February 7, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 48 Of 91!

Ever wondered what Jodelle Ferland eats for breakfast?  What comic books she’s reading?  What is her favorite episode of Dark Matter?  Well, wonder no more because now YOU have a chance to ask her!

Starting today, the comments section of this blog is the place to post your burning questions for Dark Matter’s FIVE.  You have until this weekend before I bundle them up and send them to The Raza via a compressed subspace data burst.  So what are you waiting for???

Meanwhile, on the production front…

February 7, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 48 Of 91!

The Galactic Authority seal of honor.  A Roxanne Borris-design.

February 7, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 48 Of 91!

Director Ron Murphy and Co-Executive Producer Robbie David scheme.

February 7, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 48 Of 91!

On set with the Android, Zoie Palmer. February 7, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 48 Of 91!I’m…not sure.

February 7, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 48 Of 91!

Director Paul Day sets up his shot with an assist from Director of Photography Craig Wright.

Bookending this blog entry with adorableness…

February 7, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 48 Of 91!

Winter-ready Suji.

28 thoughts on “February 7, 2017: Dark Matter Season 3 – Day 48 of 91!

  1. Have they ever asked you to show your jewelry on the show as props or your drawings?
    If Dark Matter didn’t come along, what would you be doing instead?

  2. So, Jodelle, I know that you like geeky stuff like comics et al, but are you into tabletop RPGs? Does your busy schedule even allow for such? Board games?

  3. Just read some sad news on FB. Richard Hatch passed away today. I had the opportunity to meet him back in ’02 in Ft. Lauderdale. He was super nice. I guess it’s a BSG binge-a-thin this weekend.

    My question for Five: Jodelle you are a very talented artist. Have thought about a career as graphic designer , you are an amazing actress and have so many opportunities ahead of you.

  4. Hi Jodelle,
    How do people audition for dark matter?
    Will you have a puppy on the Raza?
    Favourite song?
    Favourite sport?
    Favourite character in dark matter?

  5. Five always has the perfect accessories!

    Galactic Authority seal of honor as in…honor guard? As in…a new sheriff in town…a new foe? Nice design.

    Zoie hard at work in the med bay?

    Go Paul! Go Ron! Go Craig! Go Robbie! Season 3 is upon us!

    I absolutely adore the gun lamp stand! All u need is a light bulb and shade! I’m digging this better than the leg from A Christmas Story.

    Poor Suji looks like she’s being attacked by tribbles…at least she is warm.

  6. For Dark Matter’s young sweetheart Jodelle Ferland, I’d like to know:

    How did you get started in the “show business” and how old were you?

    As you transitioned into adulthood how did you stay grounded unlike so many other child stars?

    Did filming Silent Hill scare you or give you nightmares?

    Who is your favorite Director on Dark Matter? Favorite item on the food cart?

    Okay I’ll stop. Jodelle will probably get a ba-zillion questions. Thank you for taking the time to answer them. You are perfectly cast for Dark Matter. Love your character.

  7. How do you deal with being away from friends and family for so long when shooting and having to live in cold Toronto?

    Do you think that if five turned evil that she would be able to conquer the galaxy?

  8. A lot of us were saddened by your character’s loss of innocence in the “Kill All of Them” episode, as necessary as her actions were. Do you see your character becoming a moral brake on the other “ex-criminal” crew members in the future?

  9. Thanks to Joe for setting this up and thank you Jodelle for doing this. You’ve been acting your entire life. Do you enjoy playing a character more like your own personality or someone completely opposite of you – like really nasty? Do you have an example of a character type you would most like to portray? Finally, outside of the arts, what career would/might you pursue?

  10. Questions for Jodelle: What kind of pets do you have and will you tell us about them? A lot of actors switch to behind the camera during their career. Have you thought about becoming a director/producer?

    A lot of good questions already posted. Should be a great Q & A! Thanks in Advance Jodelle!

    Love the Suji-burrito!

    Who gets the Uzi lamp?

    I’ve been watching True Blood lately. The Sookie Stackhouse books that True Blood is based on was written by an old high school classmate of Dr Jo’s (Charlaine Harris). Small world, right?

  11. I feel it’s always you have a billion questions and then your faced with the chance and your mind goes blank. Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions. Forgive me not all of them are Dark Matter related, big Silent Hill fan.

    You were in the Silent Hill movie, and I was curious if you since then have ever played any of the games? If you did which was your favorite?

    What do you think of your other Co-actors(actresses)? I’m really starting to warm up to the scene’s between Five and Three. Starting form (Shooting you out the airlock, to calling his ‘tough act’ out.)

    How is it going around with Green Hair outside the confines of the show. Do you ever get weird looks or is it pretty much business as usual? I know my Girlfriend would like to dye her hair a unique color but is afraid it won’t be professional.

    And then the most important question ever…. What is your favorite book? (If you read that is. :D)

  12. Jodelle, if a genie gave you the choice between the three following wishes : watching a completely new season of Doctor Who with David Tennant returning as the Doctor OR being given to eat the most delicious donut that has ever been made in all human history OR spending an entire day in the company of the cast of the Harry Potter movies ; how long would it take for you to start banging your head against a wall in desperation ?

  13. Hi Jodelle! Are those your own clothes in the show, or the stylist has the same taste? I just guess this because I see you on other pictures dressing in similar quirky textured clothes. Greets and kisses from Hungary!

  14. Hi Jodelle
    Do you miss Five’s close friendship with Six? Do you think they’ll be that close again?
    You can act, you can draw and paint; can you also sing and dance?
    What has been your favourite role to date?

  15. Hi Jodelle,
    What is a typical day while filming like for you? What is your favorite part of being on Dark Matter? and finally RGP’s or first person shooter games?
    Have a good one.
    Trish 🙂

  16. Thanks for taking our questions, Jodelle 😎
    Where would you like to see Five’s character go/do in Season 3?
    What has been your favourite prop, so far?
    What has been the most challenging location you’ve had to shoot in?
    Favourite ice-cream?

  17. Hi Jodelle!
    How do you spend your downtime on set?
    Are there any qualities of Five that you don’t like?
    What is your favorite line from Dark Matter?
    Do you watch the show yourself or find watching yourself onscreen hard to do?
    If your favorite anime was being filmed as live action, what would it be and what role would you want to play in it?

  18. Hiya Jodelle.
    Please may I ask:
    Which is your favourite Dark Matter episode (Season 1 or 2) and why?
    Where is your most favourite place to be?
    Is there a location in the world where you would love to visit? Why?
    If you could go back in time … (ask Joe, perhaps?!) … which actor of the past, would you really love to work with or learn from?

    Think that’s it. Really enjoying the evolution of your character in DM and so looking forward to see where you go with her in Season 3. Thank you for answering our questions 😊

    Thank you too, Joe…

  19. Hello Jodelle

    1. How did you and your family find a balance between work and education when you were a child/teenager?

    2. I enjoy seeing your artwork online. You’re very talented. Is it something you want to pursue, selling pieces and maybe one day having some in galleries? You should check out Ivon’s mom’s website http://www.annbartok.com.

    3. What do you like to do on set while waiting to shoot?

    4. Has Five had more of an impact on the rest of the Raza crew or have they had more of an impact on her and why?

    5. Do you know if we will be seeing any more flashbacks of Five’s life before she boarded the Raza? I’d love to know how she obtained her knowledge of technology.

    Keep up the awesome work!

    Cheers, Chev aka @imwebgurl

  20. Missed the questions for Jodelle.

    I was also sad to hear about RIchard Hatch. I watched soaps as a child in elementary school with my grandmother and All My Children was one of them. I got very caught up with the Tara/Phillip Brent/Chuck triangle. With the Vietnam war winding down and the storyline reflecting some of that, I remember Richard Hatch coming back to the show as having been a POW and the problems that happened with PTSD. Then Deadman’s Curve — he did a fantastic job as Jan Berry and that was the first time I knew how well he sang. My fan heart followed him to the original Battlestar Galactica. I saw him on things that aired in the US and was so psyched that he approved of the reboot of BSG and was doubled psyched he got a juicy role on the show. I got to meet him at our local sci-fi convention a few years back and we had a wonderful discussion. I now feel so fortunate I had the opportunity to meet him. (That’s the same one I met Rachel Luttrell and Chris Judge).

    I loved hearing about his work as a motivational speaker and teaching acting. My friend knew him much better and worked with him. He said he was a class act.

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