4: What’s your favourite food?

    #5 Do you have a special method to leave work behind you and to relax, after a really long and exhausting day?

    #6 If you could play any role in any movie/series/musical/play which one would it be and why?

    #7 Is there a prob on set that you like the most? If yes, why?

    Yep, I think that’s it so far. Thank you very much for this opportunity, Joe.

    I wish you all the best,

  12. I’m with Akemi – love the Ishida holo- tablet! Very engineery/teckky looking. Nice!

    Sorry to hear you’ve got your insomnia back @gforce. Good luck with ‘the big sleep’ tonight

    Really good to see a small bit of photographic live action here. Been missing it ….

  13. Enjoyed meeting you briefly last year at the Toronto comic con.
    Was wondering when it comes to art, what inspires you? Do you have a muse? Will you be selling your artwork in the future?

  14. The wood and glass tablet is stylish and sustainable, Ishida has a lot of green tech to go along with all warring.

    Questions for Jodelle: What has been your favorite line(s) of dialogue so far in DM?

    Five is the heart of the team but she has gotten tougher with each season; as Five becomes more battle weary how will she keep her humanity?

  15. The holo-tablet looks so sleek! I love it!

    Question for Jodelle:
    I’m assuming you’re a sci fi fan 🙂 What are your top 10 favorite shows/movies?
    Thanks! 🙂

  16. Not that I want to know what everything in the background, or in playback graphics, says, I decided to figure out what that plaque says because I thought you were serious about the softball tournament(given the SG1 and SGA golf tournaments and their trophies).

    I know I’ve seen the art department use those characters before so I figured it was a full fledged font. An exhaustive search of font sites, google images, and even a reverse font style search turned up nothing. Zip. Nada. Once I figured I wouldn’t be able to find it, I decided I would just decipher it. Assuming the actual words were written in English like some of the previous alien languages I’ve see on DM, one by one the letters and words fell into place and I was able to translate it:



    It was really fun to figure it all out, but alas, no mention of softball at all. 😉

    -Mike A.

  17. 1) Is there a dream role in your future that you would like to tackle, or another actor you would like to work alongside?

    2) You seem a very down to earth person from your Instagram postings, do people recognize you on a day to day basis?

    3) Why are dogs better then cats? I’m also a dog person and I think your TShirts are just a facade, you need to break the obsession with cats, haha. Ok, not a question

    Great job so far, I enjoy watching you and your fellow cast mates bring the show to life

  18. Questions for Jodelle.

    What did you think of FIVE’s initial style? Especially the hair.

    How long does it take to prep in hair, makeup & wardrobe at the start of the day on the average?

    Do you wish to have a style update later in the series? Regardless of what @Mr M (Joe) might be planning.

  19. OMG, those are a LOT of questions. Poor Jodelle… She deserves donuts!

    Gforce: Fingers crossed for tonight’s zzzzs!

  20. Way to go @Mike A!
    Wondered what it said. Think you deserve exactly the same plaque too! 😊

  21. @gforce do you enjoy a coffee or tea just before bed. As I’ve gotten older I’ve had to push back my last coffee to 5:00 or I’m up all night.


  22. Jodelle/FIVE
    -What surprises you most about Five?
    -Where would you like to see this character go/end up?
    -Five seems to be the glue that holds the crew together. Do you agree? Do you think that will ever change?
    -Do we get to see more bonding with 2/3/Andriod? Any girl adventures? (feel free to make something up)
    -What are you most excited for fans to see?
    -What’s some of the funnest/coolest things you’ve gotten to do while filming? While working on Dark Matter?
    -Five is very interested in learning self-defense. Is this something that you have ever considered for yourself? As someone who teaches womens self-defense, I see the powerful impact it can have on every aspect of womens lives. It not only gives physical security, but also improves self-confidence, body image, assertiveness and self-efficacy. In a fun, safe, supportive and encouraging environment we help give the sense of comradery, empowerment and the belief in your own voice, the strength to believe in yourself. If interested, I would love to help the ladies of DM be just as badass in real life as they are on screen.

  23. -Is the theme of S3, “do not mess with Five”? Awesome bad-assery with the weapons!
    -Welcome Craig. Cheers!
    -I believe that GA commendation is posthumous. No way he survived that blast plus I think someone might be off being a Viking or something.
    -That would be the “mega” spark, right?
    -The Ishida holo-tablet is brilliant! With the wood grain handles, mixing old school with new school technology. Love it!

    Questions for Jodelle:
    Favorite flower?
    Favorite color?
    Favorite “go to” movies that you can watch over and over?
    Favorite cosplay character?
    Favorite Doctor Who episodes? (top 3, there are so many!)
    Favorite Doctor?
    Favorite companion?

    I’ll stop here as there are already so many good questions out there. Thanks in advance for taking the time to answer our absurd questions.

  24. Ishido tablet – very cool!

    Jodelle – what characteristics do you love most about Five?

    Words fail to describe how much I love this show and its characters.

    Everyone involved – you are doing an awesome job!

  25. Questions for Jodelle: What do you think Five misses the most being on board the Raza? What’s the most wacky/cool experience you’ve had since filming DM? Also what’s Five’s secret for keeping her hair color from fading? (PS I love the hair) If Five had the chance to bring a pet on board the Raza, what would she bring in? Do you have a favorite prop? If you can, can you say two lies and one truth for season 3? Thanks for answering my questions, hope you have a nice day!

  26. @Randomness I just found out a few days ago about Travelers renewal and was really excited. Great show. Cheryl would have loved seeing Patrick Gilmore in it. I have a few more episodes of season 1 to watch.

    @GForce I totally sympathize. I was getting about 4 hours of sleep a night while my best friend & her husband were visiting. On Monday the 13th, it was total crash day. I had no energy to do anything. Hope by now you’ve been able to get some.

    That holotablet is a must have on next year’s Christmas list.

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